Five Fruits You Should Eat to Lose Weight


We all know that working out is one of the main ways to lose weight and trim up but when it comes to diet a lot of people don’t know what to eat. Sure, you may know the basics like eat fruits and vegetables while staying away from fat, carbs and processed foods. But there are specific fruits and veggies that do different things and while it’s a good rule of thumb to just eat a vast array of different ones there are some specific ingredients that target weight loss. Here are the top five fruits you should be eating to lose weight fast


Any and all kinds of berries are fantastic for not only loosing weight but for stopping fat from even forming in the first place! Raspberries, goji berries, blueberries, strawberries and so on all contain polyphenols, the natural chemical that helps regulate weight. They also have a lot of antioxidants, fiber and water which help clean out your system and suppress appetite. The best part is you can eat them in so many different ways. Put them in a smoothie, in salad, on oatmeal or just eat them as a snack. Nutritious and delicious.



Citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemons and oranges are packed full of healthy minerals and nutrients that not only detoxify your body but help you shed off that extra weight. Eating citrus in the morning has been shown to help your digestive process because of it’s high sugar content and acidity. Lemon contains riboflavin, Vitamin B, phosphorus, magnesium and much more which makes it one of the top weight management fruits. Drinking a glass of it first thing in the morning has been shown to help reduce weight and control appetite.

Grapefruit has lots of carbohydrates and fiber which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce belly fat. Studies have shown that eating a grapefruit a day and preferably before your meals not only helps control your appetite (so you eat less) but also lose more weight than those who don’t eat grapefruit.


Avocado has become one of the most well known super fruits in the weight loss world and for good reason. It’s packed with omega 9 fatty acids which is what helps speed up your metabolism and boost your energy levels. It also contains a lot of nutrients that help you stay full for longer so you eat less throughout the day. Studies show that by adding avocado to your meal you can reducing snacking by over 40% over three hours and 28% for five hours. Plus, it goes well with anything! Salad, smoothies, sandwiches. Sweet or savory, avocado is your weight-loss friend!


Although melons are typically high in sugar content they have amazing benefits for weight loss. Studies have shown that melons can improve lipids and lower fat accumulation when eaten regularly. They are also great for reducing muscle soreness which is perfect it you’re a gym buff. Melons also have high water content and no fat so you can eat a lot of it without having to worry about your weight. It’s the perfect food when you’re feeling snacky.


One of the most traditional fruits known to man is also a fantastic weight-loss snack. Bananas have a high sugar and high fiber content so they deliver lots of energy while helping to suppress appetite and reduce weight gain. They’re also super sweet which is great when ever your sweet tooth is craving some candy. It also contains starch which is great for keeping you full when paired with some water. As a snack throughout the day, it will keep your energy levels high and your appetite under control!