Hilarious Gym Fails


Blood, sweat and tired

There are some people that really put their all into their gym workouts. In fact, they put their blood, sweat, and tears into getting the best possible results for their body. There are others who would rather not do that. Instead, they would like to avoid the blood and sweat and move onto a new exercise: tired. For this one, you lay on the floor for two hours, and close your eyes. This lady has got it.

A woman lies down on the floor of the gym with a cloth over her head and falls asleep

Squat ‘til you drop

It’s no secret that a good ol’ squat now and then will pump up your… err… bottom. We also know that wearing heels can also tone the bottom half of you. Although it’s not a *thing*, this woman decided to mesh the two things together and get the most out of her gym experience. Well, as much as this makes us cringe, we have to give her credit for wearing stilettos – because we can barely walk in them, let alone squat in them.

A woman squats in the gym with a weighted bar, wearing stilettos on her feet

Purrrfect posture

One of the most important aspects of working out is maintaining the correct posture and the correct stance. If you don’t, you’re more likely to pull a muscle or injure yourself. It’s science, y’all. However, this is definitely a sight for sore eyes. We’re not really sure what the heck is going on here, and we have no idea why this man is wearing a cat jumpsuit, but it seems like the person missed out on being injured by a whisker. Lol, geddit?

A man helps a woman stretch out in the gym, and he is wearing a jumpsuit with a cat on it

The downward dog

Many people believe the gym is all about lifting heavy weights, running miles on the treadmill, and big, bulky men who like to shout a lot. Nevertheless, there’s so much more to the gym than that, and some of it is a lot more chill. Yep, we’re talking about yoga. On the theme of yoga, did you know that the Downward Dog yoga pose was inspired by this man and his dog? Okay, we’re totally kidding.

A man enacts a yoga pose on the floor of the gym, and his dog does the same next to him

The stairway to hell

When Led Zeppelin wrote the lyrics to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ we can imagine they were probably thinking of a stairway that took them to the nearest McDonalds. However, a lesser known band by the name of Zed Leppelin (i.e., us) created a brand new parody song for their iconic number, and called it the ‘Stairway to Hell.’ This stairway allows us to start as we mean to go on. We’ll start off being lazy, and we’ll continue that trend inside…

An escalator stands next to a set of steps and takes fitness fanatics up to the gym

Pretty close-knit

If you’re a member of the gym, you might know that the people who work there and their clients are pretty close knit – but when this guy heard that, he didn’t quite realize what we meant. Instead, he decided to bring along his crochet and his knitting needles, and knit a nice, bright orange scarf for his mother. It’s quite a good idea, actually. The gym can get pretty boring sometimes. He’ll be one lean, mean knitting machine soon.

A man runs on the treadmill with a pair of knitting needles in his hands, and orange crochet

What a headcase

We’re no experts when it comes to the gym, but we’re pretty sure we know how to use most of the equipment. Obviously, this guy DOESN’T know how to use the machines in the gym – unless he was really taking a the whole ‘mental workout’ to a brand new level. Nevertheless, we have to give this guy credit for the workout he is doing, because that looks like it really, really hurts. What a strong neck you have, sir.

A man stands at an exercise machine and works out his head and neck

Blood, sweat and tired

A gym can be a very intimidating place. So many machines and quite a few clueless people. This guy didn’t use the leg press as one should, but with his confidence, he managed to pull of a new exercise with this machine. When in doubt, guess

Out of the bat cave

We all love Batman, and we love the fact that he saves the world on a daily basis (what a (Bat)man, ey?) However, to keep up his strength and stamina, Batman has to make sure he works out and spends enough time at the gym to ensure he’s ready for action. But of course, the guy is constantly on-call, so he can’t wear normal gym clothes like the rest of us – he has to wear his bat suit.

