Celebrity Deaths You Probably Didn’t Hear About


Michael Clarke Duncan – Heart Attack

He often played the “tough guy” in movies. But, sadly, even tough guys can fall victim to all types of diseases. The list of movies he has appeared in is as impressive as his Oscar nominations. He appeared in The Green Mile, The Whole Nine Yards and Armageddon to name just a few of his best-known movies. Sadly, despite medical treatment, he passed away as a result of a heart attack at the age of 54.

Nicole Dehuff – Pneumonia

Tragically, Nicole Dehuff’s death showed that even doctors can get it wrong when it comes to the types of treatment they offer and the diagnosis they give. Best known for her role in the film Meet the Parents, she sought medical treatment when she started to suffer from a respiratory condition. She was told she had bronchitis and sent home with medication. But, sadly, her condition got worse and she died at the age of 30 as a result of pneumonia.

Thuy Trang – Car Accident

Surely everyone had a favorite power ranger while watching the series as a child! Thuy Trang was known for playing the yellow power ranger in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Sadly, she never got the chance to further her acting career. She died after suffering catastrophic injuries in a car crash when she was just 27. Trang died before she got to hospital for medical treatment because of devastating internal injuries she sustained when the car flipped over.

Sunny Johnson – Burst Blood Vessel

Best known for playing figure skater Jeanie in Flashdance, Sunny Johnson sadly died just a year after the movie was released. Although she was rushed to hospital, no medical treatment could save her, and she died at the age of 30 after a blood vessel burst in her brain. One of the cruelest types of diseases to suffer, she was proclaimed clinically dead when she arrived at hospital and the decision was taken to take her off the respirator.

Harold Ramis – Autoimmune Inflammatory Vasculitis

Harold Ramis was best known for playing geeky Egon Spengler in the Ghostbuster franchise. Sadly, he has now passed over to the other side himself. As well as acting, Ramis was a successful director and writer in Hollywood. But, there are obviously some types of diseases which can hit you no matter how famous or successful you are! Ramis started having medical treatment for inflammation of the blood vessels in 2001 and died three years later, aged 69.

Justin Pierce – Suicide

Known for playing Casper in the movie Kids, a skateboarder with a drug and alcohol addiction, Justin Pierce was a troubled teen, who started skipping school and smoking cigarettes following his parents’ divorce. His troubles continued into later life. Although he found love and married stylist Gina Rizzo in 1999, he was found a year later hanged in the Bellagio Hotel. It was too late for any medical treatment by the time hotel security found him. He had left two suicide notes.

Laura Branigan – Ventricular Brain Aneurysm

Laura was a big name in the music industry, contributing to albums including the Ghostbusters and Flashdance soundtracks. Fans across the world were devastated when she passed away in 2004 as a result of a ventricular brain aneurysm. Thankfully, family members were able to be with her while she underwent medical treatment and at the time of her death. She had already had the foresight to make her last will and testament, which meant they knew what her wishes were.

J.T. Walsh – Heart Attack

J.T. Walsh was often the man we loved to hate, because he played the villain so many times. He starred in A Few Good Men, The Negotiator and Good Morning, Vietnam, to name but a few of his achievements. After feeling unwell, he suffered a heart attack in hospital. Despite medical treatment, he died, aged 54. He was so respected among his former co-stars that Jack Nicholson dedicated his Oscar for As Good as it Gets to him.

Andrew Koenig – Suicide

One in four people are affected by mental health issues, and Andrew Koenig was one of them. Even with medical treatment, clinical depression can lead to people taking their own lives. Koenig had small screen success on Growing Pains, playing Mike Seaver’s friend Boner. He was also a successful writer and director. But, his behavior and drug and alcohol addiction started to concern family and friends, and he was found hanged in Stanley Park, Vancouver, at the age of 41.

Chris Penn – Heart Disease

Chris Penn had some big footsteps to follow in, given that his elder brother Sean Penn is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. But, he didn’t let that hold him back, winning parts in big movies, including Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Pale Rider. After turning 40, Chris was given the devastating news that he had a heart condition. Full details of his medical treatment were never given. Sadly, he passed away in 2006.

Michael Jeter – Epileptic Seizure

He starred in some of the best-loved movies of all time, including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Green Mile, and The Polar Express. Although he was receiving medical treatment as he was HIV positive, Jeter had been in good health, so fans couldn’t understand why he would have been found dead at his home in LA at the age of 50. His partner Sean Blue later revealed he had suffered an epileptic seizure.

