Your Favorite Neighbours Stars, Where Are They Now?


Alan Dale (Jim Robinson) Then

As one of the original cast members, Jim Robinson was a very well-liked character all around. Unfortunately, back in 1993 he suffered a heart attack and died. Fiona Hartman, another of the characters on the show was the one to discover him but fled the scene in order to take his money. Want to know what happened to Alan and the rest of the crew? By the end of this article you will probably very shocked and impressed at some of the paths their lives have taken.

Alan Dale (Jim Robinson) Now

There really has been no stopping Alan on his highway to success after his role on Neighbours put him on the map. One of the biggest roles was playing the Vice President on the hit television series 24. Since then he has taken on roles on various shows such as Ugly Betty, The O.C., Hot in Cleveland, Lost, Dominion and Once Upon a Time. You can spot him playing the butler on the show Dynasty at the moment.

Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop) Then

Madge was another one of the original characters on the show and she played the role of Anne Charleston from 1986 – 1992, but came back a few years later, once again appearing on the show from 1996 – 2001. She left Ramsay Street due to thinking her great love, Harold Bishop drowned. She came back after getting a call letting her know he was still alive. They reunited, and all was well for a while until she was diagnosed with cancer which ultimately ended her life.

Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop) Now

Although she left she show, she did come back just one more time to the set of Neighbours in the form of an apparition, but that was finally how her role ended (at least for now). After leaving the set of Neighbours she continued getting acting gigs and featured on shows such as Emmerdale and Dossa and Joe. She even took to the stage to play the fairy godmother in Cinderella back in 2014 and 2015.

Krista Vendy (Teresa Bell) Then

Teresa came to Ramsay Street in order to get away from her abusive husband, however he managed to track her down and wormed his way back into her life. Playing an English teacher at the local school, she actually had an affair with her best friend’s boyfriend, even though Teresa was still married herself. Darcy the man whom she had an affair with asked for her hand in marriage which she accepted, but soon took this back and moved to London in order to work back in 2001.

Krista Vendy (Teresa Bell) Now

Krista was declared one of the most gorgeous women to have acted in Neighbours, but since her time on the show she has also appeared in movies like Matching Jack and The Incredible Hulk as well as on television shows like Blue Heelers, Fat Pizza and Underbelly Files: Chopper. Loved finding out what happened to Krista Vendy after all these years? She isn’t the only one we’re digging dirt up on so make sure to stick around and see who we have coming up next.

Nicky Whelan (Heidi “Pepper” Steiger) Then

Heidi was probably best remembered for the same-sex kiss she shared with her fellow crew member Rosie even though nothing came of it. She was a fan favorite though and many of them were quite distressed to find out that she had cervical dysplasia and required surgery to pull through. She managed all of this and all was well, but she left Ramsay Street in order to follow a career opportunity which presented itself in Cairns.

Nicky Whelan (Heidi “Pepper” Steiger) Now

It is safe to say that Nicky had no troubles finding acting work after her stint on Neighbours, in fact even though she had little to no acting experience before that she was quite sought after in the industry. She found roles to suit her on television shows like Chosen, Scrubs and Matador whilst also making it to the big screen. You will probably remember seeing her in The Wedding Singer, Hall Pass and Dog Eat Dog.

Sabina Lokic (Mandi Rogers) Then

Mandi made it onto the scene when she came to Erinsborough to stay with her brother Ben. She was an active swimmer and soon made great friends with another Olympic hopeful, Caitlin Atkins. The two were encouraged to spend time together because they often competed against each other in the pool whilst keeping up their great friendship. Mandi was often in Caitlin’s shadow and after a while they drifted apart, and their friendship disintegrated. Want to know what happened to Sabina after her role on Neighbours? Keep reading and find out!

Sabina Lokic (Mandi Rogers) Now

You know how generally television shows are just the jumping block that gets these actors and actresses on the right path in the industry? Apparently the same cannot be said for Sabina. She only had two acting gigs to her name after finishing Neighbours, so you will have seen her on The Secret Life of Us and Hanging at Picnic Rock. Instead she got a heavy case of wanderlust and decided to travel the world whilst working as a flight attendant for four years.