A man wearing a Batman costume is running on the treadmill in the gym

What a donut

We’re no geniuses, but we’re pretty sure the whole reason people (again, not us) go to the gym is to avoid eating sweet treats like Krispy Kreme’s, to lose weight and improve their figure – which we can safely say does not happen by eating sugary treats (unfortunately). So, we’re not sure what donut put a whole bunch of yumminess on the table next to workout equipment, but it’s fair to say that they’re doing it wrong. Very, very wrong.

A table of Krispy Kreme’s stands next to the exercise equipment at the gym

A balancing act

The gym is basically just a room filled with testosterone, and sometimes that testerone likes to compete against each other. Oh, who are we kidding? The big, burly men and women in the gym ALWAYS want to compete against each other and prove that they are all big and strong and yadda yadda yadda. In an attempt to top the charts, this guy attempted a balancing act unlike any other. We’re guessing this didn’t end well. Don’t try this at home, kids.

A man stands on two upright weights while holding a bigger weight on his shoulders

Hello! I’m Still Here

When you invest in a personal trainer at the gym, you expect all attention to be on you- especially when the gym membership is expensive too! This personal trainer doesn’t care about complying to the rules. Whilst his client seems to be clearly struggling lifting those weights, this personal trainer has no idea, he’s too busy checking out the girl next to him.

Happy Hour

Most of the time, working out is tiring and sometimes a little tedious. You’ve got to switch it up from time to time, making sure to stay motivated. This lady took that to the next level. Who’s to say a quick pause for a Martini break doesn’t increase motivation? Well, that’s what this lady swears by. There are many other ways to take a quick break mid-workout, but we like this one.

Live Music

Sometimes, there’s nothing more lonely than working out on the treadmill alone, well not for this guy. After showing up to his local gym and following his typical work-out routine, he was joined by his college band. That didn’t distract him though, he continued with his workout despite having over 7 horns playing loudly down his ear!

Just Catching Up

It’s hard to stay focused at the gym- whether it’s talking to people, making phone-calls or having a quick scroll through Facebook. Usually (and hopefully) these distractions don’t take up too much time and we can resume with our workout after a few minutes. This lady, however, took a good 15 minutes out of her workout to catch up with current news by reading the entire newspaper, whilst still sat on the leg press.

Ice-cream Time

We think its fair to say that most people reward themselves with a treat after an intense workout at the gym. This girl however skipped the whole workout part. She did manage to get herself to the gym, but decided to enjoy her ice-cream there and then instead of waiting for later. Kudos to her though, saving time and maybe even working off the ice-cream she eats at the same time!

Nap Was Needed

Usually, after a long day at work, it’s a push to get yourself up and out the house and off to the gym. This guy clearly had a very long day and so upon arrival he decided to head to the weights area, take a Swiss Ball and make himself comfy. We can’t blame him though, there’s nothing worse than working a sweat when you have zero energy.

Couch potato

Yep, we’ve all seen Toy Story, and we all know that Mrs. Potato Head is pretty darn hard on her hubby. She’ll tell him off for leaving the toilet seat up, she’ll shout at him for leaving his dishes on the side, and she’ll be annoyed that he DOESN’T have eyes on the back of his head (although he probably could if he took them out). It seems this time Mrs. Potato Head shouted at him for being a couch potato…

A person is wearing a costume of Mr. Potato Head and running on a treadmill in the gym

Feel the Burn

This guy clearly works out a lot. He has the bod, so we believe he has motivation in spades. But today, he just isn’t feeling it. He’s got important calls to make, maybe a family member won’t leave him alone, who knows, but he certainly isn’t getting much out of this gym session! Maybe he would have been better off sitting at home on the sofa having this chat, rather than simply holding the weights and not paying much attention…!

gym phone

Walk That Plank

Planking is an exercise routine which has gained some huge popularity in the last few years, where you balance on your core middle muscles, with your feet and your head off the ground. This guy clearly finds that too easy, as he’s taken it to the next level. But all eyes must be on him as he balances with his feet on the block, weights on his back, and his hands through rings as well. Everyone else in the background looks like they’ve given up for the day!

crazy planking

No Lockers?