Romi Koch – Unknown

Known for her role in the horror movie Dead Doll, Romi Koch died a year after the film was released. As well as dealing with her death, Koch’s loved ones had to cope with never knowing exactly what happened. She was found dead in Ontario, Canada. Rumors are rife about what actually happened. Some believe she was suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, while others think that Koch was just a stage name and she is still alive somewhere.

Earl Hindman – Lung Cancer

Known to millions as the oddball neighbor in the sitcom Home Improvement, Earl Hindman doled out questionable “wisdom” to the main character Tim Taylor over the garden fence. Taylor must have sometimes questioned buying real estate next to Hindman’s character Wilson. W. Wilson. Hindman died in 2003, at the age of 61, after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. A long-time smoker, it is thought his habit contributed to his cancer diagnosis.

Alice Playten – Heart Failure / Pancreatic Cancer / Diabetes

She may have been barely five feet tall, but Alice Playten had a knack for providing some big laughs. Her sense of humor meant she was loved by those who worked with her and her fans. She was best known for treading the boards on Broadway in the likes of Oliver! She also appeared in Ridley Scott’s Legend, playing a Goblin creature called Blix. Playten passed away at the age of 63.

Wendie Jo Sperber – Breast Cancer

Known for playing Linda McFly, Marty’s sister, in the Back to the Future franchise, Wendie Jo Sperber was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. After undergoing a number of types of treatments, including experimental radiation therapy, it was hoped that she was in remission. Unfortunately, despite medical treatment, the cancer returned, and she passed away at the age of 47. Even while undergoing treatment, she continued to act in the likes of Will & Grace and Sorority Boys.

Trevor Goddard – Drug Overdose

British-born Trevor Goddard was known for playing Kano in the martial arts movie Mortal Combat. But, even tough guys struggle with their own personal demons. Goddard suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s not certain whether he ever sought any medical treatment in rehab. But, while in the process of getting a divorce, he was found dead at his home in LA at the age of 40. Cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs were all found in his system.

Richard Attenborough – Heart Disease

Actor and filmmaker Richard Attenborough had astounding success in Hollywood during his career, building up a net worth of $20 million. But, no amount of money in the world can protect you from tragedy. Sadly, Attenborough lost his daughter and his granddaughter in the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. He died a decade later as a result of heart disease. The last request in his will and testament was that his ashes be placed with those of his lost loved ones.

Ashleigh Aston Moore – Heroin Overdose

A child star who appeared along with Christina Ricci and Gaby Hoffman in cult classic Now and Then, Ashleigh Aston Moore never got to realize her true potential as an actress as she passed away at the age of just 26. She died as a result of an accidental heroin overdose. Unfortunately, she’s one of many former child actors who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. It’s not clear whether she ever sought help or went into rehab.

Jonathan Brandis – Suicide

The pressures of fame can be too much for many child stars. Jonathan Brandis began his tv career appearing in commercials when he was just four. He made his acting debut in the soap opera One Life to Live, before taking the main part in the Stephen King miniseries It. Clearly, he was struggling with some personal demons. Brandis took his own life at the age of 27. He was found hanged in the hallway of his apartment building in LA.

James Avery – Complications after Open Heart Surgery

James Avery was best known as the patriarch in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He also appeared in movies including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Iron Man. But, at the age of 68, he needed medical treatment because he was suffering from coronary heart disease. Sadly, he passed away as a result of complications from open heart surgery. His wife Barbara had left his bedside briefly to get some food when he died.

Andy Whitfield – Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

A talented actor with a bright future ahead of him, Whitfield’s life was cut short when he was diagnosed with cancer. Best known for starring in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, he knew cancer was one of those types of diseases which take so many lives. But, he accepted medical treatment and fought as much as he could. Sadly, he lost his battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 39, just 18 months after diagnosis.

Richard Griffiths – Complications from Heart Surgery

One of Britain’s best-loved actors, Richard Griffiths was known for playing Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter franchise. Griffiths was also considered twice for the part of the Doctor in Doctor Who, but the timing was never right. He struggled with his weight for most of his life. Griffiths developed heart problems and died at the age of 65 following heart surgery. It’s not known what was in his will and testament, but he left behind his wife.