James Sorensen (Declan Napier) Then

Poor Declan could never really catch a break. He found out that his good friend Rebecca was raped by Richard and attempted to get revenge by drowning him when they went fishing together. His efforts were unsuccessful, but Richard soon got diagnosed with liver failure. Napier found love and married Bridget Parker, but she soon became paralyzed and died shortly after giving birth to their daughter India. Finally, Declan decided on a fresh start for himself and his daughter moving away from Ramsay Street.

James Sorensen (Declan Napier) Now

After leaving the show James had a couple of acting gigs but decided upon joining the Australian Army School of Infantry, Special Forces Training Centre. Later he worked as a personal trained whilst studying at the same time for a nursing diploma. He has also worked as a model and is a keen photographer. If you loved finding out what happened to James, you should really stick around because we have more Neighbours stars to cover!

Holly Valance (Felicity Scully) Then

When the Martin family moved away from Ramsay Street that is when Felicity, or as she was better known, Flick, and her family moved in. Flick spent a lot of her time checking out potential romantic relationships and got involved with a couple of the guys (much to her father’s disappointment) before finally settling on Stuart Parker. The two got engaged and moved to New York, but fans found out some time later that the two had split.

Holly Valance (Felicity Scully) Now

Holly left the set of Neighbours in order to pursue her singing career in 2002 when her first single “Kiss Kiss” blew up not only the Australian charts, but also around the world. She appeared on the small screen on the TV show Prison Break as well as working her magic on the big screen in the films Big Mamma’s Boy and Taken. She married English property tycoon and billionaire Nick Candy and even had Katy Perry sing at their wedding.

Sam Clark (Ringo Brown) Then

Ringo Brown, played by Sam Clark had a bit of a tough time on the show. He battled eating disorders as well as addiction to appetite suppressants. Through his journey he publicly announced his love for older woman Carmella Cammeniti, who as it turns out did not share the same feelings. In the end he moved away from Erinsborough with his mother. Sam was on the show from 2007 – 2010. Want to find out what happened to Sam? Keep reading for the juicy goss.

Sam Clark (Ringo Brown) Now

Sam really let his star shine after leaving the set of Neighbours and particularly found great satisfaction of working on stage. His third single, which he released in 2010 made it to number one and he was found acting in productions such as Monday at 11:00 A.M., Dance Night Obsession, Tell Me I Love You, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Mental. He most recently acted alongside Vanessa Hudgens in Grease Live! For his role as Ringo he got nominated for Most Popular Male Talent at the 2008 Logie Awards.

Rebecca Ritters (Hannah Martin) Then

Well it is safe to say that Hannah was not a fan of Ramsay Street when her family and her first moved there, in fact the outright hated it. This all changed when she found a great friend in Tony Mangel who also stopped Raymond Chambers from his attempt at abducting Hannah. The Martin family finally decided to relocate to Darwin and that is when we said goodbye to Hannah Martin’s character. Let’s see what happened to Rebecca Ritters after that.

Rebecca Ritters (Hannah Martin) Now

Rebecca did not shy away from the camera after her sting on Neighbours, however a lot of her accomplishments were not focused on what happened in front of the camera, but rather behind it. Although she featured on Rush, All Saints and Coronation Street, Rebecca decided to concentrate on her academic education by getting a degree in International Relations and Politics from the University of Melbourne. Her love for broadcasting, however, could not be overshadowed and so she now works as a producer for Deutsche Welle in Germany.

Stephanie McIntosh (Sky Mangel) Then

Well it is safe to say that Sky had a bit of a hard time when she came to Ramsay Street. She made waves by sharing the first same sex on screen kiss. She then had a one-night stand and fell pregnant. Whilst in labor she shared a hospital room with Teresa Cammeniti who colluded to steal her baby and make a run for it. Teresa ended up setting fire to the hospital in order to take the baby away. Thankfully it was later found in possession of Stingray, the man who got Sky pregnant in the first place.

