Cringeworthy Photoshop Fails


Door Bender

Ah, the warp. It’s the rookie mistake to look out for, and it’s clear in the bottom left of this photo. While sometimes we forgive kids for trying to use photoshop to enhance their muscles, this guy must be at least in his mid twenties! He has tried to make his body look leaner and his muscles larger, but from the way the door bends, we can see the image has been severely altered. What a fail!

Bending doors


This kid looks to be about 12 or 13, and he clearly wants everyone he knows to think he has some serious muscles, the kind which take a grown man 3 or 4 hours in the gym every day to achieve. Maybe he cut these muscles off a gladiator, or just a photo of a gym bod on Google, but he has done a seriously bad job of photoshopping them onto his own body. And he worked so hard on his ‘mean muscle’ face, too.

abs worst photoshop fail

Ten Pack

Ooh, look at this awesome dude, just chilling in the sunshine, baseball cap and shades, showing off his six pack… or is it his? While at a glance he may have got away with it, clearly working hard to match skin tone, it goes up far too high on his body for it to belong to him, and it seems to have a few too many abs in there too. The well placed scarf is supposed to hide the way his stomach muscles keep moving up his chest, but we can’t be fooled.

Ten pack photoshop fail


Sometimes, photoshop can help you create a scene which looks really cool. We’ve seen it before at weddings, where the guests look like they are running from a dinosaur, or on holiday, where your family pic seems like it was taken underwater. This woman asked a photoshop genius to make it look like she was running away from a train. Shame she didn’t specify what kind of train she wanted added in, and the results are simply troll-tastic!

Train photoshop funny troll

Scribble Skills

This is an amazing try, and at a quick glance, you can’t tell that anything is wrong with this typical bathroom mirror selfie. But take a closer look at the bottom of the woman’s shirt, and you can see she has used paint, or another image software to simply scribble in the right color to disguise some of her body and make her outline look slimmer. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, and it makes the whole photo look ridiculous!

scribble me thinner photoshop


This guy has worked hard to take a photo of himself perfectly curling his arm around the airspace that is supposed to contain his beautiful girlfriend. Of course, we’re not actually convinced for a number of reasons. Unless his knees are able to emit some sort of green aura around them, we’re pretty positive that he cut himself around his leg to make room for his imaginary internet girlfriend. The whole thing is very sad, but at least she looks happy about it.

Glowing Eyes

All the girls on Instagram and Facebook are hashtagging away with #nofilter and #nomakeup, but this is rarely true. In this photo, the girl says that she hasn’t touched up her eyes, but we doubt that they naturally glow like halogen bulbs, and you can see that the photo has been edited to within an inch of its life. While the whole background has a faded hue, the eyes are enhanced, adding make up filters and lighting.

Glowing eyes

Wiggly Muscles

We do not know what this guy was thinking, photoshopping himself in ridiculous looking fake muscles, which make his arms look more like rocky mountain terrain than anything muscular! It looks like he has drawn camel humps on his arms and filled them in, and like he’s never seen real muscles before! The look on his face tops off the whole image, and makes us wonder where he shared this, and what response he got!

Wiggly muscles

What a Boob

We can’t imagine what got into this girl when she started photoshopping herself for social media. She has only enhanced one side of her breasts! That means she ends up looking severely lopsided, as opposed to the full chested image she was hoping for. Maybe she’s trying to show us what you can do with photoshop, or maybe she actually likes the one-sided look! She certainly looks pleased with herself either way.

boob photoshop epic fail

Do you like my muscles?

If you’re into your bodybuilding, or just like to keep yourself in shape, you’ll know the importance of working the whole of your body. However, it seems this guy didn’t get the memo about legs or abs day and decided to go straight to the arms…over and over and over again. Those guns are huuuuge! Either that or this is some wicked photoshop. We’re more inclined to say that it’s a bad photoshop fail. Not good.

