Crazy Revenge Schemes Pulled on Cheating Partners


The Proposal

This guy really went to extreme lengths to punish his cheating girlfriend, by staging an elaborate proposal, complete with rose petals, glitter, romantic music, and love notes. When she really believes he’s going to pop the question, he then tells the truth, and reveals that he knows her guilty secret, she has not been faithful to him. Yikes, that’s got to hurt. And just when she was getting ready to promise ‘til death do us part.

fake proposal

Posted the Pic

This girl was clearly in love with her boyfriend and didn’t think twice before uploading this picture of the couple. After things took a sharp turn, and she found he was cheating, she decided to log back onto Instagram and edit her caption, calling her now-ex out for the cheater he is! She decided to make it a funny caption and we’re sure her friends had a good laugh.


Devoted Wife

This angry wife spent some money ordering one of the largest signs we’ve ever seen to tell the neighborhood exactly what she thinks of her cheating spouse. She even explains what makes her so angry about it, that she was spending her time looking after his sick Mom while he was running around with TWO other women! She names and shames the other women as well, and we wonder if they knew about one another? We would bet not!

Cheating Husband

Broken Window

Breaking the guy’s window is a bit of a cliché, so this angry ex girlfriend took things a step further, throwing what we hope is mud but really could be something else through his window, and making sure the glass has really shattered beyond any hope of easy repair. The car window is broken, the inside of the car is covered in dirt, and as it looks like it’s raining, it’s soon to be even tougher to clean! We wonder what he did?

Broken window

Dear Neighbors

This woman might have been asked to leave the family property, but she sure isn’t going to leave quietly, and let her ex spin the tale of where she has gone! In fact, she is going to make sure that everyone knows exactly why she has left, and who she has left behind! She says thanks for the memories, and leaves them with one memory which they are bound to be talking about for years to come!

Dear Neighbors

Enjoy Your Drive

Short and sweet, Lisa knows exactly what she wants to say to her husband. “You two deserve each other, when you get home I won’t be there.” Lisa isn’t interested in hearing any excuses, or trying to sort things out, as she believes once a cheater always a cheater, and there’s nothing that her husband Paul can say to make her feel any differently. We love how she finished with “enjoy your drive to work!” We’re sure he wont!

enjoy your drive

Dear Dave

This no good cheating husband and father is in for a big shock when he next hits the ATM. His wife Nikki has found out that he’s cheating, and has taken sweet revenge, on both his car and his wallet too! Yikes! She leaves him a note on his windscreen, letting him know that he’s now broke, and that he should let his girlfriend know that his wife and kids say hi. They’re probably saying both hi and bye, to be honest.

Dear Dave

Ex Husband Sale

You’ve heard of a yard sale right? Where people sell the items they no longer need in the hopes of making some space in their homes and perhaps pocketing a bit of cash? Well this woman had a different idea after her husband left her for another woman. An Ex-Husband sale! She gives away all his things for free, definitely makes some space in her home, and maybe doesn’t have to look at his stuff all day long. Closure.


Pimp My Ride

Yikes, this guy did someone WRONG. His bike has literally been covered with graffiti, all over the blue paint with insults and curse words, explaining exactly what someone thinks of him for his behavior. If it’s permanent marker, he’s in some serious trouble, but even if it would come off with soap and water, he’s going to have to spend some time scrubbing away and reading every single insult which has been thrown at him.

Graffiti bike

This is my Punishment

For all of these men and women who are telling their cheating exes to go to hell, and disappearing off hoping to never see them again, there are some who feel differently, and are willing to give it another shot. But not without some recompense for what their guy or girl did wrong of course. This woman has got her guy wearing an “I cheated” sign, and hanging out for the world to see. We hope it makes her feel better!

