What the Female Stars of NCIS Look Like in Real Life


NCIS has been on our TV screens since 2003, and with fifteen seasons to its name, it takes the trophy as the eighth-longest-running scripted TV series in America! Woo-hoo. The show is still going strong today and has an army of dedicated followers that tune in every week to watch the drama unfold. However, that’s not the only reason we love this series. The characters on this show are second-to-none – especially the women. But have you ever wondered what the female stars of NCIS look like when they’re not solving crimes? Check out the female stars of NCIS – then and now…

Stephanie Mello as Cynthia Sumner – Then

Although we absolutely loved Cynthia Sumner, we do wish she had more airtime – because we missed her when she was gone (but we didn’t miss Leroy constantly barging into her office). Cynthia appeared in 13 episodes of NCIS as a personal assistant, so it’s fair to say she couldn’t come to work in denim and a T-shirt. Instead, Cynthia was rarely seen out of a pantsuit or other smart clothing, with her hair tied back.

Cynthia Sumner was a personal assistant and was always seen in smart clothing

Stephanie Mello – Now

Sadly, Stephanie Mello has now been off our NCIS screens for a whopping 14 years – and that is 14 years too long! Nevertheless, it makes us feel a helluva lot better that she looks exactly like her NCIS character, Cynthia Sumner, in real life. Although she no longer rocks a pantsuit, Stephanie’s natural beauty and curly hair are timeless. Since her time on the show, Stephanie has managed to continue acting, and you might even recognize her from some high-profile commercials.

Stephanie Mello looks incredibly similar to her NCIS character and is still acting today

Liza Lapira as Michelle Lee – Then

Michelle Lee was the kind of character we loved to hate. On the one hand, we knew she was a spy (spoiler alert), but there was no denying that she was one cool chick. Yep, Michelle had been employed to work on the task force, but didn’t only report to them. Because she wanted to blend in with the rest of the group, Michelle would don plain, smart clothing with her natural locks falling with ease over her shoulders.

Michelle Lee tried to blend in, so wore plain, smart clothing with natural locks

Liza Lapira – Now

Thankfully, Liza Lapira hasn’t been leaking information from the NCIS set to another elusive boss (that would be pretty awkward) and is a charming actress in real life. Since her time on the show, Liza has continued to act in similar shows and movies, such as Dexter, Fast and Furious, Super Fun Night and more. She also rocks the red carpet from time to time and is not afraid to stand out with her bright colors, bright lips and curled locks.

Liza Lapira stands out in real life and often wears colored clothing and lipstick

Scottie Thompson as Dr. Jeanne Benoit – Then

Dr. Jeanne Benoit is another character we love to hate. Sure, she’s perfect in every way and seems to be perfect for Tony DiNozzo (AKA the love of our life), but we later discover that she is actually the daughter of an infamous gang leader and arms dealer – which is not so great. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that she scrubbed up well on the show, with her clean and casual clothing, curled hair and baby blue eyes.

Dr. Jeanne was the daughter of an infamous arms dealer and Tony DiNozzo’s girlfriend

Scottie Thompson – Now

Although Scottie Thompson left NCIS in 2008, she later returned in 2015 for a few episodes – because we all missed her so much! However, it seems the 35-year-old is just as beautiful as her NCIS character in real life. Like Dr. Jeanne, Scottie embraces the curled locks and natural makeup (with some swish new eyeglasses thrown in for good measure) but ensures she always looks clean and elegant with her party frocks and red carpet looks. Can we look like her, please?

Like her on-screen character, Scottie Thompson embraces naturally curled hair

Millie Bobby Brown – Rachel Barnes

Rachel Barnes is only in one episode of NCIS, but she makes a real impression! She is the daughter of Dr Valerie Barnes, and is a true sociopath, scaring her parents from a young age, and later on it is uncovered that she ends up killing her own mother. While at first she seems like a regular sweet child, this is masking the monster underneath. She is the youngest murderer to appear on the show, and shows no remorse for her actions.