A man has photoshopped his arm muscles so that they are bigger than his head

Pass the Check

Guys, guys! I’ve won the lottery! This dude made a real effort to show that he has a giant check for five hundred thousand dollars. There he stands by his car, holding it out for the world to see. Unfortunately, he forgot about nature. What happened to his shadow, which is just of him standing with his arms outstretched holding nothing? And the same goes for the reflection in his car. Busted, man. Looks like drinks are on someone else.

fake check photoshop lottery win

Sun Rise

We’ve all tried to do this cool photos where the angle makes it look like you’re holding something or touching something that you aren’t. But this guy checked his photos and realized he had missed, by about a mile! Never fear, his trusty photoshop tools were at the ready, and he simply cut out the sun and put it in the ‘right’ place. If only he had thought to fill in the sky to help us believe the picture, eh? D’oh.

moving the sun

Hot Rod

A cool bike needs a hot woman to complete the picture, but unfortunately this guy didn’t have one. Never mind, there are plenty on the internet! He just took any nameless woman who was in the right position and copy and pasted her onto his own photo with his bike. No consideration for lighting, positioning, or even believability, it’s not hard to see that this photo is a total fake. We kind of feel bad for the guy, who didn’t even bother to turn the lights on.

girl photoshopped on bike

Tummy Tuck

The pressure on women nowadays to have flat stomachs and teeny waists is unreal. It leads to teenagers and young women doing some crazy things to live up to the expectations. Here’s one example, where a woman decided to share a photo of herself, but felt the need to photoshop her stomach smaller before she did. Unfortunately, you can see that the doorframe is totally warped, exposing her lie.

tummy tuck photoshop

Me and my Girl

This one makes me laugh every time I see it. I wish we could see that the guy on the right’s original photo looked like! He had someone with his arm around his shoulder, maybe a male friend, or a girlfriend who isn’t quite as hot as the woman on the right, so he decided to fix the problem! Just find a photo of a woman, and paste her on top. Never mind that the background, clothes, and entire scene are different. You can’t tell a thing.

just me and my girl

Sick wheels, yo

Many of us take to social media to show off our new purchases. It might be your new iPhone, a brand new outfit, a new house, or even a new car. Yep, there’s nothing better than uploading a picture of your new wheels and showing off to your friends and family. Although we bet this guy thought he had fooled his followers with his epic photoshop skills, it seems he didn’t win the photoshop race. At least the car is nice.

A man has photoshopped his body next to a brand new car

Gone Fishin’

When you go on vacation with your family, you want to show your friends back home that you’re having a bangin’ time. You want them to know you’re out partying every night, making out with beautiful and exotic women, and chilling out on the beach. In reality, you’re playing Scrabble with your mom and fishing with your dad. So, this guy needed to prove himself and decided that the best way to do that was to ride a dolphin. Of course.

Fitness fail

If you go to the gym, you’ll know that it’s extremely competitive. All of the big and burly men who work out in the weights section all want to prove that they are the biggest, and they are the baddest. Naturally, they then have to show this on social media – because if you didn’t post about it, did you really go to the gym? This guy wanted to impress his followers, so photoshopped a few extra weights on his bar. Shame the mirror caught him out.

A man has photoshopped extra weights on his gym bar, but they don’t show up in the mirror

A bouquet of…heads?

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and having professional photos of your big day is the perfect way to celebrate your love and remember your wedding for the rest of your life. Of course, there are some couple who like to make their wedding photographs a little wacky, but we’re not sure what these two are going for. Is that a bouquet of heads? Are they lifting each other out of the dirt? We’re confused.

A husband and wife pose in a bed of flowers, with photoshopped heads poking out

Pigs with fins

If you trawl the internet for long enough, you’ll find some pretty weird photographs – just like this one. We have to give whoever made this photograph credit because this is actually a pretty decent attempt at photoshop. However, it is super creepy, and not something we wish to remember in our lives. Since its creation, this photo has made the rounds on social media, with many people believing it to be real. Bacon fish finger sandwich, anyone?

Someone has photoshopped a pig's head onto the body of a fish

A trip to the beach

We all love a trip to the beach, and there’s nothing better than showing off your vacation photos on social media. However, there are some people who are a little conscious of their bodies and want to cover up their lumps and bumps on the beach. This guy decided to do just that with a little bit of photoshop. From afar, this could be the real deal, until you look at his face and realize it is ALL WRONG.

