Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations and Stories Of Success

It’s a pretty common sight to see the celebs of the world showcasing their latest brand deal with a #FitFam or #Goals to accompany their post. Skinny teas, coffees, shakes, leggings, bed sheets, toothpaste – when does the madness end? As much as we don’t want to fall for the traps, it seems as though some of these celebs could be talking a word or two of truth. After all, they have dropped some serious weight over the years and come out the other side looking like entirely different people. Who knew that a few extra pounds could make us look so different? Whether it’s time to recreate their careers, beating the battle of weight after all these years, or turning over a new kale leaf as they change their lives, these celeb weight loss photos sure do leave us with plenty of inspiration. Gym, here we come.

Roseanne Barr

Sometimes, we just need a little push to get going. For Roseanne, that was undergoing weight loss surgery to help achieve her goals. The star has been very public about her weight-loss struggles – and it hasn’t been easy at all. In the ’90s, Roseanne reportedly hit 350 pounds, which is when she started taking seriously the need to getting some help. She had gastric bypass surgery in 1998 got her on the right track.


To that, she said: “I had my entire digestive system removed, so I should look thinner.” The gastric bypass surgery helped Roseanne lose 80 pounds. The star has gone on to lose a whopping 200 pounds so far and has apparently maintained her new figure thanks to plenty of rigorous exercises and eating less. Sadly, it seems as though even a change in appearance couldn’t turn back the clocks on her famous Tweet that saw the Roseanne reboot crash after two months on the air.

Kirstie Alley

Being on the screen can be tough for many celebrities. Since we know her, despite her amazing talent, the actress is known to have constantly battled with her weight and her being constantly in the spotlight. Sadly, it seems as though all the stress over the years took its toll on Kirstie Alley who crept up to more than 230 pounds. She kept bouncing back to her initial weight and had become almost hopeless. But everything changed in 2009.


The star has tried many weight loss avenues, including Jenny Craig, but it was appearing on Dancing with the Stars that saw Kirstie finally kick the weight. In fact, she lost 60 pounds before the show and went on to drop a further 30 during her time in the contest. Now that’s what we call success and determination. Her fans couldn’t be prouder of her perseverance and the fact that with some fight, she eventually achieved her goal.

Ed Sheeran   

Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. The singer began recording music in 2004 and decided to independently release his first compilation of work, Spinning Man. He is actually best friends with another huger singer and songwriter, Passenger. They’ve been best friends since they were 15 and have played on the same gigs several times. It seems like it’s thanks to his many chart-topping singles, that Ed Sheeran got to the conclusion that fame gave him a reason to change.

It never seemed like the star’s weight bothered him too much, but it turns out it did. The singer admits his slimmer face and figure is all down to one thing: giving up alcohol. He didn’t do a huge diet or crazy amounts of exercise, all he did was give up alcohol. It’s impressive that his body responded so positively and quickly. Sure, it might sound simple enough, but we’re not sure how many people Ed will get jumping on his bandwagon. At least, for now, he can enjoy all the attention from his transformation.


Pink is one of those celebs we just love unconditionally. She has so much swag and so much confidence that it’s pretty hard to go wrong in whatever she does, and however, she looks. This singer has always managed to rock any look she goes for but was left wondering what to do after two pregnancies. Pregnancy can become a really tough challenge for many women, especially celeb women.

These women have the media constantly commenting on their bodies and policing how fast they can bounce back from that baby weight. Pink admitted she wanted her children to grow healthily, but ended up craving key lime pie and cheesecake. 55 pounds later and there was plenty of work to be done. The singer enlisted the help of a personal trainer to help shed the excess weight, and now admits she is fitter than she has ever been in her life.

Tyra Banks

Models are usually the ones we think of when it comes to the slimmer members of society. But the pressures they face are almost unthinkable, as the billion-dollar industry makes it really hard unless you’re super thin. That was never a secret. However, when Tyra Banks opted to retire from the world of modeling, it seems as though she could finally let loose of all the restrictions she had lived with over the years.

Thankfully, Tyra went on to publicly talk about her weight loss saying that she was spurred on to become healthy through diet and exercise, and not giving in to the critics. The ex-model lost about 30 pounds in total through moderation and working hard with her nutritionist. She shared this about her weight-loss journey: “I’m all about moderation, but you have to indulge,” says Banks. “My mom and I together are very dangerous. We love ice cream!”

Drew Barrymore

We totally wouldn’t mind on going on 50 First Dates with the one and only Drew Barrymore. She has landed the lead role in the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, where the 41-year-old plays the role of Sheila. She is basically a zombie in the series. But the actress knew from the start that for the role, she had to drop a few pounds while she was simultaneously going through a huge breakup. And I mean, breakups are hard, right?

It seems we’re not the only ones that find ourselves reaching for pizza and ice cream in a time of need as Drew Barrymore started to pack on some pounds after splitting from Will Kopelman. However, a role in the show Santa Clarita Diet was about to change everything. The actress cut out fast food and focused her meals around healthier, nutritious choices instead. Now, Drew is back on the red carpet looking better than ever.

America Ferrera

America was once the star of Ugly Betty but says it was the pressure from the show that caused her to pile on the pounds. Ferrera started her journey as an actress from a pretty young age. The talented actress is known for her role in films like the Disney original Gotta Kick It Up! (2002), and the drama-romance The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005). She landed different TV roles afterward until she landed the leading part on the comedy-drama Ugly Betty.

The actress has since tackled her cravings for junk food and has replaced the urge with fruit and vegetables instead. America also admits to using dietary supplements to help make sure she was dropping the weight in the healthiest way possible. We’re so happy to see the old America back and smiling for the cameras!


Eminem is with no shadow of doubt one of the absolute best rappers of our time. The singer rose to fame in the 90s and just kept dropping beat after beat until the whole world absolutely loved him. But even one of the best rappers in the world can battle with the bulge and struggle with weight-loss. At some point, the rapper kept gaining weight at an exponential level, and simply lost control of his health.

It was a near-tragic brush with his health after becoming reliant on sleeping pills that saw Eminem commit to change his life. The rapper had grown to 230 pounds and quickly turned to running to help produce natural endorphins that would help him sleep. Fast forward a few weeks and Eminem was burning 2,000 calories a day thanks to his daily 17-mile runs. Now, he looks like the much more recognized Slim Shady standing at just 149 pounds.

