How to Get the Most Out of Your Chest Workout


There is a good reason why Monday, the start of the week is called the Chest day and considered an important training day. Chest workouts are crucial in order to maintain a strong upper body physique. And, what better way to impress and make powerful statement than by having a stronger and bigger chest muscles?

Thrilled to show off a pumped-up chest this 2018? Here are important tips you should not miss out in your chest workouts:

Start Your Workout with a Good Warm Up.

Never skip on doing a good warm up before you start on your workout. This includes the shoulder mobility drill. Spend at least ten minutes in stretching and light resistance warm-up sets.

The Importance of Isometric Exercises.

One effective technique in muscle strengthening is preforming isometric exercises.It allows you to tense up your muscles without having to move the muscle itself. For instance, holding a weight for as long as you can without moving or pressing against the wall at same position of the arm.

Include Variety in Your Workout Routine.

To max out the efficiency of your chest workout, make it a point to include other exercises such as leg training, particularly on days you are not focusing on your chest.

No to Sloppy Form, Yes to Proper Execution.

Sloppy form is detrimental for your muscle goal. Chances are, if you are not following the proper form and proper execution, you are not working out the right muscle groups or you are not going to make a difference at all. Worst, it may lead to injuries.

Add as Much Intensity as You Can.

The more you challenge yourself, the more you will likely be able to see real progress.

Mind Your Reps

The weight involved and amount of repetition you use on your workouts has a significant impact on the benefit you can get from the exercise. Most people settle with 8 to 12 reps. Still others, believe that 5 sets on 5 reps work best. You can opt to experiment on both strategies and see for yourself which one works for you.

Make Use of the Tools

Achieve a bigger chest muscle using various tools and gym equipment – barbells, dumbbells, cable crossovers and machines.

Give Your Muscle Enough Time to Rest and Recover.

If you want to have a bigger chest muscle, stop thinking you can achieve it faster by overdoing the workout. Work on your chest for no more than two days in a week. Be sure to give your body enough time to heal.

Avoid These Common Chest Workout Mistakes.

  • Overtraining

Overdoing your chest training can dull out muscle growth and may cause injuries.

  • Downplaying the Importance of Incorporating Full Range of Motion

Some people focus only on weights and are still off from their goals. They fail to realize that full range of motion trainings can make a good complement for chest workouts.

  • Too much focus on bench pressing

Bench-pressing is one of the best chest workout exercises. But it should not only be your focus. Incorporate other exercises such as push-ups and dips to get the most results.

  • Neglecting the Importance of Diet

You cannot get huge muscles by exercising alone. You need to make sure you are consuming the right amount of calories. Eating plenty of protein is also important to increase muscle mass.