Glenn Quinn – Heroin Overdose

After shooting to fame playing Becky’s boyfriend in the 90s sitcom Roseanne, Glenn Quinn gained more fans for playing half-demon Doyle in the Buffy spin-off Angel. He built up a sizeable net worth and even invested in a nightclub. But, he ultimately succumbed to drug and alcohol addiction, and died at the age of just 32 from an accidental heroin overdose on a friend’s couch. He had been in rehab in Miami but was asked to leave for drug use.

Anton Yelchin – Traumatic Asphyxia

He was best known for playing Pavel Chekov, navigator of the USS Enterprise, in the Star Trek movies, but tragically, he died in a car accident in 2016 just before the release of his latest movie Star Trek Beyond. As well as coping with his death, his family needed to recruit certain types of lawyers as they brought a case against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after Yelchin’s Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled onto him at his LA home.

Barney Martin – Lung Cancer

While many actors make the transition to directing or writing once they’ve had enough of being in front of the camera, Barney Martin did things the other way around. Best known for appearing in Seinfeld, he started as a writer, before deciding he wanted to be in the spotlight. Sadly, both he and his daughter suffered from similar types of diseases. He died from lung cancer in 2005, three years after his daughter lost her battle with cancer.

Zoe Tamerlis – Cocaine-Induced Heart Failure

Zoe Tamerlis was a woman of many talents. Not only was she an actress, but she was known for her modeling work, as a producer, author, musician, screenwriter and activist. But, she was also suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. She called drugs the “elixir of life” and died in Paris at the age of 37 as a result of heart failure because of her cocaine use. It is understood that she never went into rehab.

Len Lesser – Cancer Related Pneumonia

Sadly, when you are battling something like cancer, it can lead to complications and other types of diseases. Len Lesser, who was best known for playing Uncle Leo in Seinfeld, was fighting lung cancer when he died at his home in LA from pneumonia. He passed away at the age of 88 having done a lot with his life. After getting an economics degree, he served in the army, and appeared in Boy Meets World and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Antoine Ashley – Heart Failure

A big name in the world of drag, Antoine Ashley was better known by his stage name of Sahara Davenport. He started off performing in gay clubs and then appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race. On the show, Ashley was frank about drug and alcohol addiction, saying he had taken ketamine. He died at just 27 as a result of heart failure. Because he died so young, it’s not known if he had thought to make a last will and testament!

Paul Gleason – Lung Cancer / Pleural Mesothelioma

He shot into the spotlight playing the angry Assistant Principal in the cult classic movie The Breakfast Club, and also starred in Die Hard and Trading Places. Gleason died in hospital at the age of 67 as a result of lung conditions. It is thought the types of diseases he suffered from were brought on as a result of working with asbestos on construction sites with his father before he became an actor.

David Graf – Heart Attack

David Graf’s family had a history of heart disease, but no one could have known he would suffer from a heart attack during a family wedding, aged 50. Best known for playing Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry in the Police Academy movies, he probably had looked at all sorts of sensible plans for his real estate and his last will and testament because both his father and his grandfather had passed away as the result of heart attacks when they were 51.

Gina Mastrogiacomo – Myocarditis

After being discovered by Martin Scorsese, Gina Mastrogiacomo was cast as Ray Liotta’s mistress in Goodfellas. She also starred with another A-lister, opposite Tom Cruise in The Color of Money. So, she clearly had a bright future ahead of her. She had also auditioned for the role of Tony’s sister on The Sopranos. But, sadly she passed away from Myocarditis, one of those types of diseases which doesn’t care how young or old you are! She was just 39.

Lynne Thigpen – Cerebral Hemorrhage

An award-winning actress, who starred in movie An American Daughter, and tv series Law and Order, Lynne Thigpen’s death was a mystery at first when she passed away at the age of 54. No one knew if she had been suffering from any types of diseases or if she had medical treatment for anything. Eventually, it was found that she had suffered from painful headaches in the lead up to her death, which was caused by a cerebral hemorrhage.

Leonard Nimoy – Smoking-Related Disease

Leonard Nimoy is one of those iconic actors, who is instantly recognizable by people across the world. He was renowned for playing Spock in Star Trek, a half-Vulcan, half-human creature. He died after falling into a coma at his Bel Air real estate. He was 83 at the time of his death and had already undergone medical treatment for obstructive pulmonary disease caused by smoking. A private pilot, we wonder who his last will and testament left his airplane to!