A man has photoshopped his face onto a photo of a hunk on the beach

Part of the 300

We all have our favorite movies, and most of us wish we could suddenly transport ourselves into the wizarding world of Harry Potter, or down the rabbit hole, or even Back to the Future. However, this guy had bigger dreams. He wanted to be part of the popular movie, 300. He wanted to fight alongside Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro with their capes and swords and did exactly that. A fine photoshop fail, if we do say so ourselves.

A man has photoshopped himself into the cast of the popular movie, 300

Hard at work

If you’re struggling to get the girl you like to notice you, we have a few tips for you. Firstly, actually attempt to speak to her, rather than simply stalk her on Facebook. Secondly, shower her with compliments. Thirdly, ask her on a date. We can say for sure that photoshopping your profile picture will not do the trick – especially if it’s anything like this photoshop fail. That arm looks so fake; it kinda makes our eyes hurt.

A young man has photoshopped his arm to make it look big and muscular

Where are her legs?

Many magazines and advertising campaigns use beautiful photographs of women posing for their front covers. However, these are often photoshopped to remove supposed imperfections and make it look as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, someone didn’t check this photo before going to print, as this woman’s head seems to be way to large and inflated for the rest of her tiny body. It’s almost surreal to look at it.

Devil baby

It’s no secret that big brands often use photoshop and editing to enhance their photographs. After all, they want their products to fly off the shelves – and who would want to buy something that looks rubbish? However, it seems this brand didn’t quite get that memo and thought that the idea was to make their models as creepy as possible. Yep, this devil baby will be giving us nightmares for weeks, and we can safely say we WON’T be buying Pampers.

A Pampers baby has been photoshopped to have devil eyes and a photoshopped mouth

XOXO, Photoshop Girl

Don’t get us wrong, we love Gossip Girl as much as the next guy, and it’s fair to say we have a major crush on Blair Waldorf. However, it seems this guy is the ultimate fan. With his totally normal arm around the socialite, this dude is also rockin’ the dollar-sign necklace, some sick shades, a nice diamond earring and wads of cash he’s not scared to leave outside. Will we ever be as cool as him?

A young boy has badly photoshopped himself next to Blair Waldorf

Hey, catch!

There’s nothing we love more than playing a game of catch, and normally we’d do so with a basketball, a soccer ball, or even a football ball. However, we’ve never heard of playing catch with a human head – y’know, because that seems kinda weird. Nevertheless, this is perfectly normal for this couple, and this guys’ girlfriend seems perfectly happy to throw her boyfriend’s head across the field. Nope, we don’t know what the heck is going on, do you?

A woman throws a human head, while the man next to her has a ball as a head

Nice extensions

Many women would happily spend thousands of dollars changing their hair and making it perfect. They might want to straighten out their curly locks, they might want to chop it all off, they might want to change the color of it, and they might even want to get extensions. From first glance, this woman seems perfectly happy with her blonde and black hair – but if you look closely, you can see from the reflection that she has photoshopped in some black extensions to her short blonde hair. Nice.

A woman has photoshopped black extensions onto her short blonde hair

Me and Selena

When it comes down to it, we all have our celebrity crushes. Whether you want to have dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio, dance the night away with Justin Timberlake, go shopping with Mariah Carey or go to the movies with Kate Upton, we all have someone who is first on our list. Of course, most of us know we’d never be able to do that, but this guy has hope – and we like that. Although the photoshop fail is pretty obvious, we admire his courage.

A man has photoshopped himself with his arm around Selena Gomez

Wrong color, dude

There are some people that put real time and effort into their photoshop efforts. They make sure their body matches the alterations, they make sure nothing looks out of place, and they ensure everything works. We can see this guy has done just that, as the abs lie nicely underneath his shirt, but it seems he missed one crucial detail…you’re the wrong color, dude. Either this is a dodgy spray tan, or a dodgy photoshop fail.