This guy clearly doesn’t trust the locker system at the gym he’s at, as he has found a unique place to keep his valuables while he’s working out. Or maybe his iPad is his source of music and motivation while he keeps fit, which is why it’s wedged down the back of his pants. But surely any kind of strenuous activity is going to make it fall out, making us wonder why he hasn’t got himself some tunes on his phone, a much more sensible way of storing those tracks. Either way, it gave us a double take.

ipad in his pants gym

Peace and Quiet

“I’m off to the gym” he told his wife. “Gotta keep motivated” he said. Little did she know that he had grabbed his laptop on the way out, complete with headphones, hiding them amongst his gym gear. He just needed somewhere quiet to check his Facebook feed, get some ‘me time’ away from home. Working out had nothing to do with it, but what’s a guy to do to avoid having to help out around the house? Crafty, or what?

chilling on his laptop at the gym

Beetle Juice

Okay, we can’t say for sure what’s going on here, but it looks like beetle juice’s daughter got her head stuck in an exercise machine. This girl is obviously a novice when it comes to working out, and she completely and utterly missed the point of this fitness machine. Also, it seems that she chose the wrong outfit for coming to the gym, unless she wanted to attract the eyes of absolutely everyone within 10 feet of her vicinity.

Careful, Now

You can’t blame a guy for trying, but this dude needs to seriously consider how hard he’s pushing himself. Especially when it would appear that one of his arms is much stronger than the other! While he has put the same amount of weights on both sides, he’s struggling on the right! Maybe he needs a bit less music, a bit more personal trainer to help him even out those biceps! If he isn’t careful, he’s going to fall straight over into that trash can!

lopsided muscles at the gym

Good for the Heart

The sign in the background of this photo reads “Join in, It’s good for the heart.” We wonder whether that’s why this woman joined the gym in the first place, seeing as she’s more concerned with getting a cute photo than actually doing any cardio. She’s wearing her gym clothes, she’s picked herself up an awesome prop, and now she’s posing in her cutest stance for everyone on Instagram. Let’s hope she doesn’t ruin it with any actual exercise eh, that would be awful.

gym mirror selfie

Don’t Overdo It

When you’re running on the treadmill, it can be really tempting to lean your weight onto the handlebars, or at least hold on for some of the time. But a good personal trainer will tell you that the best way to get the most out of the treadmill is to make sure you’re totally hands free. This woman found a clever way around that rule, keeping it hands free by sitting down! No need to hold on, when you’re not actually doing any exercise in the first place. Simples.

treadmill sit down hands free exercise

The Rhythm Is Going to Get You

I love this guy! Why have a boring work out where you just walk or run monotonously for hours on end, when you can get your groove on, and shake off those calories in style! I love that he doesn’t even appear to have headphones in, just grooving to the music in his head, (or perhaps on the speakers at the gym!) and he totally doesn’t care if anyone is watching him. What a fun way to exercise, and bound to help him reach his goal, too.

dancing gym dude

Through the roof

There are many perks of being tall. One is being able to see everything at a concert, another is having a much better chance at being picked for sports in school. At this gym though, it definitely was not created with tall people in mind. This guy pushed himself a little too much on the elliptical. So much so that he ended up through the roof.

Getting there faster

One of the main benefits of the gym is that all of the equipment is there for you, and it’s ready and raring to go. However, it seems this woman didn’t quite get that memo – or she really thought that riding a Segway and driving along a treadmill at the same time will get her there faster (wherever the heck she thinks she is going). It gets worse when you realize the wheels aren’t actually on the treadmill belt. *FACE PALM*

A woman stands on a Segway that is standing on a treadmill, with the wheels on the side

This is the Life

“Hey Babe, where are you?” “Oh y’know, just at the gym, working out…” Are you really though? Cause you kind of look like you’re on a sun bed, or relaxing by a pool, or laying on the sofa taking the day off. The last thing you look poised to do is 100 burpees or squats. Hope you’re enjoying your conversation. What a great reason to pay a gym membership, so that you can annoy everyone around you with long phone chats with your girlfriend while you lay about in gym gear not working out.

guy at gym on phone

Decorating Fail

Gym decor is important. It’s a way in which gyms can differentiate between one another. It could be the cool mirrors, encouraging and motivational posters or even a cool water fountain that draws people’s attention. This gym drew plenty of attention, but by accident. We don’t know if the image has always been here, but these plug holes are placed rather unfortunately. 