Teena Marie – Unknown

Also known as Lady Tee, Teena Marie was renowned for her soulful vocals. But, when her mentor, and the man responsible for giving her the stage name passed away, she was shaken and is understood to have developed a drug and alcohol addiction, or at least an addiction to prescription drugs. She died aged 54, having suffered seizures for years after a picture fell on her head in a hotel room. Her cause of death is unknown.

John Cazale – Lung Cancer

A force to be reckoned with, John Cazale was nominated for awards in all five movies he starred in. Known for his stint on The Godfather, he was also known for his relationship with Meryl Streep, and for his A-list friends, who included Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he fought it with all types of treatments. But he sadly died at the age of 42, with Meryl by his bedside.

Fred “Rerun” Berry – Stroke

Who doesn’t remember his famous red beret in the 70s show What’s Happening? Fred Berry became a millionaire before his 30th birthday as a result of the show’s success. Unfortunately, he suffered from drug and alcohol addiction as well as needing medical treatment for depression. He died at home in Bel Air at the age of 52 after suffering a stroke. His last will and testament must have been complicated, as he was married five times, to four different women!

Anita Mui – Cervical Cancer

A renowned singer from Hong Kong, Anita Mui was compared to pop legend Madonna because of the way she performed and as a result of her knack for reinventing herself. But, sadly, she was diagnosed with one of those types of diseases which does not only take the old and frail. Despite medical treatment, Mui lost her battle with cervical cancer, aged 40. Sadly, her family faced battles with the administrators of Mui’s real estate after her death.

James Rebhorn – Melanoma

Part of what must surely be a small club of people who can say they have starred in more than 100 films, James Rebhorn’s best-known part was in the box office hit Independence Day. But, he was diagnosed with skin cancer and, despite medical treatment, the disease took his life 12 years later. He died at home at the age of 65. He surely had his last will and testament in order, as he left behind two daughters!

Holly Lewis – Unknown

She was one of umpteen people who move to LA to pursue their dreams. But, Holly Lewis was one of the few who made that dream a reality. She appeared in movies including Train 48 and These Girls. But, although she was getting work, she made the decision to move back to her home in Nebraska. She died at the age of 47 and mystery still surrounds what types of diseases she had, if any. The cause of her death remains unknown.

Kenneth Baker – Chronic Lung Condition

You may not recognize his face, but you’ll have seen his work! Kenneth Baker was the man inside the Star Wars robot R2-D2. While he had huge success, he was able to keep his private life, well, private, because of being hidden. He’d undergone medical treatment for a chronic lung condition and passed away before his 82nd birthday. His last will and testament could have been complicated as, after his death, it was discovered he had a secret son!

Skye McCole Bartusiak – Drug Overdose

Sometimes, parents simply don’t want to see that their children have a problem. Skye McCole Bartusiak proved herself to be a talented actress at a young age when she starred in the likes of Kill Your Darlings and The Patriot. But, just as many young stars battle drug and alcohol addiction, she had a problem with prescription drugs. It’s understood that she was never sent to rehab for medical treatment, and she died aged 21.

Bob Peck – Cancer

British actor Bob Peck was equally at home on stage as he was in front of the movie cameras! He was best known for playing game warden Robert Muldoon in Jurassic Park. He also starred in Lord of the Flies and The Black Velvet Gown. He was diagnosed with an undisclosed type of cancer and, despite medical treatment, died aged 53. His wife of 17 years and his three children are sure to have featured in his last will and testament!

Christopher Pettiet – Drug Overdose

Many child stars, sadly, end up taking a wrong turn in life and suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Christopher Pettiet had a bright future ahead of him after playing Jesse James in The Young Riders and starring in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. It’s thought that he didn’t check into rehab but was trying to kick the habit on his own. But, in April 2000, he died from an accidental drug overdose at the tender age of 24.

Suzanne Crough – Cardiomyopathy

She was known in the 70s for playing Tracy Partridge in The Partridge Family, and also featured in The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. Sadly, Suzanne Crough died at the age of 52 at home in LA. It is understood it was some time before she was discovered. While it’s not known if she received medical treatment, her death was sudden, and police said it wasn’t suspicious. She suffered from one of the types of diseases which affect the heart muscles.

Bill Bixby – Cancer

With a career spanning more than three decades, actor Bill Bixby had starred in the likes of The Incredible Hulk Returns, Against the Odds, and Big Fish, Little Fish. Best known for playing scientist Dr David Banner in the Hulk, he was also renowned as a stage actor. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He battled it with medical treatment, but he died aged 59 in 1993. He passed away just a few days after he finished directing the series Blossom.