Stephanie McIntosh (Sky Mangel) Now

Stephanie was on Neighbours from 2004 until 2007, but she actually made an appearance for just one episode in 2015. Since then she has only had one on-screen appearance in a film called Red Herring. Despite this it appears that Sky has decided to focus more on her personal life which has blossomed in recent years. In 2014 she gave birth to her own daughter, Milla with whom she shares many photos with on her social media accounts.

Craig McLachlan (Henry Ramsay) Then

Craig McLachlan played the role of Henry Ramsay, son of Madge Bishop. He always had a knack for getting into trouble or finding ways to make quick cash. Because of this it didn’t take long for Henry to end up behind bars due to his indiscretions. Upon his release he meets and falls in love with Bronwyn Davies. After turning his life around, he finds a job opportunity in New Zealand as a DJ and Bronwyn too follows him after some time.

Craig McLachlan (Henry Ramsay) Now

Upon leaving Neighbours Craig tried his hand at singing, releasing a single by the name of “Mona” which did quite well on the charts making it to number two. He performed on stage in London’s West End before going back to soap operas and featuring in Home & Away. At the moment he plays Doctor Blake on the very popular television series The Doctor Blake Mysteries. If you loved finding out about what happened to Craig, you should keep reading because there are more stories to come.

Maxine Klibingaitis (Terry Inglis) Then

Terry Inglis went through a difficult ordeal during her time on Ramsay Street. Maxine who played Terry was only on the show for a year, but in that year, she killed Charles Dunham and shot Paul when he attempted to report her wrongdoings. During her time in jail she requested that he come and visit her, but he did not. Terry Inglis took her own life in jail and it is the first and only time that someone died of suicide on the show.

Maxine Klibingaitis (Terry Inglis) Now

Even with the tumultuous character that Maxine played, this did not stop her from landing various roles on the big and little screen. Maxine took roles in pictures such as Prisoner Queen-Mindless Music & Mirrorballs, Boronia Boys and Candy Regentag. In 2007 she received a MUFF award for best supporting female actress for her role in Moonlight & Magic. Maxine married Andrew Friedman and they stayed together until his death. They also shared a son together called Zane.

Annie Jones (Jane Harris) Then

Poor Jane was also known as Plain Jane Superbrain and she featured on the show from 1986 -1989. She was constantly teased for her nerd-like nature and glasses, but she really became the center of attention when she decided to get a makeover and throw away those same glasses and her pony tail in favor for a cooler image. In 2005 she came back to the set of Neighbours for just one episode and so that fans could take a walk down memory lane.

Annie Jones (Jane Harris) Now

Annie never really took off with her career after her time on Neighbours, however she did find constant work throughout the years. You might remember her from being in Snowy in the 90s as well as her also appearing on Newlyweds, Jack Irish and Winners & Losers. It is safe to say that Annie has in recent years taken a backseat in order to help her mother who got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but unfortunately passed away in 2016. Also, in April, 2018 she came back to Neighbours.

Elaine Smith (Daphne Clarke) Then

As with many wealthy families, Daphne Clarke had everything that her heart desired except for the most important thing, the love of her parents. After getting into a huge fight with her parents Daphne makes the move to Ramsay Street where she works as both a secretary and an exotic dancer to support herself. After getting into an argument with her father she gets into and car crash a later dies from the injuries she sustains.

Elaine Smith (Daphne Clarke) Now

Elaine transitioned into a couple of roles after completing her work on Neighbours, featuring on television shows such as Home & Away and The Flying Doctors. After some time, she decided to leave the industry and she now works as a teacher in Sydney, living with her twin daughters as well as her husband who is a writer. If you loved finding out what happened to Elaine, we will bring you even more stories about your favorite Neighbours stars.

