What To Choose Between A Hair Transplant And Hair Loss Treatment

Perhaps you have a hair loss problem and you ought to find permanent solutions for it. How then do you go about this? There are different causes for hair loss like smoking, hormonal imbalance, poor eating routine, dandruff and also genetic causes. With the introduction of new technologies, the issue of hair loss has been well handled and still advancements are being made to make it better. There are two main options to choose from which are hair transplant and hair loss treatment. These two procedures can guarantee permanent hair restoration if they are done by a specialist.In order to get the right procedure done, you must understand the concept and afterwards make the decision.

What is hair transplant?

This is a procedure for hair restoration that involves the donor-receptor technique. In this procedure, the surgeon has to find other places on the head that have many hair follicles. The hair is then extracted and transferred to the part that is affected by the hair loss. In hair transplanting, it is advisable to seek consultation before carrying out the procedure for better result.

Advantages of having hair transplant.

The main advantage of the procedure is that it restores lost hair fully and this is a permanent solution for hair loss. The procedure is done once and the effects are lasting. The extracted hair also grows like the other hair in the head and this is a good result. With the latest technologies, the surgery done does not leave visible scars on the head.

Disadvantages of hair transplant.

Even though the problem at hand has been addressed, there are some disadvantages involved. The healing time after the surgery might be a little bit longer and sometimes the hair can still continue thinning. This requires additional medicines to make the hair continue growing normally. This procedure only conceals the effects of the hair loss but does not handle the cause and therefore the effects can still be seen later which might require another hair transplant to be done.

What is hair loss treatment?

This is a procedure that involves medicines that are targeted on restoring hair to affected areas. The medicine option boosts hair growth in the affected areas. This requires the help of a medical specialist in order to use safe medicines that have no effects on the body.

Advantages of hair loss treatment.

Hair loss treatment is very easy to use and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles. The medicines target the problem of hair loss and this prevents any future problems involved. It can solve different hair loss problems and therefore making it more effective.

Disadvantages of hair loss treatment.

Even though the medicines for hair loss treatment are very effective, there are problems that are associated with using them. The method is not favorable for all people especially those that have other health problems. This is because the medicines used may have side effects to the person using them. It is therefore good to seek advice from the doctor before trying the medicines.

After making enough consultations from doctors and understanding the two procedures, you can therefore make a decision on what is best for you. There are people who dislike the blade and therefore going for hair loss treatment is the best option. Young people who have not yet completed their hair growth cycle are discouraged from undergoing these procedures. It is also important that you go to the best specialist for these procedures and also for the medicines to prevent any errors that may be fatal.