Rebel Wilson

This actress quickly became known for her build as well as her hilarious acting skills. Rebel Wilson has always had a major presence on our screens thanks to her role in Pitch Perfect. However, it seems as though Rebel is determined to put Fat Amy behind her and move onto a slimmer way of life. One day she simply decided to change her lifestyle and in many ways to change her whole life. She got pretty tired of the bullying and the constant remarks towards her weight.

So far, Rebel has started to change her life by getting up and active more than ever. Apparently, her weight loss has even gathered more attention from agents than ever before. Not that she is not already super successful in what she does, but perhaps this could be the start of something great after all? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Kim Kardashia

Sure, Kim has always been known for her curves. In fact, the whole Kardashian/Jenner family is known for their dangerous curves and for not complying to the ‘slim’ shape we see so many celebrities fighting for. But if you’ve watched “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, you’ll know that the sisters are absolutely obsessed with their weight and with the way they look. Both Kourtney and Kim have gone through tough weight-loss transformations.

With Kim, it was her second pregnancy that saw the reality TV star top the scales at her highest weight to date. Kim was offered the chance to appear in a magazine shoot shortly after Saint’s birth. This was apparently the push she needed to begin following a strict Atkins diet plan as well as start a strenuous exercise regime. Thankfully, Kim admits she loves to work out – at least it wasn’t dull!

Timothy Spall

Of course, having plump cheeks and dumpy build meant Timothy fit right in when he was cast as Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter films. He played the part perfectly and we wouldn’t have it any other way really. However, when the films and the shooting ended, the actor now had a reason to change. He wasn’t particularly happy with his weight and had some concerns about how that could affect his health.

Although Timothy admits he has always had a problem saying “no” to food, a role in Electric Dreams meant he had to drop the weight, or he could miss out on the part. So he went ahead and did it! Timothy looked so different that many people didn’t recognize him when he showcased his new look. But he will forever be Peter Pettigrew for us.

Missy Elliott

It wasn’t until Missy spoke to a doctor about the danger of gaining any more weight that she decided it was time for a change. So far, the star has cut all junk food out of her diet as well as heading to the gym on a regular basis.

As if that wasn’t enough Missy admits that she has dropped a staggering 30 pounds since turning her world around. It seems as though these are just the first steps of many for this star.

Miley Cyrus

This pop princess and acting legend has showcased plenty of looks over the years, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. However, all the pressure of fame seemed to get to Miley who began to lose control of her life.

Thankfully, the star rekindled her love of pilates and has since dropped back down to her slender frame. To top it off, Miley also reportedly eats a gluten-free diet, too. Why can’t she tell us more of her secrets?

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has been battling with comfort eating since she was just 12 years old. As if that wasn’t enough, it wasn’t until she reached 190 pounds and realized how she felt that Sarah had the push to make a change.

The public speaker and writer admits that although it was a tough battle, no one ever believed they could reach the top of the mountain until they are there. What a poetic view on it all!

Dawn French

This actress and comedian has always spoken about her issues with her weight, but an appointment with a surgeon was no laughing matter. In fact, Dawn was told she would have a much shorter recovery time if she were slimmer.

Dawn admits she has dropped the weight by going for regular walks and eating plenty of low-calorie meals. Now, at 60 years old, Dawn looks and feels better than she ever has in her life. Rock it, Dawn.

IChaz Bono

Chaz has been in the media over the years thanks to his gender realignment surgery. But this star admitted he would never go back to the table for weight loss. So what did he do? Chaz signed up for Dancing with the Stars and absolutely nailed the training for the show.

No one could believe how different the actor looked after shedding the pounds, and we’re glad to hear he’s kept up his new healthier lifestyle for good.

Nicole Richie

Being in magazines all around the world since your younger years can be tough for anyone, especially when your dad is Lionel Richie. It wasn’t long before Nicole faced criticism from the press over her weight and took things the other way.

All this did was spark rumors of an eating disorder. Thankfully, it seems as though the fashion designer has now found her balance and is living the superstar lifestyle. Perhaps we shouldn’t listen to others after all?

Kate Winslet

One of the biggest things many mothers worry about after having their baby is losing their pregnancy weight. The first task might be over, but now it’s time to juggle motherhood in with getting back into shape.

Apparently, Kate hasn’t set foot on a set of scale in 13 years and has relied on a balanced diet teamed with cardiovascular workouts to drop down the dress sizes. The actress just goes to prove you don’t need the scales to make you happy.

Guy Sebastian

There have been many celebrity diets over the years, and Guy was no stranger when he embarked on the ketogenic diet. The eating plan has come under plenty of controversy over the years as dieters up their protein intake and reduce carbohydrates to force our bodies to use fat as an energy source.

Although it’s not recommended for everyone, Guy seems to be happy with the results. In fact, he admits it was the kickstart he needed to get going.

Raven Symone

This actress has been making a name for herself since she was two years old, but it’s lessons from home that saw her weight creep up. Apparently, Raven admits she was always taught not to waste food, and would often turn to meals as a way to cope with all the stress of fame.

At 18 years old, the star weighed in at 180 pounds. Now, Raven has significantly cut down on her portion sizes and is a shadow of her former self.

Carrie Fisher

The Star Wars franchise was what made this actress, but it was also her final push to drop the pounds before her passing in 2016. The actress signed up to reprise her role as Princess Leia. However, she wanted to make sure she was looking her best.

Carrie was down 30 pounds in a few weeks, but tragically she passed away before she could finish filming the movie. Although she is gone, this star will certainly never be forgotten.

Jonah Hill

Jonah has become known for his hilarious personality as well as his size. Appearing in hit films such as 21 Jump Street saw him shoot to fame, but Jonah admits it’s always been beer that holds him back.

To top it off, the actor admits he doesn’t even like the drink yet somehow ends up packing on the pounds whenever he reaches for a glass. Thankfully, Jonah managed to stick to a routine of healthy eating and exercise to work it all off.


