Cycling as a sport


Cycling is one the healthiest activities you can do. It is also still one of the most popular past times around. With millions of people taking to their bikes everyday. From cycling to work, to trips out on the weekend or family bike rides in the country. But what if you want more from cycling? What are your options and how should you go about improving? In this article I will be taking you through a few ideas on how to take your cycling to the next level.


The first thing you should do is know what kind of cycling you want to improve on or learn. When it comes to cycling as a sport, there are many different kinds you can do. From track cycling, to mountain biking or even BMX. Cycling is as varied as the terrain you can explore, so when purchasing a new bicycle, decide what type you might be interested in taking further.

One aspect of all cycling that is necessary is endurance. Finding ways to increase your stamina will massively help in your cycling. If you are a regular gym goer, make sure to include long sessions on the exercise bikes, as this will help to increase your endurance for when you are out on your real bike. Cycling also can increase muscle, especially around the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves; working on these at the gym will also help you improve.


There is no real secret to improvement other than practise. So whatever type of cycling you wish to get better at, the first step is to find places where you can cycle. For off-road cycling, research local tracks that will give you a starting point to practise your technique. As you improve, you can move onto rougher terrain and steeper gradients. This also goes for road cycling. Roads can be dangerous as you have the constant possibility of traffic, so when starting out look for roads that are not used as often or even cycle paths that connect different towns. You will be increasing your endurance while also staying safe. As you improve in confidence, your journeys can be longer and your confidence will grow.

Life can often get in the way of our passions, so if you are serious about cycling, you should begin to plan your training like any other sport. Dedicating enough hours every week, so you will grow strong and more confident in your abilities.

Taking your cycling to the next level is also an investment in money, as well as time. Purchasing a better bicycle and buying the correct clothing and safety gear should all go into your thinking. There is no need to spend a fortune immediately though. Allow your equipment to grow as you do with the sport. The deeper you go, the more you’ll realise what works for you. Whatever style of cycling you prefer, the key is to practise, to concentrate and most of all, enjoy every second of it.