Eliza Szonert (Danni Stark) Then

Eliza played the role of Danni Stark who was the center of the rumor mill in Ramsay Street. A diabetes sufferer she had to inject herself with insulin often and at one stage was seen by Michael Martin. Michael proceeded to spread rumors about her that Danni was a heroin user and instead of retaliating she did not deny them because she enjoyed the attention it brought her. After some time passed and her mother got into an accident Danni decided to leave for overseas.

Eliza Szonert (Danni Stark) Now

Although Eliza left the cast of Neighbours back in 1996, she did not come back onto our screens until 2000 where she took on a small role in Angel as well as working on the film The Dish. You might have recognized her voice in the animated movie Little Johnny the Movie which was released in 2011. Eliza made headlines recently when she was stuck in Malaysia without a passport because she got into an argument with her ex-boyfriend.

Fletcher O’Leary (Mickey Gannon) Then

Well it is safe to say that Mickey got into quite a bit of trouble during his time on Ramsay Street, at one stage even being electrocuted by a faulty pool light. Whilst in the hospital, his father was unable to see him because of an “immediate” family dispute. Sometime later Mickey released the handbrake of a van which ended crashing into some local transportation. The young boy soon left Ramsay Street in order to live with his mother.

Fletcher O’Leary (Mickey Gannon) Now

We can clearly see that Fletcher is no longer the little boy that played Mickey Gannon and after leaving Neighbours in 2009 he found himself other acting work pretty quickly, appearing in movies such as The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich as well as The Mystery of a Hansom Cab. We can only imagine that at his age (he’s 20), there are only more acting roles coming up for him in the future should he choose to stick with the industry.

Robert La Castra (Eddie Buckingham) Then

Robert who played the role of Eddie Buckingham had quite the task before him. He first appeared on the show back in 1990 as a guest of Madge and Harold Bishop. He ran a food stall and it was there that he met and found love interests in sisters Caroline and Christina Alessi. The two ended up playing a trick on Eddie which turned into a hot mess very quickly. Buckingham left got the UK when he found out that his father had fallen ill.

Robert La Castra (Eddie Buckingham) Now

Although Robert did not see much success in front of our screens after his sting on the hit television show, he did make it in the industry as a writer for children’s television shows. Working on Bananas in Pyjamas and The Shapies, he did well enough for himself that he ended up establishing his own production company by the name of Little House Productions. Since 1997 he has also dabbled in politics and is currently a City of Gold Coast councilor.

Josephine Croft (Allana Truman) Then

Now it is safe to say that Allana was a bit of a strange character. Played by Josephine Croft, she was on Ramsay Street from 2000-2001 and she made some waves whilst there. She and her love interest Lance Wilkinson met at a sci-fi convention where there was obvious chemistry, but things were not destined to be so simple for Lance. He was given seven tasks before he could call Allana his girlfriend which included convincing people UFO’s existed. He did that and more!

Josephine Croft (Allana Truman) Now

Well it is safe to say that even due to her less than normal character that she played on Neighbours, Josephine has done herself some favors in the acting world. In fact, she has starred in various productions such as The Legend of Ben Hall. The Lucifer Killings and Mr. Postman. It seems that she has not only directed her energy at being in front of the camera, but she will apparently be working as a producer in a spy film. Want to find out more? Stick with us!

David Hoflin (Oliver Barnes) Then

Oliver, the adopted son of Clifford and Pamela Barnes, but it was soon discovered that he was actually the biological son of Richard Aaronow and Rebecca Napier. His wealthy parents died and although he was set to come into a lot of money, Oliver decides to travel the world back in 2008 allowing for his brother to inherit everything their parents left behind. David even came back in 2011 for a couple of episodes. Let’s see where he is at now.

David Hoflin (Oliver Barnes) Now

David did very well for himself when it comes to his acting career after his last appearance in 2001 on Neighbours. When it comes to television David featured in American Crime, Alcatraz, Z: The Beginning of Everything and Crossbones. When it comes to his personal life, David met and started dating Natalie Blair on set of Neighbours and they have been together ever since. They married in 2013 and had a son together in 2016. Nice work David!

