Climbing Stairs To A Better Life


Whether you excel at sport and love being active, or prefer to lounge on the couch with a good movie on, there is no denying the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Few people realise, however, that something as simple as climbing a flight of stairs could have a massively positive effect on your physical wellbeing.


More and more studies done by various institutes across the world show that stair climbing is immensely beneficial to your health in a variety of ways. In essence, it is classified as a cardiovascular exercise, which indicates that it improves your heart health by raising your pulse and circulating blood faster than it would in a static state. It battles high blood pressure, heart disease and other related vascular illnesses as well as assisting with weight loss and other health issues associated with obesity. It even helps improve mental health by getting your brain to produce more endorphins than usual, commonly known as the happy brain chemical.

No matter what your fitness level or whether you feel enthusiasm or dread when thinking of exercise, stair climbing is astoundingly easy to get into. It takes very little time to get very good results as it amazingly burns more calories than jogging, you don’t need special gym clothes in which to do it, and there is no membership fee or personal trainer required. The best and only thing you may want to use when climbing stairs, beside yourself and the stairs of course is the StepJockey mobile application.You can do it wherever and whenever you come across a flight of stairs.

Wait. Why is it better than jogging, or walking, for that matter? It is also cardio but tones and strengthens muscles to a larger degree than walking or jogging because your body has to work against gravity. This means that it is essentially a form of bodyweight exercise so that it is automatically and naturally designed for you and by you. Think of the extra effort you normally put in on a treadmill when the incline is set to its highest.


With all the plus points taken into consideration, you can see what all the fuss is about, but if you are still uncertain about where and how to start incorporating stair climbing into your daily life, fear not. The StepJockey app is here to help. This easy-to-use app works in much the same way as most step counter apps and has a bright, simplistic layout. It allows you to keep track of your climbing sessions and enables you to see you progress in a visualised format. A function called Smart Signs lets you save data pertaining to specific staircases which you can share with friends. You can also involve them in challenges and set your own goals, suggested to you by the app.

If you thought that exercising was expensive, time consuming and generally hard work, think again. Being in good health is within reach for everyone, so go on and join the fitness revolution by making stair climbing part of your day.