These Celeb Lookalikes From History Are Spookily Similar


Over the years there have been many studies proving that there are seven people around the world that look nearly identical to each other. However, for these celebrities, it isn’t the faces of the present, but instead the faces of the past that have us questioning whether there is some time-traveling play going on around here.

General George Patton and the current US President

Both these men have more in common than both being leaders in America. Both General George Patton and the current US president have made several controversial statements during their times in power, as well as bearing similarities in their appearance. It’s almost like looking in a mirror as the pair both have the same shape eyes, ears, mouth, and nose – head, shoulders, knees, and toes! Seriously though, these two look eerily alike; hopefully, history won’t repeat itself.

General George Patton wearing his military uniform and a helmet, and the current President of America wearing a suit and blue tie

William Shakespeare and Paul Giamatti

It may be the hairline, it could be the face shape, or perhaps it is the facial hair. Whatever it is about William Shakespeare and Paul Giamatti, they look oddly similar. While Shakespeare is famous for the various legendary classics that he wrote over the years, this clever sausage also appeared on stage as an actor himself. Although Paul is best known for his movie and television roles, the actor has also performed on stage, too.

Paul Giamatti with long hair and a beard wearing a black suit and blue shirt, and William Shakespeare in The Chandos portrait

Civil War man and Nicolas Cage

There is no denying that the pair in these photos look like the same person. The creepy part? Everyone else in the photo album had a name apart from the Nic Cage lookalike. There have been rumors that Cage sold his soul to become a vampire back in the 1800s meaning the people in the photos ARE the same person. To be honest, the similarities are too eerie that we think we might just believe that one.

Man from the 1800s wearing a suit and floppy bow tie, and Nicolas Cage wearing a black top and jacket

Russel Brand and Albrecht Durer

We all know and (possibly) love Russel Brand from his hilarious movies and his surprisingly insightful talks he’s given over the years. But did you know that he has a historical twin who dates all the way back to the German Renaissance, in the early 1500s? This is a self-portrait of the German painter, Albrecht Durer, and it seems that he looked almost exactly like our Russel does today. With everything from the long curly hair to the goatie to the stern eyebrows.

Sir David Wilkie and Rupert Grint

Before taking over the wizarding world of Harry Potter, could Rupert Grint have lived in Scotland as a famous painter? After the truly extraordinary coincidences on this list, it’s starting to look likely. As if the red hair wasn’t enough of a clue, the pair both also manage to pull off the intense stare with such ease. If that wasn’t enough, both Rupert and David have identical noses and pouts going on – we can hear the conspiracy theories already.

A young Rupert Grint, and a self portrait of Sir David Wilkie when he was about 20 years old

Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel and Keanu Reeves

Apparently, artisticness runs in more than just the family; it also runs over decades between two people that aren’t related but look insanely similar… yeah, it doesn’t quite have the same ring. Louis-Maurice was a famous illustrator and painter, while Keanu is best known for his acting. However, Keanu has also pursued other artistic ventures, such as his time as a musician in addition to his selection of incredible films he has starred in over the years.

Painting of Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel, and Keanu Reeves with long hair at a red carpet event

Joseph Pulitzer and Dustin Diamond

Is it just us, or is it easy to confuse this Saved By the Bell star with this former newspaper publisher? To back up the thought of unconfirmed time travel, the pair both have to wear glasses. Could this simply be a coincidence, or is there something greater going on here? The matching beards must mean that this pair also head to the same barber shop for a trim, as well as getting the same haircuts to match.

Black and white photo of Joseph Pulitzer wearing a dark suit with glasses on, and Dustin Diamond standing in front of a yellow background wearing a green top

Hugh Grant and Oscar Wilde

We’re taking a trip over the pond for this pair as both Oscar Wilde, and Hugh Grant are residents of the UK. Isn’t it funny how these lookalikes often live in the same countries? Hmmm… both these men have been involved with acting in some way, too. Oscar made his career as a playwright, including his famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, while Hugh Grant has been on the big screen in a number of hit rom-coms.

Black and white photo of Oscar Wilde wearing a suit, and Hugh Grant wearing a black jacket and white shirt

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson And Moai

Maybe it’s because their both “rocks” or they both have that crazy-amazing chiselled jaw line, but we can’t help be see the resemblance between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the Easter Island statues, Moai. The Rock recently did the voice for the character Maui in the children’s film “Moana”, so that helps us see him as a Pacific Island mythical creature. We’d love to see a children’s film about the Maoi statues where rock does the voices for them!