A man has photoshopped some tanned abs onto his pale body

Wonky arm

If you’ve ever used photoshop before, you’ll know how easy it is to make mistakes. Most of the time, you’re so focused on enhancing one part of your body that you don’t realize how it’s affecting other body parts. It seems this woman was so intent on enhancing her assets that she didn’t realize she was actually erasing part of her arm bone. Yep, that is one wonky arm that doesn’t look too comfortable, but at least she tried.

A woman has tried to enhance her backside on photoshop but erased part of her arm

A tiny waist

Well this one is just ridiculous, we didn’t even need the big red circle to point out what’s wrong with this picture. This women pushed her waste in so much that it took the walls with it. She basically looks like she is perpetually standing in a funhouse mirror, or that she is under water. I’m not sure who she’s trying to convince here, but we’re pretty positive it’s not going to work, she’s just so…swirly.

Salad fingers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably seen the extremely creepy video going around social media and YouTube of ‘Salad Fingers.’ With their long and creepy fingers, these alien-like creatures are nothing compared to this woman and her badly photoshopped hand. For starters, why does she have five fingers?! Where is her thumb? Why are her fingers all different sizes and SO DARN THIN? Good thing she’s not a hand model, ey?

A catalog model’s hand has been photoshopped, and they are now thin and spindly

Couple selfie

There’s nothing better than taking photos with the one you love, and being able to look back on them in years to come, and reminisce about the old days. However, we can’t imagine this couple will be too thrilled to look back on this epic photoshop fail. With their couples tummy tuck, muscle strengthening, and enhanced assets, these two have definitely had a bit of work done – and it’s not the best outcome. We kinda hope they did this themselves. Otherwise, they need a refund.

A couple have taken a selfie with an incredibly warped background

Where is the…?

There’s nothing cuter than getting a new calendar for Christmas. You can plan your year, you have no more excuses to miss birthdays or special occasions, and you can fill your house with adorable pictures of animals. However, it seems even animals aren’t exempt from the photoshop fails list. At a glance, this looks like your average pug. With its curly tail, it’s scrumptious face and it’s little legs, it looks pretty normal. Well, take a closer look at its backside. Anything missing?

A picture of a dog is on a calendar, but its butt has been removed

Floating hotdog

Now, we love hot dogs as much as the next guy, and it’s fair to say that we’ve tried our fair share of hot dogs over the past few years. Nevertheless, we haven’t had one quite like this one. For starts, this almighty dog seems to be floating atop this models hands…, and that’s before we’ve even got onto how BLOOMIN’ MASSIVE it is. I mean, it’s bigger than her forearm. Is that true to size? If so, we need to know where this place is.

A woman holds a hotdog for a hotdog advertisement, but the hot dog is floating and huge

Group photo

If you work in an office, you’ll know there’s nothing your boss loves more than to show a united front. This means you have to have weekly meetings, all-staff emails, and a whole load of tosh you wish you didn’t have to experience. However, there’s nothing worse than the office photo. In fact, many of these workers tried to get out of the group photo, but the ol’ boss man decided to photoshop them in instead. Can you spot which ones?

A group of office workers stand for a group photo, but many have been photoshopped in


So there are a few problems with this picture that this guy obviously overlooked. For one thing, he quite literally looks like he is floating in midair. His feet and crossed in a way that would be impossible to be on solid ground. Plus, he has no show, so that’s also a dead giveaway. Another problem is that he is supposed to be leaning on “his” car, but he is very obviously not even touching the car. So unless this man can balance in a leaning position while floating, we’re pretty skeptical.

Huge Hand

This is obviously a professional photoshoot being done, possibly to promote this music artist or maybe just her studio. She is a very pretty girl who has a lovely, photogenic smile, and generally looks fantastic in this picture. Even the background (her music studio) came out looking really good in the photo. The problem here? One of her hands seems to belong to someone four times her size, and it’s just hanging there awkwardly.

Enrique Vacay

What young girl wouldn’t want to spend her vacation in a beautiful tropical island with none other than Enrique Iglesias? But this girl took it to the next level and actually did it! But wait…something doesn’t add up. Maybe it’s the fact that Enrique is in a higher quality than the girl and the background, or maybe it’s the fact that you can actually see where he’s been cut out of another image and not so strategically placed awkwardly into this one. 