Mila Kunis

There is dedicating to the role, and then there is going as far as Mila Kunis to make sure you are in character and prepared for your latest movie part. When the actress signed up to appear in Black Swan, she might have had no idea it would mean dropping a further 20 pounds from her already small frame.

Amazingly, the actress pulled it off. Plus, Mila admits it’s permanently changed her perspective on weight loss after proving she can do anything.

Oprah Winfrey

Being on camera all day every day means Oprah is often subject to plenty of opinions, especially when it comes to her weight. Just before the turn of the century, Oprah weighed in 237 pounds. However, this host didn’t want to spend her money on a personal trainer.

Instead, she signed herself up to Weight Watchers where she managed to drop an impressive 40 pounds. Oprah has even added she won’t be happy if she ever topples over 200 pounds again.

Alec Baldwin

All the years of eating food high in sugar and not exercising was enough to catch up with Alec as he was soon diagnosed at risk of getting diabetes. It was this that was enough to spur Alec and his wife, Hilaria, to change their lives.

Now, they both eat a much healthier diet that has cut out a majority of their sugar intake. Alec now looks like a completely different actor and has shaved pounds, and years, off his look.

Forest Whitaker

Standing at 6 foot 2 inches can make anyone the talk of the room. Team that with a large frame, and Forest certainly turned a few heads. The actor has since changed his entire life and puts it all down to swapping to a vegetarian diet, as well as enjoying plenty of hikes and even taking up martial arts.

On the other hand, his wife, Keisha, was concerned she was underweight. Now, the pair seem to have leveled out their issues.

Seth Rogen

Seth was once the chubby actor of Hollywood that had everyone laughing. However, landing a role in Green Hornet saw the actor undergo significant weight loss for the part.

Seth admits to following a five-factor strategy that saw him eating five smaller meals a day as well as following a fat-burning exercise regime. In just ten weeks, the star was able to drop a staggering 30 pounds. Now, he can sit back and let his chiseled cheekbones do the talking.

John Goodman

This star has been in plenty of hit productions over the years, but all those sets caused him to top the scales at more than 400 pounds. Although John was able to lose 200 pounds in a short space of time, the actor worries he won’t be able to keep it off for long.

However, he still continues to exercise six days a week, has cut out sugar and alcohol, and has topped it all off by finally kicking his smoking habit.

Jennifer Hudson

American Idol has seen many people come and go and was the show that catapulted Jennifer to stardom. However, it was her pregnancy that saw the star pile on so many pounds. It was then that she was in for a public battle with her weight.

After realizing how unhappy she was with her figure, Jennifer signed up for Weight Watchers in a bid to change her life. Now, she is 80 pounds lighter and enjoying a much healthier lifestyle than ever before.

Matthew McConaughey

This actor really is one that has dedicated to every role he undertakes, even if it means some dramatic weight changes. The Dallas Buyers Club saw the actor drop 38 pounds to play the part of someone who has AIDs.

Although Matthew admitted he did exercise to help shed the weight, he puts most of the weight loss down to controlling his calories. Shortly after, the actor needed to gain back the weight for his part in the film Gold.

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey tried to lose weight for more than ten years before finally heading to the operating table for weight loss surgery. The actress admits it was being diagnosed as diabetic that made the decision for her.

Ever since the surgery, Gabourey has admitted to having a much better relationship with food as well as taking up exercise as part of her new healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, the actress confesses to still getting annoyed at people commenting on her weight.

Casey Donovan

Casey was just 16 years old when she took home the crown from Australian Idol. Sadly, being thrown into the world of fame took a massive toll on the star who began eating as a way to cope with the stress that came with her new lifestyle.

Over the years, her weight continued to creep up. Although losing the extra pounds hasn’t been easy for the star, Casey has dropped a staggering 79 pounds to date, and is determined to lose even more.

Jimmy Kimmel

There are many diets out there that can be tailored to suit everyone. Jimmy knew he wanted to shed some extra weight, so has opted for the 5:2 diet plan. The regime sees people eat their typical meals for five days a week, but then cut their intake to just 500 calories a day on the other two days.

Although it might not be to everyone’s tastes, the star has been able to drop 20 pounds, and now sits at 182 pounds.

James Corden

This late-night host left Britain as a heavy actor weighing in at 315 pounds, and took over America with his much more slender frame, but how did he get there? James admits he used to graze throughout the day.

Now, the star completely avoids bread and sugar as well as making sure he only eats at mealtimes rather than whenever he craves a snack. Apparently, James is determined to keep his slimmer size and is making an excellent job of it so far.

Mischa Barton

This actress was living the high life after being welcomed to Hollywood, but all those parties and late nights soon caught up with her. It wasn’t long before Mischa started to pile on the pounds, as well as develop a substance habit.

Mischa admits the constant criticisms were hard to hear. Although the actress has had to battle hard to stay away from the press and fight her weight, it seems as though she is coming out the other side at last.

Anna Gunn

Starring in Breaking Bad was a huge career move for Anna Gunn, but it seems as though this actress had personal battles of her own. The actress was taking medication that meant she quickly put on a lot of weight – something that came with plenty of media attention.

Anna has since decided to change her entire life by taking up pilates and eating a healthy diet plan. Plus, her two children give her plenty of excuses to run around.

Chris Sullivan

The drama This Is Us is quickly taking over the world. However, one of the stars, Chris Sullivan, has got people talking all on his own. The actor might look a bit different in real life as he admits to wearing a fat suit while filming the show.

Many fans of the show argue the part should have been cast to a heavier actor, but Chris says playing the role is a way for him to “travel back and forth through time.”

Delta Burke

Unfortunately, being a model means the world is often there to discuss and scrutinize your weight – something Delta learned from an early age. The youngster kicked off her career by taking home the crown as Miss Florida, but this only led to a complicated relationship with food.

Plenty of exercise and dieting did little to start Delta’s weight loss. However, it gave her a new mindset and the model admits she now gives credit to herself whenever it is due.

Jason Segel

Jason couldn’t wait to take on the starring role in The Five-Year Engagement opposite actress Emma Blunt. However, there was an issue: the producers wanted him to lose weight before filming.