George Washington and Glenn Close

Actress Glenn Close has played a variety of characters over the years, including once playing a man when she portrayed Albert Nobbs in the self-titled film. So could she be the leading lady in line to play George Washington if Hollywood ever needs her? After all, the pair both share a thin, tight-lipped smile, as well as both having a full head of white hair and hooked noses. Maybe a career as an impersonator is closer than Glenn thought?

George Washington with a white stock tie, and Glenn Close wearing a white shirt

Nicolae Grigorescu and Orlando Bloom

Where do these celebrities get their numbers for their hairstylists nowadays? It looks as though Orlando Bloom got some inspiration from his past twinsie as the pair walk around rocking matching hairstyles. That isn’t all the two have in common as they also both eyes you could get lost in. On top of it all, they both decided facial hair was a winner, so much so they thought they would get a his and his matching trim to celebrate.

Nicolae Grigorescu wearing a three-piece suit and tie, and Orlando Bloom wearing a blue top with a red necklace

Conan O’Brien and Marshall Twitchell

Marshall Twitchell was born in 1840, and he was a Union Army solder. He was a republican state senator, and a really rich dude in relation to the time he lived in, with a net worth of $100,000. Conan O’Brien isn’t doing too badly either, so could the pair be one time travelling super-celeb? Or just a case of extraordinarily similar faces going on here? We’ll leave the decision up to you.

Conan o Brien

Channing Tatum and World War One Soldier

The similarity between this ancient photo of what is probably a soldier from the first World War and Channing Tatum is so similar it’s actually a bit creepy. One Reddit user has even used these photos of their distant relative to posit that Channing Tatum might well be a time traveller. Tatum is best known for his amazing movie parts, including his break out role in Step Up, back in 2006, and since then films like Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Channing Tatum and WW1 guy

Eminem and Severus Alexander

Will the real slim shady please stand up? I know, I know, but I had to make the joke. For real though, Roman Emperor Severus Alexander really looks like rapper Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem. He was the emperor of the Severe Dynasty, which is actually a great name for a rap album, so maybe Mathers should think about using it for this next hit record. Feel free to send any royalties my way. Thanks.


Andrew Garfield and Leon Trotsky

Hey it’s Spiderman! Or is it actually Russian leader Leon Trotsky? These guys really do look similar, especially considering Garfield is not from Russia. But in this case, their lives haven’t exactly followed similar paths, with Trotsky being one of the most famous Russian politicians of all time, and Andrew working in Starbucks before he was discovered as an actor and rising to Hollywood levels of fame. Probably no reincarnation here then.

Andrew Garfield and Leon Trotsky

Steven Fry and Oscar Wilde

When Steven Fry was asked to play Oscar Wilde in the movie Wilde, we wonder whether he googled him and realized the reason behind the honor? They look almost identical to one another! It must have been a no-brainer for the casting directors, who took one look at Oscar Wilde and saw that he looked just like a talented actor who could play the part perfectly. How spooky, and the critics loved it as well.

Steven Fry and Oscar Wilde

Shia LaBeouf and Einstein

This one made us laugh, because it’s just so random! But Shia LaBeouf really does look a lot like Albert Einstein, before the crazy hair and old age days of course. Shia has left the Hollywood scene in the past few years because of his plagiarism scandal putting him out of vogue, but we doubt he’s off working on the theory of everything or an addendum to relativity. He’s probably just laying low until someone offers him another acting role.

Shia LaBeouf and Einstein

Robert Pattinson and Unknown Guy

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Robert Pattinson back in the day in this vintage Sepia photo which looks a few hundred years old. After all, he is a vampire. The twilight star was clearly cast well, as he’s been around for many generations, with that sultry stare and his iconic haircut. No wonder he played his role so brilliantly, as there is no other explanation for this level of spooky similarity from the past.

Robert Pattinson and old guy

Alicia Keys and Lena Horne

The blood line must be shared somewhere along the years with these two musical divas, as they don’t only look the same as one another, but they also share a passion for singing, dancing and entertaining! Alicia Keys of course is one of the baddest women in the industry, and Lena Horne was a jazz musician born in 1917, who was known for her gorgeous tunes, talented writing, and also as a civil rights activist. Too much in common!