I cheated

Smart Sticky Notes

This has got to be the most careful piece of revenge graffiti we’ve ever seen! Rather than key the car, or use markers or spray paint to deface it, this angry woman has chosen to say how she feels with post it notes! It must have taken forever, and will do no damage whatsoever to the guys car, so maybe it’s just a prank to make people laugh at this guy rather than anything with malicious intent. It’s kind of cool actually!

I love...

Not the Porsche!

Anyone who loves their fast or expensive cars will wince to see what’s happened here. This guy has been stupid enough to cheat, and when he’s been caught, the scorned woman has taken it out on his pride and joy, his stunning Porsche! Couldn’t she have used spray paint, or something which could be cleaned off, rather than gone straight to keying his beloved paintwork? Yikes, that’s going to cost a packet to sort out.

keying the porsche

Silly Graham

Linda decided the best way to wish her cheating half a ‘Happy New Year’ was to update the whole of Warwick, their neighborhood, and let everyone know what Graham has been up to. Linda really held nothing back- no more car, no house and no credit cards. We definitely are with Linda here- cheating Graham got what he deserved.



Bye Bye Playstation

Not exactly what you’d expect to find in the sink after a long day of work. Well, for this guy we think he pretty much deserved what came for him. After 4 whole years, his partner had found out he had been unfaithful, numerous times and there was only one solution. Break the Playstation. If you don’t want your Playstation taking a bath, be faithful.


Classic. This guy cheated on his girl, so instead of leaving his stuff around the house, making her sad and angry, or returning it back to the unfaithful jerk, she decided to pack all his stuff up and leave it out for anyone to take. Sharing is caring- especially when a cheater is involved.


For Sale: 15 Lugnuts off a Chevy Blazer. Now that’s a terrifying advert to see online, especially from a wife who has been cheated on, and has her own tool kit. She makes it ever clear to her ‘sweetums’ that she has taken revenge in the most dangerous of ways, wishing him luck driving to his girlfriends house. Er, we recommend he calls himself an Uber, rather than get behind the wheel of his car until it’s been seen by a mechanic!


Lost Dog

Lost dog signs are a great way to find a pet who’s gone walkies, but this is certainly the most innovative use of those kind of signs that we’ve ever seen! Turns out when Jordan hooks up with Julie behind his girlfriends back, she takes her revenge in a creative way! She made these signs, put them up all around the town for his friends and relatives to see, and sat back to watch his world crumble. Nice.

lost dog sign


When she said the house needed a new coat of paint, this isn’t exactly what she meant. But when her husband found out she had been screwing around with other men, he couldn’t keep his anger in, covering the house and even her car in angry graffiti, which the whole street would be able to see. Just imagine when she came home and saw what was going on outside her house, we wonder if she even bothered going in.

Leave my House

Hey Everyone!

There are a whole lot of exclamation marks in this notice, for someone who seems to be so angry! This hurt husband made a flyer explaining exactly who and where the guy is, that cheated with his wife, and apparently ruined his marriage. He included a photo of his wife, so that the couple can be recognized, publicly shaming them around town. We feel really bad for the husband, who obviously just found out about the affair.

make a sign

Matching Tattoos

Probably one of the best revenge plans of all time, this one takes you being able to keep your emotions in check once you’ve found out you’re being made the fool of. This girl managed to get her boyfriend down to the tattoo parlor for matching ink, before leaving him high and dry once his had been done! How’s that for a lasting memory of the woman you cheated on, eh? Serves him right, and we’ve got nothing but lol for this one.

Matching tattoos

Watching from the Couch

Men and their sports, there’s no love quite like it. And in this case, the woman who was cheated on used her sign at the big game to rub it in her exes face that she was there courtside, while he watched at home from the sofa. If he had only been faithful to her, maybe they could be enjoying the view together, but instead, there she is, surrounded by hot men while he sits home alone, nursing a warm beer.