The actor was determined to make the change for the part and himself and had a nutritionist and trainer follow him around the set to ensure he stuck to his goals. Amazingly, Jason was able to drop 30 pounds and seems to have stuck to his new lifestyle ever since.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie is another that has opted for weight loss surgery after a heart attack back in 2012 left her with no other option. Although the star admits it didn’t change her completely, she says it ended her relationship with food.

Now, Rosie has dropped 175 pounds and looks like an entirely new woman. Long gone are the days of buying smaller size sweatpants and stretching them on; now she can reap alt he rewards of her hard work.

Graham Elliot

Being a chef means you are constantly around food. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Graham rocketed to over 400 pounds? After years of his weight taking a toll on his body, Graham opted for plastic sleeve surgery to help change his life.

And boy did it work! Now, even his surgeon is praising how well Graham has stuck to his new lifestyle and even described the chef at the perfect patient throughout the entire process. You go, Graham!

Miranda Lambert

Being a country superstar apparently isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Miranda loves her life on the road, but it makes going to the gym almost impossible. Instead, the singer has worked with her personal trainer to devise an exercise program she can follow no matter where she is in the world.

Miranda has been able to lose 20 pounds so far. Although she now enjoys fruit, egg whites and avocados, the star admits vodka and Cheetos are here to stay.

Joseph R Gannascoli

This Sopranos actor has had plenty of personal issues to deal with over the years, with his battle against his weight being one of them. Joseph once weighed in at 400 pounds, but weight loss surgery meant he was quickly able to drop 40 pounds.

As if that wasn’t enough, the actor has since picked up his pen and put his new nutritious knowledge to good use with the release of his book titled A Meal to Die For: A Culinary Novel.

Melissa McCarthy

It seems as though years of dieting and getting nowhere were enough for this star to change her life. So what did she do? Melissa confesses she wanted to go about changing her life in a natural way so avoided the surgery table.

Instead, the star cut down on her portions and started to develop a healthier relationship with food. To top it off, Melissa has even began to jog every few days which has all helped her drop 75 pounds so far.

Holly Madison

Being a Playboy model means Holly is used to people talking about her appearance. However, having a baby meant the star soon piled on the pounds. Thankfully, Holly has a plan.

Rather than trying to lose as much weight as quickly as she can, Holly is using pilates, exercise, waist cinchers, and the food company eDiets to get back to her former size slowly. It might be a slower process than some, but Holly is happy with her results.

Shonda Rhimes

Shonda was once one of the heavier stars in Hollywood, but couldn’t believe how different her life became after dropping 127 pounds. It seems as though sticking to a low-carb diet plan and getting plenty of exercise did more than change her relationship with food.

According to the producer and writer, getting a more slender frame made it seem as though people were finally seeing her after all these years. Plus, she can now enjoy being a fitter and healthier mom.

Nicole Sullivan

This actress decided that a more active life teamed with a calorie deficit was all she needed to get her life back on track. Nicole decided to sign up for a meal delivery service to kick-start her weight loss journey and has been able to lose an impressive 35 pounds to date.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nicole has since let her weight loss consume a considerable part of her life as she is now a Jenny Craig Weight Management Program spokesperson.

Valerie Bertinelli

After gaining 175 pounds, Valerie decided it was time to get her life back on track. The actress knew there was one thing holding her back: the scales. Valerie admits that losing weight isn’t all about the number that appears on the scale, and sometimes we need to notice the other changes to make ourselves happy.

Now, she focuses on fat-burning exercises teamed with a diet full of vegetables. Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of Valerie’s book?


Sadly, JoJo’s battle with her weight started when she was just a teenager as music producers told the singer she needed to lose weight if she was ever going to make it. Apparently, their advice was to eat just 500 calories a day as well as inject hormones that would curb her appetite and need fewer calories throughout the day.

Thankfully, JoJo has since realized how unhealthy the lifestyle was, but tragically admits it has permanently affected her psychologically.

Zach Galifianakis

We might have heard of a beer belly, but what about a sausage and vodka tummy? These are apparently the two things that caused actor Zach Galifianakis to pile on the pounds over the years.

However, in 2014, the star decided he’s had enough of his lifestyle and was going to make a change. Zach gave up drinking altogether and is now a shadow of his former self. Although he misses his treats, Zach confesses how bad they are for us.

Khloe Kardashian

It seems as though Khloe can thank her competitive edge for her weight loss. The reality star turned to ice cream and chicken wings when trying to overcome her divorce from Lamar Odom, but all the extra calories took a toll on her weight.

Team this with pressure from her family to lose weight, and Khloe is now slimmer than ever. Reportedly, working out with her sisters is what gives her the competition to push herself harder each session.

Mariah Carey

Mariah has gone down as one of the greatest singers of all time thanks to her incredible vocal range, but it’s not just her voice that can go up and down. Apparently, her weight can, too. The singer’s weight was the talk of social media, and she decided she’d had enough.

Mariah opted for weight loss surgery that meant she was able to lose 30 pounds quickly. Now, Mariah focuses her time on keeping active as well as eating a healthy diet.

Kelly Osbourne

All those parties were enough to see Kelly’s weight skyrocket. However, after years at all the latest nightclubs, Kelly traded it all for an appearance on Dancing With the Stars. This was her chance to get her life back on track as all that boogieing soon saw her soon drop plenty of pounds.

Unfortunately, Kelly’s journey to a healthier life hasn’t always been easy after fighting Lyme disease. However, the star is now looking slimmer than ever before. Go, girl!

Lavell Crawford

This comedian has always been known for his larger size, but recently decided it was time to change it all. Lavell now has a young son and wife to think about, and wanted to make sure his body wasn’t under so much strain from the extra weight.

That’s why Lavell opted to undergo weight loss surgery to start his new healthy lifestyle, as well as attending a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym. He’s not done yet, but Lavell is well on the way to change.

Chris Pratt

Getting cast in Parks and Recreation meant Chris was forced to pile on the pounds. However, it would take a long time to get back to the figure he once knew and loved. Thankfully, a combination of swimming, running, and kickboxing have helped the actor slim down and bulk up like never before.

Chris admits he is now fully committed to maintaining his weight. Could that have anything to do with being one of Hollywood’s biggest hunks? It’s okay; we don’t mind.