Alicia Keys and Lena Horne

Unknown Teen and Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio is already going to live forever though his movie masterpieces, such as The Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Revenant. But it’s possible that he actually has been alive for much longer than we think, only he’d been living as a teenage girl! This girl, named Judy Zipper, was posing for her high school yearbook photo. Little did she know, her photo would resurface one day because it was identical to a (finally) Oscar-winning celebrity superstar!

Justin Timberlake and mug shot man

Even though this pair are born decades – if not centuries – apart, there are some spooky similarities between the two. If the shape of their face wasn’t enough to get these two confused, the hairline, puppy dog stare, and pouty expression will confuse you even further. Maybe Justin is keeping secrets and has something he would like to tell us? Is he really a time-traveling criminal on the run?! Justin, how could you do this?

Justin Timberlake with a beard and short hair wearing a black jumper and green top, and an unknown black and white mug shot

Sylvester Stallone and Pope Gregory IX

We’ve always known that Sylvester Stallone is something special – after all, nobody can pack a punch like Rocky, but it seems as though Sylvester may be a bit more special than we first thought. Rather than a random person or your average joe, Sylvester’s historical doppelganger comes in the form of Pope Gregory IX. From the rosy cheeks to the curly locks and the droopy eyes, these two are the spitting image of each other. Who knew?

Sylvester Stallone looks incredibly similar to the historical religious leader, Pope Gregory IX

Jack Gleeson and Caligula

Yep, it’s another Game of Thrones alum – but this one definitely isn’t on the nice list. As the actor who plays King Joffrey, Jack Gleeson is used to making unpopular decisions and dealing with the fact that most of the world hates him. Weirdly, this actor looks uncannily like the Roman Emperor, Caligula. As if the similarities weren’t creepy enough, it seems as though Caligula was also a rough and ready leader, known for his love of murder. Wowza.

Jack Gleeson looks exactly like the former Roman Emperor, Caligula

Queen Latifah and Zora Neale Hurston

Okay, this one is actually really creeping us out. Considering these women were born only a few decades apart, we don’t even know what to make of this. Could they be long-lost sisters? Mother and daughter? The same person in a different dimension? Who the heck knows. What we do know is that the poet Zora Neale Hurston looks EXACTLY like the actress and singer, Queen Latifah. All Latifah needs is a hat and a few freckles, and she’s there.

Queen Latifah was born a few decades after her lookalike, Zora Neale Hurston

Henry David Thoreau and Ellen DeGeneres

This talk show host has kept people entertained for years. However, people were left doing a double take when this photo of Henry David Thoreau emerged from the 1800s. It’s not just looks they have in common either – they both have plenty of brains! Henry was a famous philosopher, poet, and historian among other things. While Ellen uses her knowledge on TV, the pair both fight (or used to in Henry’s case) for other’s rights – spooky.

Ellen DeGeneres wearing a blue jumper and jacket, and Henry David Thoreau posing in a suit in 1856

Unknown Pilgrim and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson might have been known as the King of Pop, but it seems he used to be known by another profession. This portrait of a pilgrim from the 1600s is almost identical to the King himself! If you look at the facial features of this unknown pilgrim, you’ll see that even his chin and nose are similar to Michael’s. Not to mention, they obviously have the same style of dress, despite the few hundred year difference between them.

Civil War Soldier and Christian Bale

Let’s be honest, we would all do anything to look like Christian Bale (although maybe without that beard) – but it seems as though Christian Bale has actually stolen his looks from someone else! Yep, Christian is the spitting image of this Civil War soldier, and this now kinda explains the facial hair scenario Bale has going on. Could this legendary actor also be a time traveler? Well, we think there is only one logical answer. Of course he is.

Christian Bale looks incredibly similar to an old photograph of a Civil War soldier

David Bowie and Tilda Swinton

Oh, there’s a starman waiting in the sky – and he looks a helluva lot like Tilda Swinton! Of course, we all know that David Bowie and Tilda Swinton can’t be the same person, in different time periods, but their similarities are pretty uncanny. What makes things even weirder is that after his devastating death (which we’re still not over, BTW), Tilda seems to be embodying David Bowie even more. The only thing she’s missing is the face paint.