Brad Renfro – Drug Overdose

A talented child actor, Brad Renfro made his mark on the movie world when he appeared in the movie The Client, along with Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones. Before being cast, he had no acting experience and had been living in a trailer park with his grandmother. He undoubtedly had a bright future ahead of him, but he fell victim to drug and alcohol addiction. He was found dead in his LA apartment, aged 25.

George Gaynes – Natural Causes

George Gaynes moved all the way from the Netherlands to the USA, so he could be a Broadway star. He then went on to appear in the tv series Punky Brewster and to star as Commandant Eric Lassard in Police Academy. He died at the ripe old age of 98 at his daughter’s home in Washington, from natural causes. His agent described his death as a “sad, sad loss,” but said he had a “really long, great life.”

Marcia Wallace – Breast Cancer

She shot onto the sitcom scene in the 70s in The Bob Newhart Show. But, did you know Marcia Wallace also gained a new generation of fans when she voiced the part of teacher Mrs. Krabappel in the Simpsons, even scooping an Emmy for her work? She died at the age of 73 from a number of types of diseases. She is understood to have had pneumonia, sepsis and breast cancer. Ultimately, despite medical treatment, it became too much to battle.

John Spencer – Heart Attack

He scooped an Emmy Award for his role as White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry in The West Wing, but despite his success, John Spencer was battling his own personal demons, and suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. However, after discovering a love for gardening, he said he was overcoming his problems. Sadly, he died as a result of a heart attack just a few days before he was due to celebrate his 59th birthday.

Kellie Shanygne Williams – a Silly Mistake

She won fans when she played the character of Lauren Lee Winslow in the popular series Family Matters. But, a few years ago, rumors were rife that Kellie had passed away. Thankfully, they were just rumors, and Kellie is perfectly fine. It is thought that the source of the misinformation must have been confused and mistaken Kellie for her co-star Michelle Thomas. Michelle had been suffering from a rare type of cancer.

Leonard Cohen – a Fall

His gravelly voice and the track, Hallelujah, which was covered by countless other singers, won him fans the world over. But, Leonard Cohen was in poor health as a result of needing medical treatment for leukemia. He died in 2016 after falling at his home in LA, at the age of 82. His last will and testament may well have proved complex as he’d earlier had a battle with his manager, who had been siphoning funds from his estate.

Natasha Richardson – Brain Injury

Natasha Richardson appeared in The Parent Trap, Maid in Manhattan, and Nell, which she starred in along with Jodie Foster and her future husband Liam Neeson. A mother of two, she suffered terrible head injuries when she fell while taking a beginner skiing lesson close to Quebec. Despite being flown to New York for emergency medical treatment, she died from her injuries. Her family said they were devastated and the lights on Broadway were dimmed in a mark of respect.

George Kennedy – Heart Disease

He was so impressive in the role of prisoner Dragline in 60s movie Cool Hand Luke that he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. But, all the awards in the world couldn’t protect him from heart problems. George Kennedy had medical treatment for a number of years as a result of suffering from heart disease and a heart attack. He passed away at the age of 91 as a result of complications.

Pete Burns – Cardiac Arrest

The track You Spin Me Round is one of the most enduring songs of all time. English singer Pete Burns, who founded the band Dead or Alive, is the one behind the cult classic. He also appeared on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother. But, he was just as renowned for his appearance following a number of cosmetic surgeries as he was for his singing and tv appearances. He passed away after suffering from a cardiac arrest, aged 57.

Alan Thicke – Heart Attack

A man of many talents, Alan Thicke was a singer, songwriter and talk show host. But, he was best known for playing Jason Seaver in Growing Pains. A family man, he died suddenly while playing hockey with his son. Despite being rushed to hospital for emergency medical treatment, he died at the age of 69. The cause of death was Type-A aortic dissection. Spookily, he had been warned by a medium to be careful with his health shortly before he died.

Dana Hill – Diabetes

You might not recognize her face, but you will know her voice! Dana Hill was the voice of Jerry the mouse in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. She was already a child star before that, having played Audrey Griswald in the cult movie National Lampoon’s European Vacation. But, she had treatment since she was little for Type 1 diabetes. Despite medical treatment, she died at the age of 32 as a result of complications from the disease.

