Crazy Wedding Photos You Have to See to Believe


Cake Topple

When you’re getting married, everything has to be totally perfect. And these guys probably spent an afternoon or longer choosing the right cake for them. How many tiers should it have, what kind of icing, what sort of sponge and filling, and what decorations should go on top. And yet, when they got to the special moment of cutting the cake itself, they should have been that bit more careful! Hope there was a back-up dessert on hand in the kitchen!

wedding cake fail

A Tiring Day

Weddings can be exhausting. Getting dressed up, dancing the night away, especially with work the next day, plenty of guests worry about not getting enough sleep. But this is probably the most tired groom we’ve ever seen! It’s lovely that he feels so comfortable with his new bride, but we wonder whether she enjoys being used as a pillow! Maybe the speeches got a bit long and boring for him, or maybe he couldn’t sleep last night for nerves!

A tiring day

Riverside Fail

We all want our wedding photos to stand out from the crowd, trying out poses in weird and wonderful places. Maybe let’s stand in height order, or perhaps we can make a human pyramid! This couple wanted a shot with the beautiful river all around them, so assembled the wedding party onto the dock. Little did they know that it couldn’t stand all of their weight at one time, and the next thing they knew, they were going for a swim in their wedding clothes.

Riverside Photo


Doves are often released at weddings, a symbol of purity and love. Some people have them ready to be released as the ceremony is complete, when the words ‘you may kiss the bride’ are uttered. Other people have them flying above when the happy couple leave their own wedding, for their honeymoon or home. This couple decided to release the doves from their own hands, and from the look on that guy’s face, they had unintended results!
wedding doves

Loner in Love

Weddings are a fantastic place to be loved up, and the rumor has it that they are also a great place to meet someone if you’re single! I hope that’s true for this guy, who has been encouraged into the meanest family photo ever! The other six people in the pic are happily smooching, and he’s alone at the end, with no one to love! Here’s hoping that he found someone to cuddle up with at the ceremony, and lived happily ever after.

loner wedding

Fishing for Compliments

Anyone can have a photo shoot which just shows the bride and groom happily smiling next to one another. That’s so last season. All the cool kids are making the most of technology and creating amazing and exciting ways to say I love you. This one might be slightly on the strange side though, as the bride is using a fishing rod to show that she chooses the man of her dreams. She certainly has got her hook into him!

fishing wedding photo

Mother in Law

This guy isn’t making any secret of how he feels about his mother in law to be. While she talks to the bride, he looks on with a seriously evil glare! It looks like the rocky relationship wasn’t enough to stop them making it down the aisle, but family is important, so we hope that these two made it through their problems and are now the best of friends! If nothing else, it will make the holiday season a lot easier!

mother in law wedding

Wandering Hands

Ooer, this couple looks like they’re in trouble, even before the wedding day is over! The look on the brides face as her new other half grabs another womans butt is truly hilarious, and we hope that this is all staged for the camera! If not, they are probably having the rockiest start to a marriage that we can think of! We’d love to see footage of what happens next for these two, and if the groom made it down the aisle!

wandering hands at wedding


Planking is a hot exercise trend, allowing you to keep fit anywhere, simply by adopting this pose. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a lot harder than it looks! But your friends probably won’t be too happy if you decide to plank at their wedding, and especially not directly where their photos are being taken! You have to agree they are ruining the shot, and it looks like both the bride and groom are none the wiser!

planking at wedding

Bouquet Block

Catching the bouquet is a tradition at any wedding, and the superstition is, that if you can catch the bouquet, you’ll be getting married next. As the women gather round, eager to be the one to grab the flowers and dream for their own wedding day, this guy did not want his lovely lady to be the winner. Throwing himself in the way of the bouquet, he blocked her with his body, so worried that he might be encouraged next down the aisle!
bridesmaid block

Keep off the Grass

It’s nice to find a lovely view for your wedding photos, and a grassy field can be a great contrast to the white wedding dress and the black wedding suit. But maybe whoever’s in charge should be checking that the field is empty, especially of angry animals! This bull looks seriously miffed that his space has been invaded, and the bride and groom look sort of terrified! At least they aren’t wearing red, eh?

angry bull wedding

Is That Clear Enough?