Fat Joe

Perhaps a name like Fat Joe comes with some kind of expectation? Although the rapper admits his weight never crossed his mind, it was losing his friend and fellow rapper Big Pun that gave Joe the shock he needed to change.

The star decided to go au naturel in his approach and used exercise and healthy eating as a way to lose the weight. Joe is now 100 pounds lighter but admits he still enjoys the odd cheat here and then.

Lea DeLaria

Lea is mostly recognized for her time in Orange is the New Black, but it seems as though she has been fighting her own personal demons offset. The actress discovered she has high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes meaning she needed to shake up her lifestyle.

Lea now avoids all carbohydrates and sugar and has lost 50 pounds as a result. According to the actress, her medication means her metabolism has a boost, and she no longer has an appetite.

Carnie Wilson

Carnie weighed in at 300 pounds before the turn of the century and opted for surgery to help get her life back on track. Sadly the singer admits that becoming a mother made it hard for her to stick to her healthier lifestyle. Plus, Carnie began to use food instead of alcohol.

After all that hard work, Carnie once again weighed 300 pounds by the end of 2017. Hopefully, the singer’s new lifestyle will soon see her drop the pounds once again.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Being an actor means you have to be adaptable if you want to make it with the greats. This is a lesson Jake Gyllenhaal has taken on board over the years as he dedicates to every role, no matter the costs.

The star spent plenty of time in the gym to bulk up for his time in Southpaw before dropping it all for a part in Nightcrawler. Apparently, it was all down to using plenty of diet supplements and eating the bare minimum.

Melissa Joan Hart

Many of us battle with baby weight at some point, but this actress has gone through it all no less than three times. Perhaps Melissa has learned a trick or two by now? The actress puts her weight loss down to her personal push, husband Mark Wilkerson.

The couple are spotted training together three days a week, while Melissa also enjoys cardio classes. The star admits her transformation has helped improve her physical and emotional outlook on life.


Timbaland admits he knows years of being overweight was putting a lot of strain on his body and wasn’t surprised to hear he had diabetes. However, that didn’t mean the music producer was ready to give up.

Instead, Timbaland now enjoys long runs and healthier snacks over his former lifestyle. In fact, after an initial six-week exercise and diet kick start, and further one-year of training, Timbaland has lost a staggering 130 pounds as well as making his diabetic symptoms vanish.

Lauren Goodger

This reality TV star was once the subject of bullies everywhere who all commented on her weight. It was time for a change. In true celebrity style, Lauren jetted off to Portugal to a juice-only weight loss retreat as well as heading to the surgery table to liposuction.

Although it might seem extreme for some, Lauren admits she feels completely detoxed and ready to start a healthy life. Now, the star even has her own workout DVD to kick off her new life.

Jason Sudeikis

Thankfully for Jason, he has someone there by his side to keep him spurred on throughout his weight loss. After the actor and comedian emerged 20 pounds lighter, the world couldn’t wait to hear his secret. Was it the gym? A juice cleanse? A wonder snack?

Oh no, Jason puts all his weight loss down to plenty of steamy late-night sessions with his wife, Olivia Wilde. Yup, it seems you can have fun and burn some calories after all!

Paula Deen

Many of us have enjoyed one of Paula Deen’s delicious recipes in our life, even if they do come with a side order of plenty of butter. However, all that time in the kitchen and unhealthy eating habits meant she soon piled on the pounds.

Paula was diagnosed with diabetes back in 2009. Although she tried to ignore the signs, Paula finally gave in to change in 2015. Now, she is 40 pounds lighter and still able to make plenty of delicious recipes.

Drew Carey

Sometimes it can be other people that give us the push to change, just like it was Drew’s 9-year-old son that gave him the motivation to love more than 100 pounds. The TV host confessed he didn’t want to miss out on his son’s life because of his size so dived headfirst into change.

 Drew spent plenty of time (and willpower) convincing himself not to eat junk food and to remember all the effects it would have on his body.

Al Roker

Sitting behind a desk all day can make staying active and healthy tough. Perhaps that is how Al Roker managed to pile on so much weight over the years? Although he had weight loss surgery back in 2002, this news reporter eventually fell back into his bad habits.

It wasn’t long before he gained back all the weight he had lost. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late, and biking to work teamed with smaller portions has put Al back on the path to success.

Randy Jackson

After trying almost every single diet out there in the world, Randy was about ready to give up his weight loss goal as nothing seemed to work. That was until he discovered gastric bypass surgery. At last, there was an answer to Randy’s prayers!

The music producer once tipped the scales at 350 pounds. However, after the operation, Randy is now 100 pounds lighter and has kicked his drinking habit after years of blaming alcohol for his weight gain.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton rose to fame as a celeb gossip blogger, but would often hide himself away behind the screen rather than out in the world. Nowadays, this star is standing alongside the other famous faces on the red carpet.

Perez has dropped 70 pounds thanks to an intense exercise programme that seems him trying all kinds of workouts seven days a week. Plus, the blogger has his meals delivered by a health food company to avoid any temptation from junk food.

Snooki- Nicole Polizzi

Appearing on Jersey Shore comes with certain expectations, right? Snooki had the perma-tan and partying down, but it wasn’t long before her wild days all caught up with the reality star. As well as having two children and saying “I do,” Snooki has also lost a huge amount of weight over the years – 50 pounds to be precise!

 Apparently, the star achieved the look she was after by hiring a personal trainer no less than five days a week.

Jason Alexander

It seems as though not everyone wants to go to extreme lengths to lose the extra weight. In fact, some celebs just want to take back control of their life. Jason Alexander is no exception. The actor was once consuming around 4,500 calories a day.

However, Jason is now much more used to a 1,500 calorie intake instead. All his changed meant Jason was able to drop 30 pounds in six months – that’s pretty impressive if you ask us.

Tami Roman

Many people admit to using food as an alternative to smoking after giving up the habit. This is what happened to Tami Roman after she kicked the habit. Although she was on the path to a healthier lifestyle, the star soon weighed in at 185 pounds.

Tami admits she lost 7 pounds after just one week of change and has gone on to drop over 40 pounds altogether on her journey. It seems as though all that yoga has certainly helped.