Andy Hallett – A Dental Infection

Both a singer and an actor, Andy Hallett is best known for starring on the tv shows Angel and Chance. Tragically, he died after suffering from a dental infection. He spent five days having medical treatment after the infection spread through his bloodstream to his heart. He did recover, but it’s one of a number of types of diseases which can weaken the heart muscle and valves. He died, aged 33, five years after he started to experience health problems.

Jean Stapleton – Natural Causes

She’s probably best known for her role as Edith Bunker on All in the Family, but Jean Stapleton had a prolific career, having starred in more than 60 productions. Thankfully, she must have had time to get everything in order, including her will and testament, as she died at the ripe old age of 90, surrounded by her loved ones at her real estate in New York. She won three Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes during her career.

Michu Meszaros – Stroke and Pneumonia

He may have been just 2 feet 9 inches in height, but what he may have lacked in stature, he certainly made up in talent. Hungarian-born Michu Meszaros was a former circus performer, who was best known for his role in the tv show Alf. He also starred in a Pepsi ad along with Michael Jackson. Although he had received medical treatment, he died at the age of 76 after suffering a stroke and contracting pneumonia.

Judith Eva Barsi

This is truly chilling! Judith Eva Barsi was a child actress who appeared in Jaws: The Revenge and All Dogs Go to Heaven. Tragically, while she was enjoying big screen success, her home life was troubled as her father was battling drug and alcohol addiction but had refused to go into rehab. She was shot and killed in her bed at the age of 10 by her father, who also murdered her mother before killing himself two days later.

Redd Foxx – Heart Attack

Comedian and singer Redd Foxx was known for starring in 70s tv series’ Sanford and Son and The Royal Family. But, while in rehearsals, he suffered what proved to be a fatal heart attack. He was rushed to hospital for treatment, but medics couldn’t save him, and he passed away, aged 69. Because his character was famed for pretending to have heart attacks, his cast members at first thought he was joking when he fell ill.

Ron Glass – Respiratory Failure

After making his acting debut on stage, Ron Glass then moved to Hollywood and won a number of parts, including the role of Det. Ron Harris in Barney Miller. Even those who hadn’t seen his movies and tv shows may have heard his voice and he worked as a video games voiceover artist for Ancient Space and Fable II. Sadly, he died after needing medical treatment as a result of respiratory problems. He was 71 when he passed away.

Sawyer Sweeten – Suicide

Fans of Everybody Loves Raymond will remember Sawyer Sweeten for playing one of the twins on the show. But tragically, he was suffering from depression and, despite treatment, he took his own life at the age of 19. He died in Texas, where he was from, after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His former castmates sent their condolences to his family. Sweeten’s screen mom Patricia Heaton summed up everyone’s feelings when she said he had “gone too soon”.

Michelle Thomas – Cancer

She died at the age of 30 but achieved a lot in her short life. Michelle Thomas appeared in popular shows, including The Young and the Restless, Family Matters, and The Cosby Show. She had received medical treatment for a rare type of cancer called an intra-abdominal desmoplastic small-round-cell tumor. She had treatment to remove a tumor the size of a lemon but needed more surgery and passed away surrounded by family. Her will and testament asked for a Muslim funeral service.

Ben Woolf – Stroke

Ben Woolf played not one, but two, roles in tv series American Horror Story. He worked not only as an actor, but also behind the camera as a producer, until his death, aged just 34. Woolf had previously worked as a pre-school teacher before taking up acting. He had medical treatment after being hit by a car wing mirror while crossing the road. But, the head injuries he suffered in the accident led to his stroke.

David Margulies – Cancer

Veteran actor David Margulies played the mayor in the Ghostbusters films and then picked up a whole new generation of fans as Tony Soprano’s lawyer Neil Mink in The Sopranos. Despite medical treatment, he died as a result of cancer at the age of 78. His will and testament must have surely included his loved ones. He was survived by his long-term partner, fellow actress Lois Smith, along with his son and grandson.

Alexis Arquette – Cardiac Arrest

After undergoing gender transitioning in her 30s, actress and cabaret performer Alexis Arquette supported others going through the same experience. She had undergone treatment for HIV for nearly three decades. Ultimately, Arquette, who had a number of cameos in the Friends sitcom, died from a cardiac arrest. While, it may not have been in her last will and testament, it was certainly one of her last wishes and Arquette died as David Bowie’s Starman played.