Raelee Hill (Serendipity Gottlieb) Then

Raelee Hill played the role of Serendipity back in 1994, but her character was better known as Ren amongst the Erinsborough community. A hippie at heart, she ran a fashion and jewelry business with her business partner Danni Stark. She later found out that the items she sold were actually made in a sweatshop and as a result she had a mini breakdown of sorts. She fell in love with Luke Handley, and the two moved together to Japan due to Luke getting a job offer there.

Raelee Hill (Serendipity Gottlieb) Now

Raelee Hill worked wonders in the acting business landing various roles on television shows such as Water Rats and even getting a custom-made role in the show Farscape. She made her film debut back in 1996 when she took part in the romantic comedy Hotel de Love, but also worked on films such as Event Zero, The Final Road, Long Road to Heaven and Superman Returns. Are you impressed with her achievements? We have some great stories coming up so stick around.

Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson) Then

Scott’s character was initially played by Darius Perkins, but in 1986 was taken over by Jason Donovan. Scott found a great friend in Charlene which eventually led them to get tangled up in a romantic web. They got married, but throughout the years they had their ups and downs, eventually living happily ever after with two children. Scott was one of the original characters on Ramsay Street, but stuck around only until 1989. Wonder what Jason is up to now?

Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson) Now

Jason has had success both on the acting and singing fronts, even coming out with a duet with hit pop singer Kylie Minogue that got to number one on the UK charts. He even tried his hand at the theatre and it suited him very well, appearing in shows like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 2016 he went around the UK with his Greatest Hits greatest hits tour.

Maggie Dence (Dorothy Burke) Then

Maggie Dence took on the role of Dorothy Burke, the school principal of Erinsborough High School. Burke gets involved with a murder mystery that she actually believes to be a conspiracy, so when the inspector rolls up you can imagine everyone’s surprise when the principal and the inspector have a fling. Not only that, but they fall madly in love and decide to move to the countryside together. Maggie played the role from 1990 – 1993, but what we really want to know is where she’s been all this time since.

Maggie Dence (Dorothy Burke) Now

If you thought that Maggie shied away from the spotlight and like her character moved to the countryside you would be completely wrong. In fact, her acting career took off with her having roles in Blue Heelers, Rake, Wonderland, Out of the Blue and All Saints. She also featured in various movies like Look Both Ways and Peter Pan. Maggie is well respected in the community and she even won the Equity Awards Lifetime Achievement award in 2011.

Mark Little (Joe Mangel) Then

Mangel had a pretty tough time during his stint on Neighbours. He had a shaky relationship with his troublesome mother who caused him more grief than anything else, he ended up widowed not long after his marriage began, and he went through a very difficult custody battle in order to keep his child. All the poor bloke ever really wanted to do was some gardening and enjoy a cold, quiet beer. Poor Joe ended up leaving Erinsborough when he found out his son needed help on his farm.

Mark Little (Joe Mangel) Now

The forecast for Mark’s acting career was great due to the work he did on Neighbours, but as with many things you cannot really anticipate how these things will go. In fact his role on Ramsay Street ended up hurting his career instead of helping it for some strange reason. Nonetheless, Little still worked his magic on screen and appeared in various shows like Ladies of Letters, Whites and Emmerdale. That is not all though, as recently as 2015 he was found featuring on the big screen in The Program.

George Spartels (Benito Alessi) Then

As with many adult characters, Benito Alessi had many issues when it came to his family life, especially in regard to his children. His girlfriend Cathy and Benito had a child way back when they were only 16 years old and gave her up for adoption. They later had two sons, but the real trouble began when it was discovered that Cathy could no longer bear children. Benito then began his search to find their daughter.

George Spartels (Benito Alessi) Now

Although George made a name for himself on Neighbours, it was his gig on Play School that brought him recognition Australia-wide. He hosted the show from 1985-1999 and currently it is the longest running children’s show in the country. Other than that, he also appeared in various television productions such as Packed to the Rafters, All Saints and City Homicide. Did you love finding out what happened to George after all this time? Well stick around because we have a lot more where that came from.

