Diet Trends For 2018

Everyone wants to live well and have special diets to have a healthy living and keep the body fit. When one talks about dieting it means they are watching out on what they are eating on a daily basis. A good diet must contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids found in fat containing food. Other essential foods include; carbohydrates to give the body enough energy. The foods that you eats determines your health, quality of life and longevity.

Mostly, every year people tend to come up with different diet plans to maintain healthy bodies. This can help in weight loss or maintaining the right body shape and also avoiding obesity which is a health risk. Here are diet trends people are following in 2018;

  • Eating raw foods. People believe that cooking food kills the most essential nutrients and enzymes that are found in the food where the enzymes are needed to prevent diseases and ease digestion. Examples of raw foods include; grains, legumes, veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits which really have a delicious taste when eaten raw.
  • Fermented foods. People are enjoying fermented foods more than they used to for a healthy gut. This kind of food gives one a lot of energy to continue with the day and also improve the digestive system.

  • Foods that have low gluten like Fodmap. The gut health plays essential role in maintaining a strong immune system, mental health and maintaining proper weight. With fodmap you will not experience cramps flatulence and bloating of the stomach. Fodmap is very beneficial to people who experience irritable bowel syndrome after eating normal foods.
  • Consuming super powders. Super powders like matcha and turmeric are said to boost ones beauty deep from their skin. Matcha that is from Macca which is a root also energizes the body, fights osteoarthritis symptoms, improve the digestive system, maintaining the blood pressure and many more. There are smoothies that are added Macca that one can look out for.
  • Foods that works in promoting gut health. Researchers are working to see why many people are suffering from guts problem, caused by the gut bacteria. Having a healthy gut means a lot where your mood, digestion, energy and the immune system get boosted.
  • Ketogenic diet. This is food that contain low carbohydrates where they only add 5% of calories to the body. This foodkeep the body in the state of ketosis where the body’s breakdown of fats stores is increased due to lack of glucose found in carbohydrates. These foods include meat poultry, fish and eggs.

  • Dukandiet is also popular because it contains low carbs, they fasten weight loss without adding carbohydrates to the body. They can be eaten when one want to lose weight or want to maintain their weight.
  • Alkaline food diet. This diet is said to impact your internal PH level where you can replace acidic foods with the alkaline ones which improves your health and prevent diseases like cancer. These foods are vegetables, beans, nuts fruits and seeds. Foods that promote acidity include grains, alcohol, poultry, daily and eggs.
  • Whole 30. You can decide to eat unprocessed foods and do away with sugars, alcohol, artificial sweeteners grains and most legumes for a whole month. By eating clean foods for 30 days one can identify the foods that have been affecting them and be able to make the right choice. These foods include; veggies, nuts, fruits, seeds and many more.

With health issues that are brought about by foods we consume people are looking for the right diets to keep their immune system stronger thus having a healthy body.