What Are Some Fitness Trends You Should Follow this year?

Still haven’t started your 2018 New Years Resolutions to hit the gym? You can’t be blamed…going to” the gym” as a whole could be said to have become a totally overworked concept that to many of us only means sweat, boredom and just a general burden. However, this guide will let you know a wide variety of new, fun trends that you can try instead on your way to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Mix your training up!
Sticking with a single work out routine can become very boring, very fast. In fact, a boring workout routine can be one of the reasons why you may end up demotivated from exercise all together. Try to go to different fitness classes on different days of the week; spinning, stretch, Zumba or bar for example. This way, you can discover many new ways to exercise , some classes you may not have even heard of!

Rock Climbing
Either in an indoor climbing center or on an actual mountain side in the wild, rock climbing is a great and creative way to train. Joining rock climbing classes or societies will also let you meet people with the same interests, and can have the potential to organize trips to real and challenging natural climbing walls. Rock climbing will mostly work out your core, as well as your legs. It’s also an exercise that you won’t even notice how tiering it is, so you won’t feel like giving up instantly!

This is especially for friends or couples that enjoy working our together, although people that fly solo are also welcomed. AcroYoga is a fun way to gain strength and flexibility by mixing yoga, healing arts and acrobatics. Not only will you exercise you body in a gentle way, but you will also involve aspects like trust and spirituality into your work out. AcroYoga celebrates movement, gravity and balance.

Heard of skipping rope as a good workout strategy? Trampolining takes this to the next level. Either in specialized trampoline centers or in gym classrooms, trampolining has been proven to be a lot more effective than jogging, as well as less tiering. This type of fitness will work on your lower body, and will help you improve many overlooked physical fitness components like cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and balance. It’s also a great way to engage and work out together with the family.

Boxing as a male-dominated, violent sport is long gone. Boxing classes are a great way to work on your cardio, training you from a more athletic perspective. Boxing and kickboxing can be practiced either on punching bags, or as a friendly battle.

Wearable Active Technology
Investing in fitness apps, smart fitness watches and trackers on your phone or even trainers can be a good way to keep you motivated as you will be able to follow your progress, and keeping you hooked to keep improving. Treating yourself with active wear that you find attractive and nice to wear is also a way to encourage you to exercise.

Pole Workouts
Pole dancing has obviously had a reputation for striptease dances but in reality, pole dancing is an amazing way to strengthen your core, cardio and enhance flexibility. It’s also a great way to boost your self-confidence and self esteem! Learning how to pole dance will help you generate curves and discover your inner fire. It’s also a great way to bond and exercise with your friends and family, and you’ll have produce funny stories and memories along the way.