Marriage proposals come in all shapes and sizes, and while some people want all the stops pulled out, some people are happy to just be asked. Writing on a wall might be romantic, right? If it’s a special place for the both of you, or if you’re nostalgic for a Pacey and Joey kind of feel from Dawson’s Creek? But it looks like the object of this guys affection wanted to make her point crystal clear, and turned him down without any gentle touch.

clear answer proposal

Hi Dad

This Facebook post has to show the weirdest family dynamic ever. Break ups are the worst, and you likely never want to see your ex boyfriend ever again. The most terrifying news of all time, must be that your mom is not just dating your ex boyfriend, but marrying him! In this post, this woman laments the fearsome truth, that her ex boyfriend is now…. Her step dad. That’s got to make for some really awkward family dinners.
ex becomes stepdad

Nude Bridesmaids?

It might look like a photo of a nude wedding, but actually, the bridesmaids here are just wearing strapless dresses! They probably never thought that this shot would be taken when they were trying on their dresses, which really could be anything! We don’t know the color, the shape, the style or anything, and it really does look like a bunch of naked women sitting watching a wedding. What a photography fail!

Nude wedding party

Bride cake

Cakes are usually pretty traditional at weddings, with two or three tiers, white icing, and delicious sponge cake inside. This couple decided to go for something a little bit different, and got a life size replica of the bride herself built out of cake. It looks either scary or cool, depending on what kind of thing you like, but it certainly must have felt weird cutting into the bride to give everyone a slice!

Bride cake wedding

Beer and Gowns

Many shops are branching out nowadays, giving you the opportunity to buy more than you went out the house for, while you’re stocking up on whatever you need. You can go to Target for groceries, and leave with clothes and shampoo as well. Smart. But when you head out for gas, and want to grab a cold six pack of beer, do you really want a wedding gown too? This doesn’t seem like smart business to us, but hey, who knows?

Beer and gowns

Milkmaids vs Bridesmaids

A lot of brides get worries that their bridesmaids are going to upstage them on their big day by looking more beautiful than they do. That’s where the idea of giving your bridesmaids big or ugly dresses to wear which dwarf their shape, ensuring that all eyes are on the bride. But this bride took it a step further, turning her bridesmaids into literal cows! Looks more like milkmaids than bridesmaids, and they don’t look happy!

Cow Bridesmaids

Merry Me

Imagine coming home to a romantic proposal, spelled out in rose petals on your bed, the person of your dreams asking you to spend the rest of your lives together. Now imagine they spelled it wrongly. Yikes. For some people, that would be a serious deal-breaker, while for others, it might just be a funny story, or something they don’t even notice! You never know, this might be a Christmas proposal, complete with a pun.

merry me proposal

Someone’s Getting Fired

This cake is probably the most hilarious mistake we’ve ever seen! You can just imagine the person over the phone calling to get their cake made, and asking for the words, describing how they want them displayed on the cake. Not only did they write the words Underneath That, they also wrote In Green! And then of course, didn’t manage to use the colors or the wording that the couple wanted for their special day.

cake fail wedding

Scary Cake

Wedding cakes can be all different shapes and sizes, but this one is beyond normal! The bride and groom had a themed wedding with fear being the name of the game. They chose a wedding cake with gruesome eyes and fake blood all over it, and the words “Till Death Do Us Part.” Here’s another case of how great it is that two people found each other who clearly are made for one another! That cake would make most guests do a double take though.

scary wedding cake


Engagement announcements are often done using WhatsApp or SMS messaging nowadays, when there are so many people to tell. But this person gave a much too quick reaction to what she thought was her friend telling her the relationship was over. Launching into a speech about what she really thought of her friends’ boyfriend, she didn’t realise that autocorrect had changed ‘engaged’ to ‘ended’ and we think that this friendship is well and truly ended as a result.

awkward engagement announcement

Flower Girl

This poor little girl is mid tumble when this photo was taken, and we hope she was ok! It’s the worst thing when people get hurt at a wedding, and we’re sure that the bride and groom don’t mind that she interrupted a special moment, and are just concerned that she’s alright! Maybe they managed to catch her before she fell properly, and the wedding continued as usual. It’s certainly a well-timed photo to show her when she’s a bit bigger!

flower girl falls at wedding


Lifting the groom in the air can be a ritual that happens at a lot of weddings, but it looks like these friends took it a bit too far. The moment that his head hit the ceiling, and actually broke through the plaster must have been a sickening moment for every guest there, as well as the family and new bride of this guy! Once he was down and safe, we bet the thoughts turned to money, as this must have lost them their security deposit!