Jessica Simpson

It’s more than this actress’ skills that have seen her in the media over the years. In fact, it’s also been her yo-yo weight that has made her the talk of the town. Jessica first put on the weight after her first pregnancy but realized the error of her ways with baby number two.

She went on to lose 50 pounds post-baby and has since signed up as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers after all her hard work and dedication.

Mo’Nique Imes-Jackson

While it can sometimes be others that give us the push to change in the first place, they can also be the ones to help us along the way. Mo’Nique had never worried about her weight until high blood pressure began to cause issues at home.

It was then the star decided to change as she didn’t want her children or husband to be forced to become careers. Now, Mo’Nique is a whopping 90 pounds lighter and looking better than ever.

Reza Farahan

Being a reality star can be tough, but it can also be a way to show off your incredible journey. Reza is one of the many stars from Shahs of Sunset but was unhappy with his appearance. When the show announced they were doing a reunion for the sixth season, they were keen to get a before and after photo of Reza’s transformation.

Although Reza announced he was disappointed with the before picture, he is now proud to show off the 43-pound difference.

Rob Kardashian

Another member of the Kardashian klan that has always been open about their struggles with weight is only brother, Rob. Back in 2016, the reality star confessed he had reached 248 pounds but had dreams of making it to under 200 pounds in the future.

One break from the limelight and two years later and it seems as though Rob is closer to meeting his goals than ever before. Perhaps all the family drama has been the kick he needed?

Abby Lee Miller

A major thing that can cause many of us to drop a few pounds is loss. Whether it’s a breakup or someone passing in the family, all the emotions can soon send us on a rollercoaster journey. Tragically, Abby Lee Miller was forced to say “goodbye” to her mother back in 2014.

As if that wasn’t enough, Abby was also ill from her diabetes medication, and it wasn’t long before the star dropped from a size 24 to a 16.

Sam Smith

It seems as though we are living in the decade of pop legends, and Sam Smith is one of the many faces to add to the list of greats. However, it isn’t just his incredible music that has got people talking over the years. Recently, the singer emerged looking a fraction of his former size.

According to Sam, he has had plenty of help to cut out all refined sugar gluten, and dairy from his diet. Is there anything left he can eat?

Lena Dunham

Her dramatic weight loss in 2017 quickly overshadowed this actress’ time on Girls. The media frenzy happened fast and hard as people everywhere were trying to figure out how Lena had dropped so much weight so quickly.

The actress was quick to shoot down any rumors as she admitted she was sick. However, that didn’t stop Lena from employing a personal trainer to help regain her health and get her body back into shape following it all.

Star Jones

Weight has always been an issue for Star Jones and became a topic of conversation for many after she joined the cast of The View. Everything became too much in 2003, and Star decided weight loss surgery was the only way forward.

Amazingly, she soon went from 307 pounds down to a staggering 150 pounds. Unfortunately, it seems as though not everyone was on board with her weight loss as not long after her reveal, Star was let go from The View.

Adam Richman

When your life is taking on food challenges, chances are you might put on a few pounds or two. That’s what happened to Adam Richman after his time as the star of Man Vs. Food.

He might have proved that no food challenge was too much over the years, but it looked as though Adam was about to take on a whole new battle. Now, the former foodie is living life as a vegan and has dropped all his weight from the show.

Kevin Liles

This might not be a name you recognize right away, but Kevin is a huge name in music. Why? The star not was not only once the vice president of Warner Music but was also president at Def Jam Records.

Sadly, it seems as though sitting in a music studio all day was enough for Kevin to pile on plenty of pounds. The star decided enough was enough and opted for weight loss surgery that has transformed him into an entirely new person.

Dr. Dre

Now here is a man that has learned how to make a career for himself. As well forging his own music career, Dre also runs his own production company and several other businesses. However, all that time at work meant the star put his health on hold, and it wasn’t long before he developed problems with his blood pressure.

Dre has gone on to prove that even over 50, you can drop 50 pounds and look in the best shape of your life.

Queen Latifah

Although Queen Latifah has always been known for her curves, this actress wanted to slim down her figure after years with a larger frame. Latifah knew there was only one way to reach her goals so enlisted the help of a personal trainer to get her moving.

Now, the actress lives in the gym and spends her free time doing cardio exercises and yoga. As if that wasn’t enough, the star admits the extra protein, vegetables, and fruit have given her more energy.


It’s hard to mistake the incredible sound of Adele as soon as one of her power ballads hits our speakers. Even with all that fame, the singer was still in the firing line about her weight. However, Adele fought back and declared she wanted to “represent the majority of women.”

Even so, Adele has gone on to lose a ton of weight over the years but has held onto her incredible voice that has kept us so musically inspired all this time.

Kelly Clarkson

It seems as though this star has had more than just her weight to battle over the years; Kelly has also been diagnosed with a problem in her thyroid and an autoimmune disease that has led to the weight gain.

The singer puts her new figure down to books such as The Plant Paradox after it changed her entire view of eating. The diet swaps out various food for lectin-free alternatives and has helped Kelly drop 97 pounds to date.

Leslie Jones

Although we might not always want to hear it, sometimes we are forced to listen to our doctors’ advice – especially when they are telling us we need to lose weight.

Leslie Jones was the receiver of the bad news when her doctor announced she needed to lose 40 pounds, but knew just how to put it right. The actress used her time in Ghostbusters as a way to get active, as well as cutting out all soda and fruit juice from her diet.

Tyler Perry

It turns out sometimes moms really do know best as Tyler Perry will tell you when it comes to losing weight. The actor was upset with his appearance and knew he wanted to change, especially when his diabetic mom passed away in 2009.

From then on, Tyler has been working hard to ensure he doesn’t meet the same tragic end. To date, the actor has lost around 40 pounds and is determined to keep working towards his goal.

Adrienne Bailon

Food can be something that brings us together. After all, it’s hard to beat settling down to a delicious meal with someone, right? Sadly, it was Adrienne and her partner’s passion for food that saw her gain weight.

The singer was determined to trim down for her Paris wedding and spent plenty of time in the gym to beat the bulge. Now, Adrienne has stuck to her new way of life and is fully reaping the benefits of a healthier eating plan.