Tilda Swinton and David Bowie look incredibly similar in their faces and hairstyles

Brad Pitt and Hermann Rorschach

Ahhh, Brad Pitt. Is there anyone better? Answer: Nope. Although it may seem that Brad Pitt is the kind of celebrity who brings the likes of frosted tips into the realm of the fashion conscious, it seems he wasn’t the first person to dip the tips of their hair. In fact, this guy was doing it way back in 1910! Not so much of a trendsetter now, are ya, Brad? Everything about this photo is kinda creepy, yet kinda cool.

Brad Pitt looks incredibly similar to a photo from 1910 of a man called Hermann Rorschach

Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel

Okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat, as Audrey Tautou actually played the role of Coco Chanel for the movie of the same name – but you can’t deny that these two look so alike they could be twins! From the striking eyebrows to the pointed nose and the shocking facial structure (yep, we’re jealous), it’s fair to say that the casting directors knew what they were doing when they cast Audrey as Coco.

Audrey Tautou played Coco Chanel in the movie of the same name, as they look incredibly similar

Vladimir Putin and Macaulay Culkin

Well, this is definitely not a pairing we expected to see on this list – but the more you look, the more it totally makes sense. Over the course of his career, Macaulay Culkin has drastically changed his appearance due to his personal circumstances, but it seems as though Vladimir Putin has looked the same ever since he was a kid. Amazingly, Macauley and Vladimir share the same nose and pouty lips, and now you’ll never be able to un-see it…

Vladimir Putin and Macaulay Culkin looked extremely similar as teenagers

Jennifer Lopez as Selena Quintanilla

Anyone who is anyone will know that Jennifer Lopez donned her lacy shirt and gold hoops to play the famous American singer and songwriter, Selena. However, even when the cameras weren’t rolling, Jennifer was a dead-ringer for the fellow singer. Yep, everything from the angelic singing voice to the dark hair, the eyebrows and the plump lips are exactly the same as her on-screen character. Could there be any better actress for this role? We think not.

Jennifer Lopez starred as Selena Quintanilla as the pair look extremely similar

Zach Galifianakis and Louis Vuitton

Okay, so we’re pretty sure Zach Galifianakis doesn’t sport this rather interesting moustache every day – but when he did, he looked the spitting image of the famous fashion designer, Louis Vuitton (anyone else surprised by what Vuitton looked like?!) From the low eyebrows to the cheeky smirk, the perfectly quaffed hair and the V-neck jacket, everything is screaming Louis Vuitton. While Zach doesn’t look like this every day, it’s nice to know he has a historical lookalike once in a while.

Zach Galifianakis with a mustache looks incredibly similar to Louis Vuitton

Adrien Brody and Salvador Dali

If you’ve ever seen Midnight in Paris (best film EVER) you’ll know that the place is teeming with historical figures – including the artist, Salvador Dali. In this movie, Dali is played by none other than Adrien Brody. Although we know that he was picked for the role because he does look similar to the artist, when you take away the iconic mustache and just look at their faces and their eyes, their natural similarities really shine through.

Adrien Brody starred as Salvador Dali in Midnight in Paris because they look similar

Lee J. Cobb and Jason Segel

Between the ‘50s and ‘70s, Lee J. Cobb was a force to be reckoned with in the world of Hollywood. He starred in the likes of 12 Angry Men, The Exorcist and On The Waterfront before his sad death in 1976. Just four years later, Jason Segel was born. Coincidence? We think not. Nope, we believe that this comedy genius and How I Met Your Mother alum is the reincarnation of Lee J. Cobb. Who’s with us?

Jason Segel was born just four years after his historical lookalike, Lee J. Cobb

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Okay, this one is another cheat. A few years ago, Ashton Kutcher put his acting talents to good use when he played the computer legend, Steve Jobs. While he did change his jeans for the occasion, it’s fair to say that Ashton didn’t need much hair or makeup to transform into this character. In fact, his everyday style and look is waaaay too similar to Steve Jobs’ for our liking. This is just so creepy.

Ashton Kutcher played Steve Jobs in his biopic, and the two look very similar to each other

Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Johnson

Tommy Lee Jones is a hugely successful name within the world of Hollywood. Indeed, with the likes of Men In Black and No Country for Old Men under his belt, it’s fair to say that he’s starred in some major blockbusters – but it seems he also has a link to the world of politics. In fact, his historical lookalike is 17th Vice President of the United States, Andrew Johnson! While he may have died in 1875, these two share some distinct similarities.