Abe Vigoda – Natural Causes

Character Abe Vigoda was best known for his portrayal of Salvatore Tessio in cult classic The Godfather. He had been the subject of a number of rumors about his demise well before his eventual death. There were rumors which said he had suffered from drug and alcohol addiction or that he had a number of types of diseases. But, he actually lived right up until the age of 94 and died from natural causes.

Les Lye – Diabetes

Sitcom and voiceover star Les Lye starred in a children’s series called You Can’t Do That. He had previously suffered a heart attack but received medical treatment quickly and he pulled through. Sadly, he later died as a result of complications from diabetes. Lye passed away in his hometown of Ottawa, aged 84. Hopefully, he had his last will and testament in order, as he was survived by his wife and three children.

Florence Henderson – Heart Failure

Part of the Brady Bunch, Florence Henderson played matriarch Carol in the hit show. She also hosted her own talk and cooking shows, as well as taking part in reality show Dancing With the Stars. She had been in good health into her later life but was admitted to hospital for medical treatment feeling unwell. She died a day later due to heart failure, at the age of 82. Her family were said to be shocked by her sudden passing.

Gregory Hines – Liver Cancer

A triple threat, Gregory Hines was a dancer, singer and an actor. He appeared in the likes of Will & Grace, Running Scared, and Renaissance Man. Critics loved him, and he scooped a Tony Award and an Emmy. He died from liver cancer while he was on his way to hospital from his Los Angeles real estate, before he could get to medics for medical treatment. He was only 57 and had only told his nearest and dearest about his diagnosis.

Brittany Murphy – Anemia and Pneumonia

An actress who was at the top of her game, Brittany Murphy’s death is even more tragic as it could have been avoided. Young, beautiful and supremely talented, Murphy died of anemia and pneumonia. Only when her widower died from the same causes was it found they had died as a result of toxic mold in the property. Her mother sought advice from a number of types of lawyers to sue builders of the real estate.

Windell Middlebrooks – Pulmonary Embolism

He may never have been the leading man, but Windell Middlebrooks scooped plenty of roles, in popular shows including Hanna Montana and Scrubs. He was also known for playing a cruise ship security guard in The Suite Life on Deck. Tragically, he was found dead at his real estate in the San Fernando Valley. He had died at the age of just 36 after suffering a pulmonary embolism. Unfortunately, it was too late for any medical treatment.


Heather O’Rourke – Cardiac Arrest

Heather O’Rourke starred in one of the scariest movies ever made, as the child star in Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist, after being spotted by Spielberg while visiting MGM studios. She started to suffer from health problems and her family sought medical treatment, but she died after doctors made a misdiagnosis. Her family recruited a number of lawyers so they could bring action against the hospital in San Diego where she was treated. O’Rourke was just 12 when she died.

Steve James – Pancreatic Cancer

Not only was Steve James a master of martial arts, but he was an actor who starred in movies including The Delta Force and American Ninja. Even after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he battled the disease with medical treatment, so he could keep working. But despite treatment, he died, aged 41. We’re not sure if it was part of his will and testament, but his urn was placed on the mantlepiece of his home in California.

John Ritter – Aortic Dissection

The son of singing cowboy Tex Ritter, John Ritter played the father of teenagers on the show 8 Simple Rules. He fell ill while rehearsing on set, vomiting and suffering from chest pains, and he was rushed for treatment to the medical center across the road. Tragically, he was misdiagnosed as suffering from a heart attack and things took a serious turn for the worse. He died during surgery at the age of just 54.

Rob Knox – Murdered

Rob Knox had starred in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and was signed up to appear in the sequel. But, he was cut down in his prime and no amount of medical treatment could help when he was stabbed in front of a pub in London. He was protecting his younger brother who had become embroiled in a fight. He died instantly at the age of just 18, probably well before he had thought about anything like his will and testament.

Amanda Peterson – Drug Overdose

Unfortunately, there are many teen stars who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, and Amanda Peterson was one of them! She was known for starring in Can’t Buy Me Love. While her mother said her daughter had kicked her drug habit after doing rehab herself, the actress was found dead at home in Colorado, aged 43. She was on medication for a number of types of diseases and an autopsy found she died from an accidental drug overdose.