Baby Weights

If you’ve never met a man who doesn’t show off how heavy his weights are- lucky you. This baby didn’t quite know what he was in for when he tried to copy his dad. Although this baby didn’t manage to lift the weight, even by a fraction (obviously)- it did make a very very cute picture.

Education Is Key

Education is important, especially to this gym who thought it would be a great idea to print out and display a poster to make their customers laugh- as well as reiterate the importance of upper body workouts. Biceps definitely are important and so is a sense of humor, this gym knows that.

Froggy Workout

A trip to the gym is usually a regular, routine activity for most people, nothing out of the regular. That’s why when people turned up to their local gym, they were shocked to find a 6 foot something frog using the leg press. What makes it even funnier is that the frog was working out in an almost-empty gym.

First timer?

For those of us who have never stepped foot in the gym the feeling of actually having no clue what is going on is all too familiar. It is easy to identify with those people at the gym just looking around and having no clue what the heck is happening, but this woman took it to the next level. We’re guessing that nobody had told this poor woman that she is using the machine wrong, no matter how long ago she joined the gym.

Picture perfect

If you’re the kind of person that is really into the gym (nope, not us), you’ll know that there are two types of people who go to the gym: those who go to work out, and those who go to show other people that they work out. If you’re not sure which one you are, you’re probably the latter – just like these perfectly pruned ladies. Yes, your hair looks fetch. Sure, your makeup is banging. Yuh-huh, your followers will tell you the same thing.

Three women with perfect hair and makeup take a selfie in the middle of the gym

I’m not lovin’ it

There’s nothing we’d love more than to be able to skip the gym, take a trip to the McDonald’s drive-thru and get a large sharing box of Chicken McNuggets which we will obviously eat by ourselves (duh! Yay nuggets!) However, we’re being increasingly warned about the effects of fast food on our bodies (apparently it’s bad for us? Weird), so even Ronald McDonald is having to work out every now and then. We can guarantee he’s not lovin’ it.

A man dressed as Ronald McDonald takes a trip to the gym and works out

Gym motivation

For some people, going to the gym is a real chore. There’s nothing worse than getting up early in the morning or staying up late at night to get sweaty and tired – after all, we could do the same thing while watching Stranger Things and turning up the thermostat. However, some people still make an effort, but need a little motivation. This guy has got it right. Every time he does one deadlift he gets rewarded with a bite of chocolate cake. GENIUS.

A man does a deadlift at the gym, and his friend holds a chocolate cake in front of him

Lost Your Sneakers?

When you start going to the gym, it can be expensive to have to buy all the gear, especially if you aren’t usually a sporty or outdoorsy type. Tracksuits, wristbands, and of course, the right pair of shoes. This woman seems totally insane, coming to the gym in high heeled stilettos. She can’t possibly be serious, standing over those huge weights wearing shoes which are most likely intended for cocktail parties and nights out clubbing. Her smile suggests she thinks she looks cute, but it just gave us a huge eye roll.

stilettos at the gym


We’re going to be honest here; we’re no experts when it comes to what all of the equipment does at the gym. We can just about use the treadmill, the cross trainer, and the exercise bike. Other than that, it all feels a bit like a minefield. And we never realized you could use more than one piece of equipment at a time like this guy is! We’re also totally digging that bright yellow ensemble he’s wearing. You can’t miss him!