Watching from the couch

Secret Sign

What a hilariously clever place for a guy to leave a sign for another dude! He wanted to let the guy know that his girlfriend was cheating on him, but without any information about him, how could he do it? An aha moment must have sprung to mind as soon as he went to take a leak, and realized the one place that guys see in the home, that girls never do! Passing on the message, he does a bro a solid, and the girl is none the wiser.

toilet seat sign

Tattooists Revenge

This is one revenge plan which ended in a steep payout from the guy who went through with it. Ryan was the tattoo artist, but when he found out his girl Rosie was cheating, he tricked her into getting a tattoo of a pile of poop on her back, despite her asking for a scene from the Narnia films. He ended up having to pay her $100,000 in damages when she revealed that he had got her drunk and done it against her will.

Tattoo Poop

Relationship Down the Pan

She thought he loved her, but he didn’t care at all, and after he cheated, she felt like their whole relationship had been flushed down the toilet. So she thought of the best way to get him back, flushing his own beloved down the same pan, his expensive and loved Apple products! There they all go, his macbook, his phones and chargers, and all the tech he holds dear. That will teach him to mess with her!

toilet fun


When someone gets the Axe, it usually means they have been dumped or fired. But when this person found out that the love of their life had been unfaithful, their revenge used all the axes they could get their hands on, showing their other half that it was them who was well and truly being given the axe. Plus, yknow, they probably needed a new car by the time all of these weapons were removed from it.

Someone's been axed

Girlfriend with a Taser

This woman got a Christmas present from her boyfriend, a taser. Little did he know that she would be using it on him, when she discovered he had been cheating on her since before Halloween! She videoed herself tricking him into thinking she was there for some adult fun, before whipping out the weapon. Ouch. Believe it or not, this is not such an uncommon revenge plot, and is often the cause of men being rushed to the ER.

taser revenge


Sorry, Scott

Sky writing, and signs on aeroplanes have long been the way for people to declare their love, or even propose marriage. But this angry ex wife had a different plan, using a plane over a busy event where she knew her cheating guy would be to tell the world something that we bet he wishes she had kept secret! The sign is written large and proud on top of the event, making sure that no one misses it. Plus, yknow, it’s gone viral now too. Sorry, Scott!

scotts small

Playing the Long Game

This might be the grossest revenge we’ve ever heard of, and the woman took it out on the woman her boyfriend cheated with, rather than the guy himself! She literally collected her own urine, and then used it in the air conditioner of her rival’s car. She certainly gets full marks for creativity, but we’re not sure this is exactly a normal reaction to finding out your boyfriend has been with another woman. Maybe therapy is the answer here.

pee revenge

My Wife’s a Cheater House Fire

Sometimes being cheated on can really tip you over the edge, and that’s exactly what happened to William Eugene Lindauer from Colorado. After spray painting the walls of his house with the words “my wife is a cheater” he then proceeded to set the whole house on fire, in the middle of the night! He was later arrested for arson, but luckily no one was hurt. Yikes buddy, that’s taking things a little too far.
my wife is a cheater fire


Wrecked Car

We’ve seen jilted or cheated on women go nuts on a guys car, scratching the paintwork, or letting down tires and even breaking windows. But this one has to take it to another level. The whole car is totally wrecked, glass everywhere, paintwork ruined with sharp objects, graffiti all over the body of the vehicle, and no question left as to why they did it either. Someone’s been cheating, and got caught out. Ouch.

wrecked car

Send Pics

Haha! We wonder what this guys ex did that he has decided to make this sign and hold it up in a crowd for the world to see! Either way, he is super angry, and has thought of an inventive way to get his own back, asking other men to send naughty pics to her, and giving out her number to further the abuse! He better be careful with this one, cause it kind of sounds like a crime rather than just a harmless prank.