Rachel barnes on ncis

Millie Bobby Brown – Now

Millie is quite the star of the moment, after her breakout role, as Eleven in the cult Netflix show, Stranger Things. At only age 13, she has already got her first Emmy Nomination for best Supporting Actress. She was also in the show Intruders, where she played Madison O’Donnell. You’ll see her debuting her movie career in the upcoming movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Millie Bobby Brown

Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto – Then

Abby Sciuto is the kinda co-worker you would probably avoid – until you’re forced to work with her, and realize that she is actually one of the sweetest people in the world. Yep, Abby is the NCIS goth and is known for her all-black ensembles, tattoos, and her black pigtails.

Abby Sciuto is the goth of NCIS and wears layers of black and masses of accessories

Pauley Perrette – Now

Considering Pauley Perrette has played Abby Sciuto for fifteen years, it’s no surprise that she has adopted many of her attributes in real life. Although she is sans-pigtails, Pauley still rocks the black dyed hair – although we do wonder whether she’ll go back to her blonde roots when the show eventually comes to an end? Like Abby, Pauley does have tattoos of her own, but smaller ones that are covered by clothing. Sadly, she doesn’t rock a giant spiderweb on her neck…

Pauley Perrette still looks similar to her character with black hair and tattoos

Nina Foch as Mrs. Victoria Mallard – Then

Let’s be honest; we fell completely in love with Mrs. Victoria Mallard. This little old lady was in fact Ducky Mallard’s mother. Although she only appeared in two episodes in 2005, it’s fair to say that Mrs. Victoria Mallard and her outfits made a lasting impression on us. Yep, Mrs. Mallard is the only woman we’ve known who can rock a floral nightgown and ridiculously large hats. Sadly, we didn’t get to see much of her eccentric wardrobe…

Mrs. Victoria Mallard was known for her floral nightgowns and her large hats

Nina Foch – Now

Of course, Nina Foch was no spring chicken. However, she lived a full and fruitful life – and was brought up in the roaring ‘20s. This exposure to all things grand and magnificent inspired her to become an actress, and she started her acting career in the ‘40s. In fact, she continued to act until 2007 and became known for her blonde hair and luxurious clothing – definitely NOT the kind of thing Mrs. Victoria Mallard would wear. She sadly passed away in 2008.

Nina Foch started her career in the ‘40s and was known for her blonde hair

Brigid Brannagh – Catherine Reynolds

In the episode, Conspiracy Theory in season 2 of NCIS, one of the patients at the psych ward at Bethesda was a woman named Catherine Reynolds. She attempted the murder of both Lynn Simons and Anthony DiNozzo, and was involved in the murder of Officer Jessica Smith. Luckily, she was arrested, but not so lucky for Brigid Brannagh fans, she wasn’t seen in the show again after that episode.

Catherine Reynolds

Brigid Brannagh – Now

Best known for her role on hit show Army Wives, Brigid has had plenty of guest appearances on different shows. She was also Tammy Felton in the first and second seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She was also cast as Elizabeth in Gilded Lilys, a Shonda Rhimes Drama which was proposed for ABC. Unfortunately for anyone who is fans of both TV goddess, Rhimes, and Brigid herself, the show was not picked up.

Brigid Brannagh in NCIS

Tamara Taylor as Cassie Yates – Then

Although Cassie Yates only appeared in two episodes of NCIS, we remember her time on the show with a fond heart – and an insane jealousy of THAT red dress. Yuh-huh, this special agent within the NCIS unit may have only had a brief stint on the show, but that didn’t mean her wardrobe had to suffer. Alongside this red dress, Cassie also wore the traditional NCIS uniform and wore her hair tied back with her bangs hanging down.

Cassie Yates only appeared in two episodes but made an impression with her red dress

Tamara Taylor – Now

Luckily, Tamara Taylor didn’t feel out of place wearing Cassie’s rockin’ red dress, as she has previously worked as a model and been decked out in even finer fabrics. After her time on NCIS, Tamara managed to keep up a steady acting career and has kept her style relatively similar – the only thing that’s really changed is her hair. During her stint on Bones, Tamara chopped all of her hair off, but it’s now longer and flowing just like before.

