Five Facts That Will Turn You Vegetarian Immediately


When most people think of vegetarians they either think of crazy animal activists or people with extremely strong willpower. But, vegetarianism is actually pretty simple to maintain and it has amazing health benefits.

It does take some work and dedication to be a vegetarian, especially with all the delicious meat dishes out there, but vegetarian meals can be just as tasty if not even more so! Everyone knows that eating vegetables is good for you but many think that cutting meat out completely can actually be detrimental to your health. Not so! Here are five facts that prove just how amazing vegetarianism is and they’ll probably end up turning into a vegetarian right away!

  1. Low risk of disease

Vegetarians have shown to have a low risk of stroke, obesity, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more common diseases. It has to do with two factors: the food and personal choices. Vegetarians eat lots of foods that are full of antioxidants, nutrients, and enzymes that all work together to combat these diseases and prevent them from even occurring. Switching to a vegetarian diet can also reduce symptoms of an already current disease and possibly even get rid of it completely.

Vegetarians also typically make healthier decisions, whether it’s not eating junk food or exercising more. These healthy habits all keep the body functioning at its prime, helping to keep disease away.

  1. Weight loss

Because vegetarians eat fewer calories they are able to maintain a trim figure more easily. By switching out meat and processed foods for vegetables and healthy snacks you’ll immediately see a drop in weight. This is because your body isn’t retaining fat but instead converting your meals into energy. Which is why a lot of vegetarians find exercising easier. Vegetables also get processed in a different way than meat which means you feel fuller faster. You may have to eat more throughout the day but where’s the worry in that when you’re just shoving your face with healthy greens and fruit!

  1. Mood improvement

Research has shown that vegetarians tend to be happier than meat eaters and show an overall improvement in mood when switched to this diet. This probably has to do with the freshness and the lightness of the way the ingredients feel in our bodies. Some studies believe that it might also have to do with a substance called arachidonic acid which is found in animal products and rarely in vegetables or fruit.

  1. Fewer toxins

Meat carries with it, a lot of toxins, bacteria, and parasites which feed on it as well. There is also the issue of factory farming. Aside from the treatment of the animals, the conditions they live in led to a lot of illness and contamination. Animals with diseases are still used to create meat products like steaks or ground meat they are simply treated with other harmful products that “kill” the disease and make the meat sellable. A lot of animal products are also loaded with hormones which make the animal grow faster and fatter but ultimately damage our own bodily health.

  1. Improved body functions

Aside from having healthy organs and internal bodily functions, vegetarians also tend to have better sight, skin and even hair! This is due to the low amount of toxins, the better processing of filtering organs and the strengthening of muscles, in the eyes, for example. Vegetarians have also been seen to have less macular degeneration which is what contributes to low collagen and saggy skin. So, eating vegetarian can keep you looking young well into your middle ages!