My ex is a bitch

Mariachi Band

Have you heard of the popular app, Whisper? It’s where people can clear their consciences of crazy awful things they’ve done in the past, or just tell the world something they want to get off their chest. This woman wants to let everyone know about her epic revenge, organizing for a Mariachi band to come and play and ruin her exes sleep the night before the exam of his life. Well played. (Both the band, and the ex.)

mariachi band revenge

Everything’s On Tape

Oh Ryan, it’s one thing to let yourself get caught cheating, but quite another to allow evidence to be taken for the world to see! Your angry angry wife isn’t going to take this one quietly, and with her video tape evidence, it looks like everyone you know is soon to see you getting down and dirty with whoever your partner in crime is. You don’t have too many choices here, but if you don’t want some serious dirty laundry aired, I’d get begging!

ryan on tape

Welcome Home

When you’re having an affair, it must be constantly worrying to think that you might have been found out. If your spouse is in a bad mood, is it cause you left the toilet seat in the wrong position, or do they know about your nocturnal activities with your secretary? Problems problems. Luckily, in this case, the thoughtful spurned partner has put a sign outside so that they know they’ve been found out at last. Keep driving buddy.

Welcome home

Jessica’s Busy

When someone has done you wrong, it’s all about how long you wait before moving onto the next. Some people prefer to take time to lick their wounds, while others are all about that rebound. Jessica is clearly in the latter category, and she totally couldn’t care less that her no good ex is looking to reconnect and make things right. She even gets her new guy to text back her ex when he’s blowing up her phone!

jessicas busy revenge

You Shouldn’t Have

“You shouldn’t have” is usually said when someone has given you a gift, or gone out of their way to do something nice for you. But this ‘you shouldn’t have’ is something quite different! When this woman got scorned, she was not going to go away quietly, especially when it was something as heinous as sleeping with her sister! Not only does she go nuts with the spray paint, but she’s also pulled off parts of his car to leave as gifts!

You shouldn't have

Hope it Was Worth it

At first glance, this seems like just another case of scorned girlfriend graffiti, a woman getting her revenge on her cheating other half by running his car and letting the world know what he has done. But hey, check out the windscreen, where someone has added their own message of, “smile!” Who could it be? A masochistic passer-by, or maybe one last sarcastic stab by the hurt ex woman in his life. It’s a mystery!

Hope it was worth it

Merry Christmas

This poor girl had to find out her boyfriend was cheating on her by going though his Direct Messages on Twitter. Instead of doing damage to his stuff or calling him out on it right away, she concocted a plan. She printed out the messages and wrapped them all up to look like presents for Christmas, and put them under the tree. Of course, when her cheating man came down on Christmas morning to open them, he was in for an alarming shock.


When this boyfriend found out he was being cheated on, he decided to take matters of revenge into his own hands. He got his girlfriend to get in the car with him and gave her a present in the shape of a heart box. Of course, she opened the box to find about 100 live cockroaches that came pouring out onto her lap and all over the car. As she tried to escape, her boyfriend locked the doors and didn’t let her out. That’s some creepy-crawley revenge if we’ve ever seen it.


When Natalie found out that her boyfriend Jamie was cheating on her, she decided to put him on blast in front of the entire Facebook community. In what seems to be a very calculated, passive aggressive note, she instructs her cheating man to please next time wear a condom so that he does not pass his “highly viral strain of chlamydia” to any of his mistresses. She is calm in the latter, but we can all feel the smoldering anger behind her words.

2 Hits for $1

This woman actually decided to use her unfortunate situation to make a little profit. She found out her boyfriend was cheating, took his car to an empty lot, and began charging people to help her get her revenge on her unfaithful man. She put up a sign and charged the public $1 for 2 fatal hits on the car with whatever blunt object they so chose. It’s kind of a win-win, as the girlfriend gets her revenge and a bit of cash on the side.


This woman took to craigslist for her cheating revenge. She wasn’t trying to sell of buy anything in particular, instead she was advertising her current husband with his new girlfriend in West Palm Beach Florida. She found two pictures of them together looking more than friendly, and left a sarcastic note at the top wondering if the woman actually knows that this man is already married to her. Either way, this man is in for the shock of his life if he ever goes on craigslist.