Tamara Taylor is used to wearing finer things in life, as she used to be a model


Maria Bello as Jackie Sloane – Then

Jackie Sloane is a relatively new member to the NCIS clan, but she’s already building up a major fan following – because how could you NOT love her?! Jackie is one of the newest special agents on the major case response team and is known for her long, curly blonde locks and her stylish figure-hugging outfits. So of course, everyone is going wild about the rumors that she may be joining the main cast of NCIS. Yes, please.

Jackie Sloan is known for her figure-hugging clothes and blonde hair

Maria Bello – Now

Maria Bello is known for her roles in the likes of The Mummy, Lights Out, and now NCIS. Although we love Jackie Sloane, we think we love Maria Bello more – and her short hair. Maria grew out her iconic bob haircut for her role on NCIS but is still very similar to her on-screen character in real life. She wears stylish gowns down the red carpet, trendy outfits as she walks down the street and cool and casual getups on set.

Maria Bello is known for her bob haircut but grew it out for her role in NCIS

Danneel Ackles – Jessica Shore

Danneel Ackles has played lots of roles, but Jessica Shore will be memorable to any fans of NCIS. Jessica is the secretary of Dr Rod Daniels, as well as the assistant to Captain Thomas Jennings. She is also Brandon Sykes fiancée. Quite a lot of parts for just the one episode, Love and War in season 6 of the hit show. A small part certainly, but one that fans of the actress were bound to spot, and enjoy!

jessica shore from ncis

Danneel Ackles – Now

Danneel Ackles is best known for her part in the daytime soap opera, One Life to Live. For fans of TV drama One Tree Hill, you’ll also remember her as Rachel, the frenemy of many of the main characters of the show, and later, the surprise wife of Dan Scott. While she used to be known as Danneel Harris, she now goes by her married name Ackles, and she also does some modelling work when she isn’t acting.

Danneel Ackles in NCIS

Weronika Rosati as Rivka David – Then

Okay, okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat – but we had to include Rivka David! Although she only appeared in a flashback, she still made an incredible impression on the NCIS audience. So there. Rivka was the mother of Ziva and Tali and took her (pretty dramatic) place on screen in season ten. Of course, Rivka didn’t look like your average mother, but that’s because the flashback took place many years ago.

Rivka David was the mother of Ziva and Tali and appeared in a flashback

Weronika Rosati – Now

There’s little chance Weronika Rosati will be returning to NCIS, considering her character sadly died – but at least that means she doesn’t have to deal with horrific lighting that made her look super old. Yep, Weronika is a young and natural beauty in real life, and this Polish actress is truly making a name for herself on the red carpet. She constantly wears stylish and fashionable dresses, and always has her hair impeccably finished in loose curls that will make anyone jealous.

Weronika Rosati is unlike her on-screen character and looks young and fresh in real life

Juliette Angelo as Emily Fornell – Then

Sure, Emily Fornell wasn’t the most iconic member of the NCIS cast – but how could anyone forget that beautiful red hair and those clear blue eyes? Emily first came to our attention in season four, when she was introduced as the teenage daughter of Diane Sterling and Tobias Fornell. Although her parents are no longer together, she lives a pretty cool life, and her character returns sporadically on the show for another four seasons.

Emily Fornell is known for her bright red hair and blue eyes and is Tobias Fornell’s daughter

Juliette Angelo – Now

Well, it’s fair to say that Juliette Angelo looks pretty much identical to her on-screen NCIS character – and she’s not hard to miss with those baby blues and that stunning red hair. These striking features seem to have done her well in the past, as Juliette has already had a hugely successful career. At just 8-years-old, she performed on Broadway and has since continued to have an incoming flurry of work. Are we jealous? Well, duh. Of course we are.

