Celebrity Takes Passengers Under His Wing After Plane Makes Emergency Landing

The Flight disaster

When leaving for a trip, the one thing you want is to have problems. The whole point of a trip especially when it is for leisure is to get away from the strains of every day boring life. So pre-travel jitters can be normal, but most people just convince themselves that the occurrence of something happening is pretty rare. However a group of passengers traveling by plane from San Francisco to Burbank, Californa were part of an emergency landing of their plane and things looked a little scary. Once the plane made the landing, they could breathe a breath of fresh air but now had to deal with how they were going to get to their destination.

Not knowing what to do and feeling helpless the travelers were lucky to have an unlikely hero there to save the day. Only this hero was sitting among them the whole time, and no one suspected it. But when the time came, he stepped up and took them on a wild adventure.

Short but not so sweet

This flight was supposed to be very short. The trip from San Francisco to Burbank by plane is even less than an hour and a half cutting down over six hours that it would take on a good travel day by other means of transportation.

Everyone on the plane was prepared for a short trip and took a plane instead of a car or bus because it was faster. So when the plane had a detour and an emergency landing, none of the travelers were ready to be held back on their schedule. They didn’t bring with them entertainment for more than an hour or extra distractions. Let’s just say they didn’t stay so bored on this flight later on.

Pre-flight zen

Flights can get stressful, and this journey ended very stressfully for these passengers. This is why it may be a good thing that their day started out in San Francisco International Airport. This airport was not like others. It is packed with relevant and practical activities for people to participate in for example yoga classes.

These people could have used just a bit of relaxation before the hectic plane ride they were going to have on this flight to Burbank. So some of them probably left SFO in a zenned out mood, but with what happens, later on, it seems no zen, yoga or even herbal tea could calm them down. Anyone going through what they did would get anxious.


The waiting game

Passengers started arriving at the airport that day ready to get on the flight and quickly to Burbank. The only thing passengers have to wait at the airport before getting on the plane, and this can be very time consuming and irritating. Luckily for short flights, the waiting time is a lot shorter, and you only have to arrive at the airport 1 hour before.  No need to waste the entire day at the airport.

These people were ready to get on the flight and didn’t spend hours at the airport before, but they would have to wait. The wait would just be up in the air and after the landing. Little did they know that this long waiting game would end because of a hero only Hollywood could write up.

All aboard

The plane doors opened, and slowly but surely all the passengers got on the flight eager to get to Burbank and continue their usual business. If their minds could speak together, they would all say “let’s go.”  While boarding, there were no issues, and people proceeded to follow the rules and be getting on the plane smoothly and into their seats.

Airlines, of course, do their part and make sure all is set and ready for the flight to go in the best way possible. There is always the possibility that something can go wrong and setback the whole operation, but this isn’t the usual case on such short and normal flights. As the passengers trickled into their designated seats so did one man who would later be their hero but right now just went unnoticed.


The takeoff was just fine, and the plane was on schedule during the departure. The people on the flight settled in their seats as the flight to Burbank got on its way. The journey was short, but people still pulled out eye mask for a quick snooze, others connected to the WiFi to do some quick work, and everything seemed pretty fine.

A few people who still had their eyes open noticed the quiet man and figured he looked familiar. “Could it be?” They thought. No one really could place that it was him and most people weren’t even looking or just asleep. It didn’t take long till everyone on the flight was up and awake, as they were all jolted awake by a dreadful announcement.

Not the words you want to hear

The inflight PA system was turned on, and the passengers all heard words that no one on any flight ever wants to hear. There was an issue malfunctioning the plane, and the flight would now have to make an emergency landing. They would not be landing in Burbank as planned. People started to get scared. Emergency landings are no joke in the airplane world.

There was no way to tell really how far they had gotten in the short time of the flight. Also, people started wondering what would happen once they landed. How would they get to Burbank? Firstly they wanted to land safely without any harm to anyone on the plane. Once they did that they could start worrying about the next step of their trip.