David Strickland – Suicide

Do you remember the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan? David Strickland played a rock music reporter in the show which aired up until the Millennium. But, while the show was still filming, he committed suicide. After checking into a hotel, he was found hanging in his room. By the time he was discovered by the hotel desk clerk, it was too late for any medical treatment. An autopsy confirmed that he had been suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Susan Boyle’s Sister Bridie – Cancer

Who can forget that moment on Britain’s Got Talent when Susan Boyle walked onto stage to groans from judges and the audience who never imagined just how talented she was going to be? Her career hit the stratosphere after she belted out I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables. When she disappeared for a while, some assumed she had died. But she was actually supporting her sister Bridie through medical treatment before she lost her battle with cancer.

Kimbo Slice – Heart Failure

Kevin Ferguson, who was best known by his stage name Kimbo Slice, began his career as a street fighter and turned professional as an MMA fighter, and also an actor. After suffering from health issues, he sought medical treatment, and was diagnosed with a mass on his liver. Sadly, he died only a few hours after the problem was discovered, at the age of 42. Hopefully, he had his will and testament in order as he left behind six children!

Bill Paxton – Stroke

Bill Paxton worked on an astonishing number of movies. Before his death, he had starred in or directed more than 100 films and tv shows, including blockbusters like Mighty Joe Young, Apollo 13, The Terminator, Twister, and Edge of Tomorrow. Paxton had medical treatment as a child for rheumatic fever, which left his heart weakened. He died aged 61 after suffering a stroke following heart surgery. His family went on to consult a number of types of lawyers to sue the heart surgeon.

Nathaniel Marston – Car Crash

Nathaniel Marston was discovered while working in a bakery and started his acting career in commercials. He starred in the movie Love is all There, along with A-lister Angelina Jolie. The small screen beckoned, and Marston became known for his roles in ABC’s One Life to Live and Dr. Michael McBain. He died aged 40 after a crash in Nevada which left him in a critical condition. He was thrown from his pickup truck and hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt.

Tony Burton – Pneumonia

He was a sportsman, who played football and boxed before scooping his most famous part as Tony “Duke” Evers in the Rocky movies. Burton also appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. A talented chess player, he beat the legendary director on set. Burton said being imprisoned for robbery was good for him as he furthered his education. He had frequently been hospitalized for medical treatment, and finally passed away as a result of pneumonia at the age of 78.

John Hurt – Pancreatic Cancer

A man who needs no introduction, John Hurt has worked on blockbusters including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal, and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. He probably made sure his will and testament was in order a few years ago as, in 2015, he released a statement to tell fans he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. He died two years later, but not before acting in his last movie Damascus Cover.

Guillaume Depardieu – Pneumonia

Well regarded in Europe and the US, Guillaume Depardieu often acted alongside his father Gerard Depardieu. But, he contracted pneumonia while filming a movie and, despite medical treatment, he couldn’t fight it off. He had already had treatment to amputate part of his leg following a motorbike accident. He passed away at the age of just 37, well before anyone should have to think about their last will and testament coming into play, to the shock of his family and fans.

Bill Nunn – Leukemia

After making his movie debut in Spike Lee’s movie School Daze, Bill Nunn starred in Runaway Jury, Sirens and the Spider-Man trilogy. He was also an acclaimed stage actor, and clearly had more to give. But, despite having medical treatment for the condition, he passed away at the age of 62 at his home in Pittsburgh. His wife later released a statement to confirm to fans that he died as a result of leukemia.

Zsa Zsa Gabor – Heart Attack

Even after death, drama followed Zsa Zsa Gabor. After the legendary actress died of a heart attack, her widower claimed her daughter had stolen her last will and testament. Gabor died, aged 99, after spending five years receiving medical treatment on life support. Her widower Prince Frederic von Anhalt said he would remain in the Bel-Air home he shared with his wife but had come to a real estate deal to sell the property but stay living there.

Johnny Lewis – A Fall

Growing up in a family of Hollywood Scientologists, Johnny Lewis won acting roles in The O.C. and Sons of Anarchy. But his death was stranger than fiction. After a motorcycle accident, he refused MRI scans even though he needed psychiatric treatment. He went on to kill his elderly landlady, and her cat! He then fell or jumped from a roof. While there were rumors he was suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, no substances were found in his system.

Lisa Robin Kelly – Multiple Drug Intoxication

Lisa Robin Kelly made her acting debut on Married… with Children before winning a role playing Laurie Forman on That ‘70s Show. But, she suddenly left the show and her character was written out to go to “beauty school”. She later admitted that she had been suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Despite medical treatment, she died in her sleep at the age of 43 while in rehab in California.