Pregnant Photo

This might be the weirdest wedding photo of them all. Is this some kind of strange photoshopped joke? Obviously the guy isn’t really pregnant, but the pair don’t seem to be laughing either, like they’ve created something they find hysterical and want to share as part of their special day. Well, we suppose it’s pretty cool that they have found an other half who has the same sense of humor anyway. But we don’t get it.

pregnant guy wedding

Watch your Step

Walking down the aisle is arguably one of the most important moments of your life, and you want it to be perfect. Most people pray that they won’t trip up on their heels, or find themselves needing to sneeze! But this woman managed to get down the aisle flawlessly, until her father stepped on her dress, ruining the moment! This photo got the exact moment that she started flailing, we hope she managed to right herself without embarrassment!

stepping on wedding dress


We can’t imagine what these two have dreamed up amongst themselves, to symbolise their special relationship. These are the photos which are going to go in your own unique album, or perhaps on your walls, and given out to family and shown to your kids one day. So when these two turned to each other and said “hey, let’s throw dead chickens up in the air” and take a photo of it…. It seems very weird that the answer was yes!


Dinosaur Attack

This awesome wedding photo was created by superstar photographer Quinn Miller, who told the guests to pretend to be running away from a dinosaur, and then photoshopped the extinct animals in afterwards. What a cool and unique wedding photo, and a really different way to get a photo of your wedding party having a laugh and showing their personalities. Quinn Miller and the bride and groom went viral from the photo, and we can see why!

dinosaur wedding photo

Supermarket Wedding

On location wedding shoots are all the rage, from beach scenes, to mountain tops, on boats or outside gorgeous castles. But a supermarket? That’s kind a new one for us. Here the bride and groom are, happily playing in the aisles with the help of a supermarket trolley, and a French baguette! We’re glad they both think this is hilarious, it makes it seem like they have a lot in common and a happy future ahead!

Supermarket wedding


These two are weirdly wearing surgical masks while they pose for their wedding shoot. Maybe they are both doctors, or work at the hospital, and it’s a kind of theme, or maybe one of them woke up ill on their wedding day, and they are making the most of a difficult situation to remember it with humor! We don’t know, but it makes for a unique set of wedding photos, that’s for sure! I wonder what the photographer thought?
surgical masks wedding

Best Man Boxers

Treats for the bridesmaids and the best men are usual, sometimes ties or cufflinks for the guys, or necklaces for the women. In this case, the groom ordered themed underwear for the men who were part of his wedding part, including best man boxers, one for himself which said groom, and two for his ushers! We’re surprised he didn’t make the bride wear a pair, or get his family involved too. What a fun and quirky kind of photo!

best man wedding underpants

Free Will

Sometimes the cliché is that the man does not want to get married, and it’s the bride who is dragging him down the aisle. This photo makes that a literal reality, as the bride is dragging an unwilling groom into his own wedding, while he kicks and clings to anything he can grab! We hope this is just a funny set up for a photo, and not indicative of any real cold feet on the part of the groom! It’s certainly a great pic.

dragging groom to wedding

Mother Issues

Lovely to see the bride and the groom in their taxi, probably leaving their wedding and heading off home, or on honeymoon. They are toasting each other with champagne, and having a private moment. Well, it would be private, if it wasn’t for someone staring in the window! This looks like it’s probably the new mother in law, and she’s already sticking her nose in further than they might want her to! Not a good sign!

Mother issues wedding

Toilet Break

These two are clearly meant for one another, as I can’t imagine finding another person who wants this as part of their wedding album! The portable toilet is themed, with a love heart cut out of the top, and the bride stands outside while she waits for her new husband to finish his business! What a weird and wacky photo to choose, we wonder what their parents and friends thought of this, and whether they’ve hung it in the bathroom at home!

toilet break

Mom, no!

Sometimes as kids, you get to see your own parents get married, and it can be really beautiful for everyone. Having your little girls and boys as page boys and flower girls can add something so special to the day, as you show your children how much you love one another and want to declare that to the world. But this photo shows that you should keep the public displays of affection to a minimum! These kids are obviously mortified.

kids wedding

Flat Tire

Having a flat can be a drag at the best of times, but on your wedding day? When you’re en route to the airport for your honeymoon, or heading home to celebrate the special day? Disaster! Why not turn it into a cool wedding photo though, especially when it’s the bride who knows her way around a tool box, and the groom who can do nothing but sit on the kerbside and wait for her to get it fixed! We love it!

flat tire wedding