Jerry Ferrara

Before Jerry signed up as part of the cast of Entourage, this actor almost looked like an entirely different person. It was back in June 2015 that Jerry decided he wanted to change his life. The star didn’t just want to lose weight, but he also wanted to quit smoking.

He thought he would throw himself in at the deep end and gave up everything at once. In fact, Jerry admits avoiding unhealthy food was the easy part.

Sara Rue

It seems as though this actress was determined to change more than just her health; Sara also wanted to be the happiest she has ever been. To start, the actress knew she had to embark on a new adventure to change her life.

Amazingly, Sara’s dedication means she has dropped 50 pounds and gone down four dress sizes as a result. However, the actress also admits her journey to find better health is one that will never be complete.

Kevin Smith

Believe it or not, but this comedian was once pulled from an airline after they deemed him too large for their seats. This was enough to push Kevin to drop a staggering 85 pounds, so he never experienced the same thing again.

But he wasn’t done just yet. No, the comedian had a heart attack that showed one of his arteries was 100% blocked. Ever since, he has been on a journey to lose 50 pounds, with 20 in the bag so far.

Rick Ross

You might struggle to recognize this rapper after he lost a whopping 85 pounds. The once supersize star is now a much slimmer version of himself, but Rick admits it’s all down to a few minor lifestyle changes.

In fact, he confesses it was all down to cutting back on the alcohol, watching his diet, and making sure to get plenty of sleep each night that saw Rick slim down. It seems as though we don’t always need a swanky diet plan after all!

Jordin Sparks

It wasn’t winning American Idol that saw Jordin Sparks gain weight. No, in fact, it was quite the opposite. The singer began to shed weight as soon as she took home the winning crown and showcased her 50-pound lighter frame back in 2014.

Jordin says her secret was all about asking herself if she was really hungry. She added that no one has to sacrifice the food they love to lose weight; it’s merely about portion control and the food you choose.

Gordon Ramsay

Here is a man that is used to being surrounded by top-notch cuisine thanks to his many restaurants and plenty of chef friends. Amazingly, it was feeling sluggish that gave Gordon the push to change his life.

All it took was a few runs here and there, and now the chef is partaking in marathons all over the place. That’s not all. Gordon also admits that cutting cheese and milk from his diet has helped make a massive difference to his weight.

Sasha Pieterse

Unfortunately, Sasha discovered she has polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that has many side effects, including weight gain. It wasn’t long before the actress gained 70 pounds and was yearning for change.

The star began to exercise and even signed herself up to a season of Dancing With the Stars. All that moving and grooving soon saw 37 pounds melt away to reveal a brand new Sasha lying underneath. We can’t wait to see where the new look will lead her!

Craig Robinson

This actor was in for a massive change after reading a health article. Craig admits he saw a story about being able to regenerate your liver by not drinking for six months. Determined to find out whether it worked, Craig packed up the alcohol and has never looked back.

In fact, he is now even living by a vegan lifestyle and still enjoys eating out and about. The actor has thanked both changes for his 50-pound weight loss over the months.

Megan Fox

We know it’s hard to believe, but not all of us are perfect. Not even Megan Fox. The actress fell victim to weight gain in 2012 after falling pregnant with her first child, Noah. However, the Hollywood star was determined to get her figure back and started her journey by cutting out all carbohydrates, including bread, chips, pretzels, and crackers.

Megan even admits she never had a cheat day as the worst thing she indulges in is one daily coffee.

Bryan Cranston

Not all of us have the time or money for a nutritionist, but Bryan was about to take his paycheck and run with it as he enlisted the help of a food professional to trim down. The actor admitted he never wanted to starve himself, but wanted a way to cut back on the calories.

Now, Bryan makes sure he eats every meal and takes a bag of snacks around wherever he goes. Sounds like our kinda diet plan!

Wendy Williams

This TV host is used to having all eyes on her thanks to her long-running talk show. However, Wendy was determined to become the woman she always dreamed of after realizing how unhappy she was with her weight.

To start, the star would wake up with a healthy breakfast to set the standard for the rest of the day. Now, she has lost 50 pounds in three years. Although it wasn’t the quickest weight loss, Wendy admits she now feels fantastic.

Ricki Lake

This actress recently confessed that issues in her childhood led her to become a secret eater. All those years of secret snacks and hidden meals meant Ricki grew into her sizeable 260-pound frame.

The star began to skip meals as a way to lose weight but eventually learned that healthy eating and exercise was the way to drop the 130 pounds she needed to become a healthy weight. Amazingly, the star has kept it off for the last 15 years.

Lisa Riley

It seems this Emmerdale star was determined to lose the weight she had gained over the years but wasn’t about to follow any celeb diet plan or training regime. So what was Lisa Riley’s secret? It was actually sheer determination that saw this actress drop the pounds.

In fact, Lisa admits she used the change as a chance to transform her entire life as she cut out snacks and alcohol, and began exercising before dropping from a size 28 to a 12.

Holly Hagan

Geordie Shore star, Holly, has grown used to a life of paparazzi wherever she goes thanks to her on-screen antics. Sadly, she wasn’t always happy with the snaps. It was this that led her to hit the gym after reading advice from the book The Body Bible.

Now, the star is over 40 pounds lighter and uses social media to offer inspiration to other youngsters looking to change their lives. Holly even admits it’s ok to enjoy treats every now and then.

Monica Seles

Monica was once considered as one of the top tennis players in the world until a match in Germany where the star was stabbed. The incident understandably left the athlete shaken. However, Monica soon turned to food as a way to cope with the trauma of it all, and it wasn’t long before she dwarfed her former self.

The star later retired from the sport in 2008 but has thankfully picked up exercise and healthier snacking habits to lose the extra weight.

Alison Moyet

Amazingly, Alison’s time as part of the group Yazoo meant this musician was a household name throughout the ‘80s when she was just 21 years old. However, when the star emerged a few years ago, people were quick to criticize her weight gain.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the media are back at it saying Alison is now on the opposite end of the scale. Will the singer ever be able to keep everyone happy? It appears not.