Ghost Hand

We all know that Rihanna is simply magical, especially when she’s on stage performing. But what we did not know is that she’s magical enough to grow extra limbs out of her body. We’re not sure what they photoshop artists were trying to fix here, but we can assure them that they just made the whole thing a lot creepier. She’s not even wearing silver gloves, so whose hand is that?? I guess we’ll never know.

Bagless Handle

This Victoria’s Secret model is beautifully showing off this classy yet casual grey dress. She’s even accessorized perfectly with a brown bracelet and a brown bag to match. But there’s a big problem: the bag seems to have disappeared into thin air, leaving her clutching the handle only. We don’t know what Victoria’s Secret is playing at, but we’re pretty sure that this bag is 100% useless. At least there’s a handle.

Belly Buttons

Well this one is nothing short of alarming. Of course, everyone has a belly button, some are innies, some are outties, and some are in betweenies. But this poor underwear model seems to have two bellybuttons on her stomach. This bring up so many questions for us. Was she born this way? Did he mother share two umbilical cords with her? If she was going to get a bellybutton piercing, which one would she choose?

Kiss Me Quick

This woman wanted a photo with the boyfriend she had told everyone about, but of course, he wasn’t real. What could she do?! She had an amazing idea, photoshopping her image on top of another woman! If only she had made sure that she was actually covering all of the other woman in question, and we couldn’t see her hair poking out! Stealing someone else’s romantic moment for yourself? Not cool.
fake boyfriend photoshop kiss

Chicken Ride

This guy was traveling and having fun when he realized he wanted to ride a chicken. Obviously, this is impossible, but it would make for a great photo. Instead, this guy used his fine photo-shopping skills to place himself onto a walking chicken. This is definitely a picture worth showing to his friends and family after his trip- we wonder if they doubted him.

Halfway In

This young man has taken a picture to show off his gorgeous new car. It’s beautiful, sleek, and luxurious, so it’s really no wonder he wants to show it off to the world. Although it’s a bit strange how he decided to enter the car. Although at first it looks like he might be climbing in through the window (which would be an odd choice of entry in itself) if you take a closer look, he seems to be halfway through teleporting through the actual closed car door.

I Deserve It

Now, we’re not at all sure of what this advertisement is supposed to be about, as it’s all written in Chinese. But what are sure of is that there is a major photoshop fail that this advertiser overlooked somehow. The girl in the ad is holding up a sign that says “I deserve it!” and she’s holding the image right up close to the camera, for the best view of it. Of course, the items closest to the camera are going to look the biggest, but it seems that the hand holding the paper is  way too big to be proportionate to this small girl.

Too Ripped

This attractive Venezuelan man is definite very photogenic. With his striking looks and his perfectly ripped torso, he makes for some pretty tasty eye candy. Unfortunately for us dreamers out there, his beautiful washboard abs have been messed with on photoshop. Not that they did a bad job on the abs themselves, but they seem to have given him an extra belly button in the process. We guess two bellybuttons are better than none.

Oh Jessica

Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, but mistakes can apparently happen to everyone. Here, Jessica is advertising the drink Campari, whilst casually lying on the beach. Little did she know that the end result would be something to laugh about. As her hand is wrapped around her drink, it seems her thumb has been edited out!

Waist Training Gone Wrong

Lindsay Lohan is known all over the world for the iconic roles she has played in the biggest Hollywood movies. Nowadays, the acting has slowed down and her Instagram feed is busier, constantly posting pictures. This shameless selfie that Lindsay herself uploaded shows us clearly that she has used photo-shop to make her waist look even smaller than it actually is.

Are you over 50?

Although we’re not over 50-years-old just yet, we love the sound of this Fifty Plus Rewards scheme. However, there is something about this advertisement that seems a little odd. If you look closely at the man and woman in the left-hand corner, you might notice something a little strange. Is that the same man wearing a wig and grandma clothes? Or are they just super identical twins? We’re not sure, but it’s freaking us out.

An advertisement has used the same man and photoshopped him to become a woman