Juliette Angelo has been acting on Broadway since she was 8-years-old

Alicia Coppola as Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman – Then

Let’s be honest; we wouldn’t want to get on Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman’s bad side. This tough lady first appeared on our screens in season 1 of NCIS and continued to appear in the next two seasons before she left the show – and we’re still not over it. She was rarely seen out of her prim and proper Naval uniform, and would always ensure that her hair was tied back without a hair out of place.

Faith Coleman was a Lieutenant Commander and was always prim and proper

Alicia Coppola – Now

Thankfully, Alicia Coppola is a lot more laid-back in real life. After playing the role of Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman for a couple of years, Coppola ditched the prim and proper look. She let her hair flow, she let her natural beauty shine through (just look at those freckles!), and she adopted a much more casual sense of style – which probably helped her score major acting gigs such as The Young and the Restless, Two and a Half Men, and Teen Wolf.

Alicia Coppola has ditched the prim and proper look and is now more casual in her style

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Samantha Ryan – Then

Okay, so we really couldn’t make our minds up about Dr. Samantha Ryan. As the head of the DoD PsyOps Division, Ryan was the kind of character you just couldn’t crack. She was secretive, manipulative, and extremely difficult to read – which isn’t good when you’re the kind of person who wants to know everything about everything. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that her attractive looks and manipulative techniques were extremely appealing to the men of the show…

Dr. Samantha Ryan was an attractive, yet manipulative character

Jamie Lee Curtis – Now

Although we were a little confused with her intentions, we loved Dr. Samantha Ryan because she was played by the absolute legend that is Jamie Lee Curtis – and really, is there anyone on this earth who doesn’t love Jamie Lee Curtis? We think not. With her signature pixie-cut haircut and her sparkling eyes, Curtis is still a leading figure in the world of acting and Hollywood and is still acting today. She is also a prominent children’s author!

Jamie Lee Curtis is known for her signature haircut and her incredible acting talent

Margo Harshman as Delilah Fielding – Then

It’s fair to say that Delilah Fielding is one of our favorite characters on NCIS. Although she only really made a name for herself in season 13, we couldn’t get enough of her sweet and caring nature, her beautiful smile and her sleek style. Wanna know what else we couldn’t get enough of? Yep, of course, we’re talking about her relationship with NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee, because their love is incredible and they really are #RelationshipGoals.

Delilah Fielding is known for her sleek style and her relationship with Timothy McGee

Margo Harshman – Now

Margo Harshman is just as sleek in real life as she is on NCIS. In fact, she’s incredibly similar to her on-screen character – apart from the fact that she isn’t married to a Special Agent (although we bet she wishes she was). Even though she is still young, Margo Harshman has been extremely lucky in life and has scored major roles in the acting world. Most notably, she has appeared in The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Cooper’s assistant.

Margo Harshman is just as sleek as her on-screen character, and they are very similar

Jacqueline Obradors as Paloma Reynosa – Then

We really tried to like Paloma Reynosa. We really did. But y’know, there’s something about a narcotics cartel leader and potential murderer that we just can’t get behind – dunno what it is though. Yep, Paloma is the daughter of the infamous Pedro Hernandez, who is killed in season 7. Of course, Paloma swears revenge against her father’s killers, and tries to enact vengeance but is stopped by NCIS. She is eventually killed by her own brother. Not ideal.

Paloma Reynosa is a cartel leader and daughter of an infamous narcotics dealer

Jacqueline Obradors – Now

Although we didn’t exactly agree with Paloma’s life choices, there’s no denying the fact that Jacqueline Obradors is very similar to her on-screen character. Luckily, this is only through appearance. Jacqueline also sports gorgeous brunette locks and hazel eyes and wows everyone she meets (wish we had that talent, too). After her time on NCIS, Jacqueline Obradors managed to score acting roles in the likes of NYPD Blue and Cold Case. It seems she has a thing for crime dramas as well!