Eliza Taylor (Janae Timmins) Then

You always have that one friend who has terrible taste in men, right? We all do. Well Janae was one of those girls. Poor Janae got tangled up with Mike Pill who was less than considerate when it came to their relationship, even paying off his friends to attempt to seduce her. To make matters worse she soon found out that he was HIV positive which shook her to her core, but even though she prepared for the worst she found out that she was HIV negative.

Eliza Taylor (Janae Timmins) Now

Well we can safely say that Eliza was one of those clever actresses that used the Neighbours platform to her advantage in order to advance her career. In 2008 when she left the show her professional life has blossomed quite well as she appeared on shows like Packed to the Rafters, Mr. and Mrs. Murder as well as All Saints. Since then she has had an ongoing role in the hit television series The 100.

Bernard Curry (Luke Handley) Then

Luke had quite the interesting love life on Ramsay Street. He fell madly in love with the lovely Libby Kennedy, but their love story was not meant to be because their parents never approved of them as a couple and eventually their connection disintegrated. Instead he found romance in the arms of Serendipity Gottleib, otherwise known as Ren. The two even managed to move to Japan due to career prospects but fans later found out that things were not meant to be between them.

Bernard Curry (Luke Handley) Now

Unlike poor old Luke, Bernard had much more success both in his love life and his career, which took off after his time on Ramsay Street. He went on to feature in many television shows such as Stingers, The Junction Boys, Blue Heelers, Packed to the Rafters, Home and Away, Pretty Little Liars and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Bernard was also a host on a popular Australian show called Beauty and the Geek, which is based on the US show by the same name created by Ashton Kutcher.

Jesse Spencer (Billy Kennedy) Then

Jesse Spencer played Billy Kennedy in the Australian soap for six years. The son of off again on again couple Susan and Karl, he moved into the street when the family bought a house in the city having lived in the country. His siblings Malcolm and Libby also moved with them and the trio settled into Ramsay Street life and Erinsborough High with differing levels of success. He became firm friends with Hannah Martin. Click next to see what the blue eyed boy did after his time on the street.

Jesse Spencer (Billy Kennedy) Now

Jesse Spencer made a successful leap into life in Hollywood – probably helped by his handsome good looks that made him an audience favorite back in his Neighbours days. He landed a role working opposite Hugh Laurie in the show House MD where his character’s name was Dr Robert Chase. He then went on to play a fireman, Matthew Casey, in Chicago Fire, where he set pulses racing by wearing his uniform every episode. He’s been on the show since 2012.

Natalie Imbruglia (Beth Brennan) Then

Natalie Imbruglia played the pretty Beth Brennan in Neighbours for a couple of years, though she was a memorable cast member despite her relatively short stint on the show. She had a long running relationship with Brad Willis who she eventually married. However, the pair had a rocky road to the aisle, which saw Beth original vying for Brad’s attention whilst he was still in a relationship with Lucy Robinson. Later, when the pair were engaged, Brad cheated on Beth with Lauren Carpenter. They eventually married and left Erinsborough.

Natalie Imbruglia (Beth Brennan) Now

Natalie Imbruglia managed what many soap stars do not and had a fairly successful music career when she left the show. She managed to carve herself out as a respectable singer songwriter and eschewed the more common route of bubblegum pop that so many of her predecessors had followed. Her acting career stalled a little, though she won parts in Johnny English opposite Rowan Atkinson as well as an Indie film called Closed for Winter. Her pretty looks also won her modelling contracts with L’Oreal.

Kylie Minogue (Charlene Robinson) Then

Kylie Minogue is perhaps one of Neighbors most famous graduates. She started by playing the pretty Charlene Robinson, who had a tempestuous relationship with Scott Robinson, played by Jason Donovan. The pair also had an off screen relationship which led them to release the song Especially For You. They remain one of the show’s most loved couples who left to have a family together. When they were referred to on the show after they both left, their characters were still together.