Super Glue

When Tracy Hood-Davis found out that her husband was cheating on her with over five women, she decided to join forces with them to take revenge. She reached out to three of the women who didn’t know that he was married, and concocted a plan of revenge. The women lured him to a motel in promise of a massage, blindfolded him, and tied him to a bed. They then superglued his man part to his stomach, beat him up, and stole his phone, wallet, and car.


Admission of guilt

What better way to take revenge on the woman your husband cheated on you with than ruining what looks like a very expensive paint job. The mistress probably had to drive around win her car with her “admission of guilt” until she could get the car fixed. Embarrassing. Everyone who saw her drive around until then would know that she messed around with a married man, that’s gotta hurt.

A friendly neighbor

When we drive through our neighborhood and spot a garage sale it’s always exciting but when someone is giving away free stuff we know something bad happened. This friendly gesture to give away free stuff is just another bad breakup. Still for those of us on a budget that still want to go on a shopping spree this is not all bad news.

Team up

It’s bad enough to cheat on your girlfriend but to have two girlfriends and have them find out about each other you just know things are going to get really nasty. We can all agree Mark is a douchebag and what these two are teaming up to do will be a punishment he will remember forever. Hopefully he learned his lesson on cheating.

Newspaper Ad

This newspaper ad actually seems like a really nice sentiment when you begin reading it. That is, until you get down to the bottom where the signature is. What starts out as a warm note to congratulate a couple having a baby and to wish them a lot of love and success, quickly turns dark when you see that the note was sent in by the actual wife of the baby’s father. That’s a pretty cringeworthy pregnancy congratulations.

Destroyed Range

If you know anything at all about cars, you’ll know that this particular car is a Range Rover that costs around $145K to purchase. This super expensive white beauty is any car lover’s dream, so it’s unfortunate that its owner had to go and cheat on his significant other.  She obviously wasn’t very happy about finding out about the cheating, as she decided to vandalize this extremely expensive white vehicle with the brightest red marker she could find.

Billboard Revenge

Wow, it looks like Steven really messed up with this one. Apparently his (soon-to-be-ex) wife, Emily, has caught him cheating on her with another woman. Instead of destroying all of his things, she decided to take all of the money from their joint account (aka, his part of the joint account) and spend it on this cleverly position billboard high above their city. Of course, she did manage to throw in more than a few insulting words, so it wasn’t completely graceful.



When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s commonplace to buy each other gifts for birthdays and Christmas, or just the odd treat every now and then. However, we’re betting Michael didn’t know that his wife (or now ex-wife) would be buying herself a camera, a lens and a billboard for his benefit. We can only imagine what his face looked like when he drove past this billboard on the way to work in the morning. In fact, we bet it was priceless…

A billboard states that a wife has bought a camera, lens and a billboard to call out her cheating husband

A boat story

We’ve all heard of the typical love story – but have you heard of the boat story? Luckily, this dude let a whole bunch of people check out his boat story while driving to the car wash, and normally we’d feel sorry for him, but in this case…we don’t. As you can tell, this guy was in his wife’s bad books on the 18th, 19th and 20th, but told her that he would do ANYTHING to get her back. So, he cheated. Not cool.

A driver has taken a picture of a boat with graffiti and insults all over it

Row 31, Seat 7-8

Being cheated on feels bloomin’ awful. Some people want to cry, others want to scream the house down, but there are other people who like to quietly shame their ex-partners – including this woman. We can only imagine that she was supposed to watch this game with her husband, but changed her plans when she learned of his infidelity. However, she wasn’t going to miss out because of him, so got the rest of the stadium to boo him instead.