Jacqueline Obradors also rocks gorgeous brunette locks and hazel eyes

Meredith Eaton as Carol Wilson – Then

We first met Carol Wilson in season 7, and she has continued to appear on NCIS ever since. In fact, we absolutely love her! Carol is a lab technician and researcher and works at the Center for Disease Control (that doesn’t sound fun). We were introduced to Wilson through Abby Sciuto, as the pair went to college together and are now pretty good friends. We feel like we’d make a good addition to this friendship group, can we join?

Carol Wilson is a friend of Abby Sciuto and a researcher in the Center for Disease Control

Meredith Eaton – Now

Standing at just 4-feet tall, Meredith Eaton describes herself as a ‘short-stature actress’ and has always maintained that her height would not affect her career – and it’s fair to say it hasn’t! Since her first foray into the world of acting, Meredith Eaton has appeared in major TV shows in the likes of CSI, Family Law, Boston Legal and Battle Creek. In fact, she seems to have built up a reputation as the queen of crime dramas.

Meredith Eaton has maintained that she would not let her height affect her career

Diane Neal as CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin – Then

Although CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin was thrust into unfortunate circumstances, she definitely came out the other side. She started her career as a sergeant in the Marine Corps and was even sent to Iraq, but her world came tumbling down when her partner was killed. After that, this red-haired beauty joined CGIS and became an agent in no time, thanks to her hard work and determination. She also reprised this role in NCIS: New Orleans.

CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin was a Marine Corp before becoming a CGIS Special Agent

Diane Neal – Now

Diane Neal is incredibly similar to her on-screen character and is recognizable for her red hair and rosy cheeks. These iconic features and her acting talent have made her a prominent actor in the world of crime dramas. She has since appeared in many TV shows, including 30 Rock, Law & Order, Blue Bloods, and My Fake Fiance. However, it seems Diane Neal’s career has slumped in recent years, so we hope to see her back on our screens sometime soon.

Diane Neal is known for her red hair and rosy cheeks, as well as her roles in crime dramas

Rena Sofer as Margaret Allison Hart – Then

Okay, it’s fair to say we didn’t like Margaret Allison Hart – but we can’t deny that this lady had guts. We first met Margaret in season 7, and she basically tried to undo all of the hard work the NCIS agents had put into their cases. Although she is a relatively minor character, she liked to come back at critical points in the story to ruin their progress even more. However, you couldn’t be mad at those cheekbones.

Margaret Allison Hart would often ruin the cases of the NCIS agents every now and then

Rena Sofer – Now

Well, it’s fair to say that Rena Sofer does NOT look like she’s 48-years-old, and we would like to put in a request to the aging gods that we age as beautifully as she does – and with those epic cheekbones, too. Before and after her time on NCIS, Sofer has had relative success in the television industry. However, she is most known for her role in The Bold and the Beautiful, where she played the main character in around 500 episodes. Wowza.

Rena Sofer is most known for her role in The Bold and the Beautiful

Jennifer Esposito as Alexandra Quinn – Then

Although Alexandra Quinn was not a major character in NCIS and only appeared in one season, her storyline and her character intrigued us. As a quirky member of the team, Alexandra kept her outfits cool and casual. She would normally wear black pants with a loose fitting shirt, and keep her hair in beachy waves that made us all jealous. Sadly, Alexandra’s character had to leave the team behind to look after her sick mother.

Alexandra Quinn would rock the casual look, with black pants, a shirt, and beach waves

Jennifer Esposito – Now

Yep, her hair is just as perfect in real life as it is on NCIS, and we’re still totally jealous. Because she has only just left the show, we haven’t had a chance to see what Jennifer Esposito will be like outside of the office and in another role, but we’ve heard through the Hollywood rumor mill (which is ALMOST always correct) that Jennifer will soon grace our screens in a brand new movie that will be released sometime in 2018.