50 Cent

50 Cent got the world talking back in 2012 when he signed up for the role in the film All Things Fall Apart. However, it wasn’t his acting that was the topic of conversation, but his appearance. The rapper was cast as a football player battling cancer, and he wanted to embrace the role entirely.

A combination of plenty of time in the gym and a completely liquid diet meant 50 Cent lost a staggering 52 pounds in just nine short weeks.

Ricky Gervais

Losing weight isn’t always a simple task. After all, it takes plenty of dedication to alter a lifetime of habits, right? Maybe that’s why comedian Ricky Gervais opted for some help from his girlfriend to make it down the path to a healthier lifestyle?

Ricky had developed a love for wine and sausages throughout his 30s, and it was finally catching up. That’s why the pair began to eat healthily and go running together. Now, Ricky is a whopping 40 pounds lighter.

Lil’ Kim

Life for teenage Kim wasn’t always an easy one. The rapper was once forced to live on the streets after her family banished the star from their home. However, her talents were soon discovered, and she was on her way to the high life – and a heavy weight.

It wasn’t until Lil’ Kim signed up to Dancing With the Stars that she was able to melt away 20 pounds. Outside of dancing, she has continued to do calisthenics and kickboxing to keep fit.

Chris Hemsworth

This star is now recognized as Marvel’s Thor, but how could the God of thunder once have looked so slim and slender? It was during his time in the film In The Heart of the Sea that Chris slimmed down.

According to the actor, no one had any time to prepare for their parts meaning they had to lose the weight while working all day on set. Apparently, some days would consist of just a celery stick, crackers, and a boiled egg.

Matthew Lewis

Let’s face it; there is no one else that would have been able to pull off Neville Longbottom quite like Matthew Lewis. However, it seems as though leaving the world of Harry Potter behind was the best thing for this actor.

His transformation has been nothing short of magical as Matthew has transformed into a whole new person. As well as shedding some pounds, the actor has also hit the gym to bulk up his new adult body.

E.J. Johnson

For some, weight loss surgery is the only option to kick off the start of a brand new journey. That’s why E.J. Johnson opted to undergo a gastric bypass. The reality star new she wanted to change her life but had no idea where to begin.

Now, E.J. admits the surgery gave her the new mindset she needed to rebuild her relationship with food. To top it all off, the star has since gone on to lose 100 pounds – wowza.

Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell

Pawn Stars wouldn’t be the same without Chumlee behind the counters. However, fans of the show might have noticed a few changes in their favorite employee over the years. That’s because Chumlee is another to head down the path of weight loss surgery in a bid to battle the bulge.

It seems as though he is winning the fight so far as the star has dropped a colossal 192 pounds. This is also thanks to his six gym visits a week.

Tyler Baltierra

This reality star first appeared on our screens back in 16 and Pregnant before later moving on to a role in Teen Moms. Tyler might have been on the heavier side during his time on TV, but has since emerged with a brand new look. It seems as though life in the limelight has been kind to this star.

In fact, he and his now-wife, Catelynn, are the only pair to still be together since the finale of the show.

Mark Jansen

Mark made a name for himself as the personal trainer on Big Brother. However, it seems as though this gym buff wasn’t always rocking those abs or toning those pecs. In fact, before the star appeared on the reality show, Mark admits he used to weigh around 340 pounds.

He always dreamed of making it in the fitness industry so dropped 100 pounds as a way to kick-start his journey. The rest? Well, that’s all history now!


Christina Aguilera

This singer and superstar has been on our playlists since the ‘90s. Sadly, it seems as though the pressure of Hollywood teamed with the stress of forging a music career was enough to see Christina pile of the pounds over the years.

That was until the singer realized how her lifestyle was affecting her health. Although it meant taking some time away from the limelight, Christina stepped back to focus on herself and drop 49 pounds. Now, she looks better than ever.

Meghan Linsey

Climbing her way to the top of The Voice was this star’s way of reaching new heights of fame back in 2015. Sadly, the singer finished in second place on the reality show, but it still gave Meghan the push she needed to lose the 25 pounds she had been clinging onto over the years.

According to the singer, she’s now enjoying experimenting with her style once more. We wonder what other changes this weight loss will have for Meghan?

Demi Lovato

Here we have a superstar that has always been honest with the world about all aspects of her personal life: the good and the bad. Demi rose to fame as one of Disney’s child stars, but it wasn’t until recent years the singer began to fall in love with all things positive and started eating healthy.

Demi has been using social media to spread her positive message, but sadly has recently been taken to the hospital following substance use.

Debra Messing

Have you ever thought about the chance that these stars lost weight by accident? As crazy as it sounds, this was the case for actress Debra Messing suddenly dropping 20 pounds. As everyone tried to figure out what it was that caused the star to lose all the weight, she had a secret: it was never planned!

Apparently, Debra decided to shake things up with a health kick and ended up melting away some pounds in the process.

Keely Shaye Smith

Pierce Brosnan might be a name that many of us have grown to know and love over the years, but the same hasn’t always been said for his wife, Keely. Sadly, the former model has been subject to media criticism in the last few years after gaining a considerable amount of weight.

Although Pierce has always been there to defend his wife, Keely can now do that all on her own after dropping a staggering 105 pounds through determination alone.

Mama June

Although Honey Boo Boo was the star of the reality show, we couldn’t help but talk about her mom, Mamma June. However, all that talk was about to turn to her weight. Mama June decide the only way forward was to opt for weight loss surgery, and it’s hard to miss the results.

She was once a size 18 in clothes, but not the star admits she can fit into a size 4 with ease, and won’t be gaining it back.

Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo

I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love Honey Boo Boo? The reality TV star, known as Honey Boo Boo but called Alana Thompson in real life, won people’s hearts through the TLC reality show that shed light on the lives of kids who enter pageants. One of the most iconic scenes from the show entails Honey Boo Boo drinking ‘go-go juice’ before a competition.

The now 12-year-old reality star looks all grown up and very different from the little 6 years old who participated in the program. She has chosen to remain out of the spotlight for a while. Yet, she recently made a rare appearance for the launch of her mother’s new show: ‘From Not To Hot’, which sees Mama June slim down nearly 300 pounds.