A woman is sitting in a stadium with a sign that points out her cheating husband in the crowd

Here’s the evidence

Most of the time, it’s hard to really call out a cheater without real evidence. Sure, you might have an inkling, but that inkling could be totally false. To find out the truth once and for all, one woman decided to hire a private investigator to follow her husband and monitor his movement. After taking pictures of him with another woman, this wife decided to print them all out, stick them to his car, and shrink wrap the whole thing. Genius.

A woman has stuck private investigator photos onto a cheating husband’s car

Junk in the trunk

Confrontation is never easy, so confronting a cheating partner can be an incredibly scary concept. Because of this, some victims like to use the ‘silent but violent’ approach when getting revenge on their cheating partner. This person decided that their husband needed a little more junk in the trunk…quite literally. She hired the trucks, she bought the dirt, and she just dumped it all over his beloved classic car. That’s what you get for cheating, boyo…

A woman has hired diggers to dump a huge mound of dirt on her cheating partners car

Don’t feel guilty

Cheating on your significant other is never okay, but cheating on your partner with MORE THAN ONE person is just utterly unacceptable. Luckily, this guy managed to get the perfect payback on his cheating girlfriend. Rather than choosing a childish revenge gain, this guy stayed calm and collected and proved that he was the bigger man than her, Michael, Jared, or Derek. I mean, really?! How the heck does she have the energy to handle four men at once?!

A card contains a house key, calling out his girlfriend for cheating on him with multiple men

Handwritten notes

There’s nothing better than getting a handwritten note, am I right? Well, this cheating boyfriend MAY have got a love letter from his girlfriend if he hadn’t left his Facebook open or cheated on her in the first place. Luckily, his ex was nice enough to pack up his things and get him all ready to move out of the house – if he could prove that he was ever a good boyfriend. Good luck on your treasure hunt, cheater!

A girl has written a note for her cheating boyfriend, leaving his things at important locations from their relationship

A little clingy

There are many men and women across the world who treat their car like their baby, and their partners know never to mess with their motor. For the most part, these partners will steer clear – that is, until they get cheated on. When the cheater crosses the line, it’s totally okay for you to cross the line, which is what this angry ex-girlfriend did. Rather than permanently damage the car, she just made it ridiculously difficult for him to get into.

An angry girlfriend has used cellophane and tied a car to a lampost

A Packers fan

Let’s be honest, most people in the United States are utterly obsessed with one sport or another, and the large majority just love to watch the football. In fact, many couples make it their mission to see a couple of games every year – and this woman was not going to give up that tradition just because her ex cheated on her. Instead, she was going to publicly shame him, show off her new beau, and look absolutely flawless for the cameras.

A woman holds up a sign which says, ‘My ex cheating boyfriend is watching from his dorm instead’

Hair today, gone tomorrow

In today’s day and age, we largely focus on men cheating on women – but that isn’t always the case. In fact, women are just as bad as men! Just like their female counterparts, men are just as vicious when it comes to getting revenge on their cheating partners. When this guys girlfriend cheated on him, he decided to replace her hair shampoo with hair removal cream and let it do the magic. Oh my, this really is something.

A man replaced his cheating girlfriends shampoo with hair removal cream

Up for sale

Cheating on someone is never acceptable, but it’s even more damaging if the couple in question are married. After all, breaking marriage vows and getting involved in a pricey divorce is risky business. To pay for his divorce bills, this guy decided to get some money back AND publicly shame his cheating wife by putting her car on eBay and selling it to the highest bidder. We really, really hope it was sold for more than that…

A man was selling his ex-wife’s car on eBay after she cheated on him

Selling them cheap

However, this guy wasn’t the only one to shame his cheating partner on an auction site. After discovering that his partner had cheated on him multiple times during their 3-year relationship, he didn’t know what to do with his Radiohead tickets. So, he decided to sell his spare tickets to those who could fill the requirements. They needed to be flirty blondes, fans of Radiohead, and up for a little something something after the gig to make his ex jealous…

An advert is selling Radiohead tickets for attractive females to make his ex jealous

