Five Kitchen Ingredients for Better Skin


Natural products are all the rage when it comes to beauty products and skin care. But, what few don’t realize is that some of these products can come straight from the kitchen! That’s right. There’s no need to shell out money for expensive products that are all natural when you can just look through your kitchen and find all you need!

It may sound crazy but when you really think about it, your skin is simply another organ. And like all other organs, it works in much the same way, by absorbing things it comes into contact with and excreting toxins. So, even if you’re buying products that say “all natural” there’s a chance that some of the ingredients, for preservation or smell, can be harmful to your skin. A rule of thumb we go by is, if you won’t put it in your mouth, it doesn’t belong on your skin. With that in mind, here are five kitchen ingredients you can use to achieve clearer, firmer skin.


Contrary to popular belief, oil is actually fantastic at cleaning skin from debris while moisturizing at the same time. Each oil has its own added benefits but the most popular one is coconut oil. It strengthens epidermal tissue, renews dead skin cells and has many antibacterial and antifungal properties. Using oil as a moisturizer, daily, will show you improvements in scarring, redness and overall complexion.


Turmeric is the holy grail of all natural ingredients. It is high in antioxidants which decreases cell damage and it also reduces pigmentation for an evener skin tone. It’s also great for skin that’s prone to inflammation or dryness like psoriasis and eczema. But, it’s strong yellow-orange color can stain the skin so it’s important not to use too much, too often. A mask once or twice a week should give the optimal results!


Everyone knows that honey has wonderful health properties when eaten, but it’s also wonderful for the skin. Because of its nutrients, enzymes and antiseptic qualities, it’s great for reducing skins, getting rid of acne and controlling skin flare-ups. Using it daily will help clear up any existing problems as well as giving you a dewy, youthful look. Raw honey is the best to use because it has all of the nutrients and good stuff you want that usually gets destroyed in the heating process of commercial honey. 


Lemon has lots of vitamin C and citric acid which makes it a great natural toner. By rubbing it lightly on your face after you wash, you can help dry out pimples and tighten up the skin. However, because of its acidity, you can also dry out your skin so it’s important to follow it with a deep moisturizer. Lemon is also good for lightening the skin because the vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals which cause age spots. Mixing some lemon juice with water is also a great way to keep your skin feeling refreshed throughout the day. Just put it in a small spray bottle which you can carry around with you and whenever your skin feels dry, spritz some of the mixture lightly onto your face!


Oats are fantastic for soothing irritated and dry skin. The starch and beta-glucan found in oats help protect the skin and hold in water which makes it a great moisturizer and buffer throughout the day. The lipids and proteins present in oats also help strengthen the skin barrier which protects it from sun damage and other outside stresses. Using a mask of ground oats once or twice a week will show improvement in skin moisture, elasticity, and complexion.