A man in a bright yellow tracksuit is balancing on weights and an exercise ball

Clubbing or gymming?

Sometimes you have to make a tough decision as to whether you’re going to spend your Friday night drinking with the girls or hit the gym to get that perfect body. It seems as though this gym-goer may have had a last-minute change of heart after she got all dressed up to hit the clubs. We just hope those plastic looking stilettos can take all of that weight, otherwise, this is going to end up rather messy.

A woman in a pink outfit and plastic stilettos is in the gym lifting weights

Like father, like son

What do you do when it’s your day to look after the baby, but you seriously need to hit the gym? You don’t do what this guy has done and take the baby, that’s for sure! Okay, so he might be getting some extra benefits from having the baby’s weight to consider too, but what if you drop that bar?! The whole thing is just making us cringe thinking about it. Please don’t weight lift with your baby on your front!

A man is weightlifting while his baby is attached to his front in a baby carrier

Just chilling

We think this woman might be our spirit animal! For some people, going to the gym is all about pumping iron and getting fit. For others, it’s just a bit of a social gathering (we’re one of those ‘others’). This woman is just sitting, chilling on the treadmill while her friend is getting in some serious miles. At least she can say she turned up to the gym, which is more than what we do most days.

A woman is sitting on the arm of the treadmill, while her friend is exercising on another treadmill

No pain, no gain

This picture is exactly the reason why we don’t lift weights at the gym. Just look at this poor guy’s face! He’s clearly in a lot of pain. While his personal trainer is trying to help him push himself further, his friend isn’t being quite as supportive. We have no idea why his buddy thought it would be funny to pull that pose in the background, but it just rounds this utter gym fail off nicely.

A man is lifting weights and looks like he’s in serious pain, while his friend behind him pulls a silly pose

Free TV

As we’ve already said, there are plenty of different reasons why people visit the gym; to get fit, to chat with friends, and uh… to watch TV. Perhaps this gym-goer didn’t have a television at home and decided to head to the local gym to catch up on their soaps? Although we feel like for the cost of a gym membership you’d be better off saving up for your own TV. At least they look comfortable on that chair… Just don’t turn on the treadmill.

A person is sitting on a chair on a treadmill while watching television at the gym

Upside down

We’ve already confessed that we don’t know how all of the machines work at the gym, but we’ve seen other people use them so that counts, right? And we know that whatever this person is doing, it’s not the right way up. Just imagine the kind of pressure they’re putting on their neck! We really hope someone came to show them how to actually use the equipment. That’s what induction days are for, peeps, make use of them!

A gym-goer is upside down on a weight training machine, putting their neck under extreme strain

Doing some work

What do busy people do, when they can’t find the time to fit in work and hitting the gym? They bring their laptop to the gym, of course! This is the ultimate in multi-tasking; cycling away on an exercise bike to burn some calories, while you’re getting all of your work done. We’re not sure how we feel about taking a calorie-heavy Starbucks to the gym with you though. Won’t that undo all of your hard work?!

A man is sitting on an exercise bike in the gym, using his laptop and drinking a Starbucks

Seriously personal training

We love the thought of having our very own personal trainer, to push us harder when all we want to do is give up. However, we also know they can be mean and shout, and we don’t want to be crying in the corner from shame. It seems this guy has found the personal trainer of his dreams, who is willing to get even more up close and personal than most PTs. We can’t see her shouting at us or making us cry.

A man is lifting weights while a personal trainer sits on top of him for encouragement

Fantastic Four-head

If you’ve ever seen Fantastic Four, then you know exactly what we’re getting at here. If not, then we suggest you Google ‘The Thing’ from Fantastic Four right now. Got it? Okay, good. This gym-goer pumps iron so hard that he actually looks like he’s going to burst out of his own skin. The guy behind him doesn’t know whether to look disgusted or totally envious, so he’s gone for a mixture of both. We feel the same, bro.

A man is lifting weights in the gym, and he looks like The Thing from Fantastic Fourn