Swag for free

Although this may look suspiciously like a body bag, we can confirm that this woman did not get rid of her cheating partner in a dodgy way. Instead, she simply cast him out of her home and decided to sell his swag for free. Yet, that wasn’t all she did. She used the Facebook post to call out all of her ex-boyfriend’s misdeeds, as well as the woman involved. Yep, we’ve got your number, Katherine from last Saturday nights noonamah rodeo…

A woman is selling her ex-boyfriends swag on Facebook, calling out his cheating scandal

Oh, the memories

Let’s be honest; we’ve all been through bad breakups in our lifetime. Whether you were the dumper or the dumpee, there is nothing worse than looking through your social media pages and seeing all of the photographs of your time together. However, getting rid and deleting them would be such a waste. After all, you look great in them! For this reason, this girl decided to get a little creative with her memories, and simply edit the photos she already had…

A woman has edited her Instagram caption to read, ‘should’ve stabbed him in the heart while I had the chance’

Can’t name drop

There is nothing more final than changing your relationship on Facebook to signify your breakup, but there are some instances where simply changing your status isn’t enough. Instead, you have to call out the other person involved – y’know, without name dropping too much. This guy had some self-respect during his breakup but still wanted every one of his friends to know that it was best to stay away from his cheating ex. For their own benefit and health.

A man has changed his relationship status and noted that his ex-girlfriend had contracted an STI

Wedding dress for sale

Cheating in all forms is not acceptable, but cheating during a marriage is a downright violation of vows, and an epic sense of betrayal – as this former bride knew all too well. However, instead of drowning in her sorrows and feeling extremely sorry for herself for the next few years, this woman decided to get back a bit of money she wasted on her wedding, all while calling out her ex-husband at the same time. Genius!

A woman is selling her wedding dress and states that it will need cleaning to ‘get rid of the sense of betrayal’

Spoiler alert

Is there anything more abominable than spoiling the end of a series for someone? Of course, we keep all of our television series’ close to our hearts – but it seems we can make an exception this one time because this matter called for abominable measures. After feeling the heartbreak of being cheated on, this guy decided to spoil the whole last season of The Walking Dead, and we don’t even blame him. Might as well spoil Fear the Walking Dead too, dude.

A sign says, ‘I found out my girlfriend cheated on me so I spoiled the last season of The Walking Dead’

Bleach Blonde

Now we are just wondering if this is a scorned girlfriend referencing the color of the cheater’s hair or if this was just a coincidence? This is one way to make sure that the cheating perpetrator pays for their actions and pay they will. Although it might not look like a lot of damage has been done, this is quite the costly revenge. We are talking about thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing. Well it might have been a terrible surprise to come home to, but that is nothing compared to what’s coming.

Name and Shame

They say revenge is sweet, but we think that the guy in this photo is having quite the bitter moment. Getting busted cheating at the actual time that it is happening is bad enough, but this creative girlfriend just went that one step further. Posting his adulterous ways on Facebook, this mistake might have cost him a lot more than just his girlfriend. Other than his pride we are betting he lost friends, possible future girlfriends and maybe even employment opportunities. With over 170 likes we bet he was the talk of the town.

Forever Love

Getting a tattoo as we, all know is a lifetime commitment and it shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Some of us wait years before deciding on an image or quote that we want embedded on our skin for decades to come. Others on the other hand love to dive head first and get inked straight away. We bet this guy got a little more than he bargained for when he got a matching lovers tattoo with his now ex-girlfriend, after she left him and the ink high and dry in the studio.

Getting Hot and Bothered

Now this is what you call a woman scorned. Not that we condone violence of any kind, but when you get involved with a fiery woman you can bet your pants that sparks will fly in the bedroom, for better or worse. We are not sure how badly this guy got off, but we are sure that this moment is forever burned into his brain and it just might stop him from trying anything like it again.