Nowhere welcomes you

There wasn’t too much time to think about anything at all because the plane made it’s way down in a sharp descent to the ground. The aircraft screeched on the runway and scared the passengers, but they were on the ground now. Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief. They had landed – sharply – but safely. What now?

They were all imagining a stronger impact and were glad to know that it was less severe and they had all survived it. The people and the crew disembarked from the airplane and looked around. They were in the middle of nowhere. Emptiness all around them. They managed to get some sort of cell service and found that they were not even near Burbank with a distance of a few hours.

Empty and Alone

After looking around and understanding they were in the middle of nowhere, they had to think of what they were going to do next. They had landed in the small and quiet Bakersfield airport and were now being guided by the crew to get inside the airport; only the airport was closed. And the sun of the desert area was beating down on them hard at this point.

They weren’t going to get on a flight from here if the airport wasn’t even working. The passengers began to realize it could be hours before they would get anywhere from here. Panic settled in, but one surprising person would step in and take care of all the confusing traveling arrangements.

Special just for you

Unline SFO airport this Bakersfield airport was tiny and had no extra activities and shops for the passengers. The seclusion of this airport made for a much more anxious feeling for the group of passengers from the SFO flight. This also wasn’t too close to any city centers, meaning they felt stuck and stranded.

There was one business around at that was a Blimpie store, and it had been hurried open for this group in particular. They slowly understood that no employees meant no planes. How were they going to get to Burbank now? They were all in for a wild ride.

Stepping up to save the day

There was slight chaos starting to ensue in the tiny airport and then out of nowhere one man who was wearing a black shirt and a baseball cap hiding his long dark hair stepped up into the middle of the storm. Most of the passengers hadn’t noticed until now who this man was, because he wasn’t an ordinary one. They just couldn’t quite place who he was.

Everyone huddled around and was waiting for the crew of the airport to say something relevant to them getting to Burbank. The airline was trying to transport all the passengers to Burbank right then and there without even waiting for their luggage. That would be taken care of later. The passengers didn’t like the sound of that and also would soon find out who the man exactly was.

The choice

The people watched as this man was trying to help with making arrangments much better for all the people. A man who was posting about the situation on social media wrote that he started looking for places to stay in the Bakersfield area until he the airport would officially open the gates and allow them to fly home or to Burbank. People were feeling desperate and crying for help.

Bakersfield felt sad and lonely, not anywhere too comfortable to stay. Mostly this guy was just hoping for a quicker solution to get to Burbank. He noticed that the man in the black shirt was talking about getting to Burbank that day with the luggage and this started to seem like a better option. This adventure was just getting started for this group.

Bakersfield is not that small of a town, but the people would only find this out later. The town is just really reliant on agriculture and oil production, so there aren’t many amenities for the people who visit or live there.

Most of the passengers were concerned about waiting for the luggage but being stuck in what seemed like small nowhere was worse than not having access to their belongings. So good thing that one man was fighting for everyone to get home with the employees who had no problem making people wait for hours if that is what it took.

Demanding girlfriend

All the people on the flight had some plans for when arriving at Burbank and had to make other arrangments or let the people expecting them they would be late. One man had an angry encounter on a call to his loved one. He was making a call to his girlfriend to update her on the situation, and she was not too happy about it.

He called her and put the phone on speaker so everyone around could hear the conversation. She was very upset that her boyfriend would miss their planned date. He had survived an emergency landing and was safe but she was mad, it didn’t bother her.  But not all hope was lost.


The man with a van

The man in the hat that seemed to be running the business there had come forward with what seemed like a solution. There would be a van leaving the airport to get to Bakersfield and passengers could ride it and share the journey. And this was all thanks to this kind man who pushed to find a solution.

The idea of getting in a van wasn’t too great either, it would be a little cramped, but it was better than nothing at this point and much better than getting on a malfunctioning plane once gain. Maybe once they recognized who it was that was organizing the whole ordeal, they would run to go with him.