Kylie Minogue (Charlene Robinson) Now

Kylie Minogue used her popularity on the show to launch a highly successful singing career that has led her to tour the globe to sold out arenas. She did try to keep one foot in the acting world, however, and had parts in Street Fighter and Moulin Rouge. She acted opposite Jean Claude Van Damme in Street Fighter and the pair were rumored to have had a brief relationship. She has not acted recently however and chooses to concentrate on her music. She released her 14th album, Golden, in 2018.

Russell Crowe (Kenny Larkin) Then

Russell Crowe played a very small part in the Australian soap back in 1987. He was in only four episodes and played a ex convict. His character managed to upset the street in his short tenure by stealing people’s hard earned cash as well as setting about ruining the always popular Henry Mitchell’s gardening business. His behavior was so bad while he appeared on the show that he was even banned from Lassiter’s. Click next to see what Crowe got up to after the show.

Russell Crowe (Kenny Larkin) Now

Crowe’s Hollywood career is glittering, even if his off screen antics are a little more like his original neighbour’s character. For, whilst Crowe has made a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s greats with films like Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind under his belt, he also has rumours of his alcohol abuse and aggressive behavior follow him around too. Still, he is an award winning actor who sees many of his films turn into box office gold dust, so he remains one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars.

Guy Pearce (Mike Young) Then

Mike Young first appeared on the set of Neighbours in 1986. He lived with the highly likeable couple Des and Daphne Clarke whilst also becoming a close friend of both Charlene Robinson and Scott Robinson. He was a teacher at Erinsborough High and had an on screen relationship with the geeky Jane Harris – their relationship was a slow burner as he was not attracted to her at first. However, following a makeover at the school’s summer dance, he fell in love with her.

Guy Pearce (Mike Young) Now

Guy Pearce has made some pretty reputable films in his time since Neighbours. His career has been glittering since he left the show, with movies like The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert under his belt as well as L.A. Confidential and The King’s Speech – to name but a few. His work has earned him an Emmy as well as nominations for both Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards. He has more recently moved to TV and appears in the Jack Irish series.

Peter O’Brien (Shane Ramsay) Then

Peter O’Brien played the part of Shane Ramsay for two years in the mid 80s. He was the son of Max and Maria Ramsay. He was friendly with everyone’s favorite villain, Paul Robinson. His main storylines included his attempts to become an Olympic swimmer, which was eventually thwarted by a car crash that leaves him with a back injury. He also has a relationship with the then Daphne Lawrence, but their relationship is doomed and she soon falls in love with her landlord, Des.

Peter O’Brien (Shane Ramsay) Now

Peter O’Brien appeared in another great Australian program, The Flying Doctors after his stint on Neighbours. He has not found himself many movie roles  but has appeared in popular TV shows like Queer As Folk, Gossip Girl and White Collar Blue. In addition to acting in these, in multiple episodes, he also had a few bit parts in some stalwart British dramas like Casualty, The Bill and Doctor Who. His role in White Collar Blue won him a Logie award in 2003.

Michelle Ang (Lori Lee) Then

Don’t you hate it when you have the best partner in the world, but you just cannot seem to get along with one or both of their parents? Well that is exactly what happened to Michelle’s character Lori Lee. Moving to Ramsay Street with her boyfriend and his family, Lori just could not bear to live with them. She later got involved with Connor with whom she had a one-night stand. As it goes on these shows, you cannot have a one night stand without a pregnancy but she decided not to have an abortion.

Michelle Ang (Lori Lee) Now

Did you know that along with being a talented actress Michelle Ang is actually a very gifted ballerina? As you can imagine with her list of skills she had no trouble finding further work in her field. One of her biggest roles was that of Alex on Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, but she also worked on The Walking Dead as the same character. As you can tell there is no stopping Michelle, so we are just wondering what she will be getting up to next?