Jennifer Esposito is known for her beach ways and will star in an upcoming movie

Lauren Holly as Jenny Shepard – Then

Lauren Holly is an American-Canadian actress that was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of two college professors, she grew up in a rural town but was exposed to the intellectual sophistication of her parents due to their careers. Lauren Holly’s big break that advanced her acting career was when she was cast as a Deputy Sheriff  in the CBS show Picket Fences, she played the role of the wife or a martial artist and actor.


Lauren Holly – Now

Lauren Holly now lives in Toronto, Canada. She has three children that live with her; George, Henry and Alexander Holly-Greco. Holly was born in the United States but became a Canadian citizen in 2008. Holly had a brother that died when he was 14 and the “A” Fund at Hobart and William Smith Colleges was set up in memory of her beloved brother. Her brothers name was Alexander so Lauren decided to name one of her sons Alexander in memory of her brother.

Jessica Steen as Paula Cassidy – Then

If you’re a keen NCIS fan (which you should be), you’ll definitely recognize this lady. Paula Cassidy first appeared on the show in 2003 and has since been in six episodes across twelve years. This police-interrogator-turned-criminal-profiler had many successes in her career – but it all came tumbling down when her character sadly passed away. Over the course of her NCIS stint, Paula was known for her beautiful strawberry-blonde hair and strong and powerful pantsuits.

Paula Cassidy was known for her strawberry-blonde hair and pantsuits

Jessica Steen – Now

Before her time as Paula Cassidy in NCIS, Jessica Steen had already made a name for herself as a TV star to beat. She has appeared in the likes of Earth 2, The Outer Limits, Monk and Homefront. Nowadays, Jessica Steen can be found on-screen in Heartland, but also on the red carpet with her new hair-do and a new wardrobe. Yep, Steen has ditched her strawberry-blonde locks for all-over blonde and looking amazing in dresses and skirts, rather than pantsuits.

Jessica Steen has now ditched her strawberry-blonde hair and pantsuits

Emily Wickersham as Eleanor Bishop – Then

Emily Wickersham is an American actress known for her role as special agent Eleanor Bishop in our beloved NCIS. Wickersham has also appeared on television many times doing guest appearances. She is also widely known for the roles she played in Remember Me, Gone, I am Number Four and definitely, maybe.

Emily Wickersham – Now

Wickersham has Austrian and Swedish descent, however she was born in Kansas and grew up in Mamaroneck, New York. The actress is currently married to the musician Blake Hanley. The couple got hitched in Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys back in 2010 and are still happily married. We can see Wickersham has been doing very well after NCIS, she looks as stunning as ever.

Sasha Alexander as Caitlin Todd – Then

You know Sasha Alexander from the first two seasons on NCIS where she played special agent Caitlin Todd. The american actress of Serbian descent appeared in 49 episodes of the series. For the third season she was considered a guest star in her appearances. Of course you still saw her around occasionally in photographs, flashbacks and even the CGI footage.

Sasha Alexander – Now

Sasha Alexander is currently married to the director Edoardo Ponti. Alexander has two children with Ponti, a boy and a girl. When Alexander made her appearance in the fourth season of Dawson’s Creek starring as Gretchen Witter, she was in the limelight receiving a ton of attention from the media as well as critical praise.

Cote de Pablo – Then

The gorgeous Chilean born actress, Cote de Pablo, plays an Israeli Mossad officer turned NCIS agent up until season 11. The fans were disappointed and awaited her return in the following seasons, however in season 13 her character died in an explosion. Ironically enough, Cote was said to be injured in real life as a consequence of filming several kickboxing scenes. So killing off her character, as sad as it was for fans of the show, was not too far a stretch from her actual filming experience.

Cote de Pablo – Now

Although Cote caught her big break with her role as Ziva in the show, she has been in the business since she was only 15 years old. Since the beginning of her career. she has been nominated for and won several awards for the hit TV series. Since leaving the show, Cote has continued on with her Hollywood career, taking up a role in the movie The 33, which commemorated the 2010 Copiapó mining accident. She also was featured in a CBS miniseries called The Dovekeepers.