Compound Movements – All You Need To Know


If you are new to the body building scene, then you may have heard of compound movements, but you might not know exactly what compound movements are. If you are trying to build any kind of muscle mass, you need to be doing compound movements, it is absolutely essential for building muscle and strength. Here is everything you need to know about compound movements before you get started.

What is Compound Movement?

Compound movements are basically any movements that use two or more joints in order to stimulate a full muscle group, or more than one muscle group. Basically, any exercise where you are pulling or pushing with be using multiple muscle groups and areconsidered compoundmovements. Compound movement examples would be squats, pull ups, or lunges.

Compound VS. Isolated Exercises

In contrast, isolated exercises are exercises that only engage one joint or muscle group. An example of an isolated exercise would be something like a calf-raise or a bicep curl. Common sense would tell you that compound exercises are much better than isolated exercises for building muscles mass, especially in the shortest amount of time. Compound exercises us a lot of muscles and most will engage your core as well, meaning that your body will be getting a full workout and also that your body will be grown in proportion as well. Isolated exercises are fine if you are working on one very specific area, but if you want to get stronger overall, compound exercises are the way forward for you.


What are the Best Compound Movements for Beginners?

A lot of beginners think that you need heavy weights to do compound movements and this is not true. If you do wish to build a lot of body mass, then at some point you will need to graduate to weight lifting, but in the beginning of your fitness journey, just using small weights or the weight of your own body will be enough to start seeing changes. Here are some of the best compound movements for beginners:

  1. Dumbbell Lunge – The dumbbell lunge is exactly what it sounds like and is great for the legs and hips.
  2. Barbell Squat – The barbell squat is at the top of a lot of list for the best compound exercise.
  3. Barbell Deadlift – The deadlift can arguably be better at all round exercise than the squat.
  4. Barbell Bench Press – This one is great for working out the back muscles.
  5. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Also done with a barbell, this is a great exercise for the shoulder, neck, back, and triceps.
  6. Abdominal Bicycle – A fantastic move for all of your abdominal muscles performed on the floor.

So, it really depends on your fitness goals at the end of the day, however, compound movements are a must if you want to build muscle mass. To get started, make sure you are using the right form and are not risking any injury, and get ready to