Tommy Lee Jones looks extremely similar to the 17th U.S Vice President, Andrew Johnson

Nicolas Cage and Emperor Maximilian

Nicolas Cage is the kind of actor who has everything going for him. He is the King of Memes, he’s starred in epic movies, and he has SO MANY historical lookalikes. Whether this means he has an average-looking face or one that has been carved from the gods, we’re not sure. What we do know is that Nicolas looks a whole lot like this ancient photograph of Emperor Maximilian. Y’know, without the crazy long beard.

Nicolas Cage looks incredibly similar to an old photograph of Emperor Maximilian

H. C. Loveland and Tom Selleck

Has anyone ever seen Tom Selleck without his mustache? Well, we think this facial hair is a little hint into his past lives – because there’s no doubt about it. Tom Selleck is a time traveler. We’ve come to this conclusion because this photograph of H. C. Loveland is the spitting image of Selleck. Yep, they both even have those wrinkles around their eyes! Although we do have to admit that Tom has better hair…

Tom Selleck looks incredibly similar to a photograph of a man named H.C Loveland

The Barber of Seville and Jack Black

Jack Black is known for his outrageous, comical roles and being able to pull the most expressive of all facial expressions. So doesn’t it seem convenient that the cover of a funny opera from the 1800s looks almost identical to the actor, even down to the crazy look in his eyes? While some may put it down to happy coincidence, we definitely think there is some kind of celebrity time traveling going on that we haven’t heard about.

Jack Black smiling at the camera while wearing a shirt, and the cover of the Barber of Seville showing a man with brown hair looking at the audience

Mark Zuckerberg and Philip IV of Spain

What would we do without Mark Zuckerberg, ey? We might have to actually talk to people in real life, and we might even have to go outside. Eugh. Despite his intelligence and success, Mark Zuckerberg just looks like your regular guy. Yet, he also looks like someone pretty special. Of course, we’re talking about Philip IV of Spain. What we would do to see Mark with that fancy haircut, though. That is something else.

Mark Zuckerberg looks incredibly similar to Philip IV of Spain, without the funny haircut

Millard Fillmore and Alec Baldwin

Both of these men have taken over America but in somewhat different ways. Alec Baldwin has kept us entertained for years with his many acting roles, while Millard Fillmore ran the country as the thirteenth President of the United States. However, that hasn’t stopped people from noticing the significant similarities between the two’s look. Perhaps Alec was a former US president? Sady, Fillmore has been named as one of the worst presidents, so maybe Alec won’t boast his former fame…

Alec Baldwin on the red carpet wearing a blue shirt and black jacket, and President Millard Fillmore wearing a suit with necktie

Peter Dinklage and Sebastián de Morra

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones (well, duh), you’re probably pretty obsessed with Peter Dinklage. Although he has wowed us for years with his ability to make us all laugh and his ability to drink us all under the table, these talents may come from years and years of experience – because Peter Dinklage COULD be a time-traveler, traversing the universe under different names. Don’t believe us? Well, check out this uncanny photo of Sebastian de Morra.

Peter Dinklage looks exactly like a court jester who was known as Sebastian de Morra

Jack Black and Paul Revere

Yep, Jack Black is on here again! This guy must be a hugely talented time-traveler because it seems he can transform himself into numerous different people at once. However, it’s not just their looks that these two have in common. As a vital member of the American Revolution, Paul Revere wasn’t used to keeping his mouth shut – which reminds us of a certain someone who likes to play rock music during math class. We’re talking about you, Jack.

Jack Black looks incredibly similar to the American Revolutionist, Paul Revere

Rose Wilder Lane and Maggie Gyllenhaal

Long before Maggie was even born lived journalist Rose Wilder Lane. Rose was one of the people that founded the libertarian movement in America. Even though they were born nearly a century apart, the pair bear some uncanny resemblances. From the shape of their noses to their eyes, these two look eerily similar. Maggie also uses her fame to help campaign against political issues – perhaps Rose was an inspiration for the actress with her work all those years ago?

Maggie Gyllenhaal smiling while wearing her hair tied up and dangly earrings, and Rose Wilder Lane wearing a hat

Bruce Willis and General Douglas MacArthur

Once again, this pair have more than just similarities in their appearance. Yes the two can both pull off that death stare, and Douglas may look like one of Bruce’s many military characters, but there is more to this story. Both of these men were raised in military families before they each decided on their career choices. Even though Bruce opted for a Hollywood lifestyle, he has played many military roles over the years. Coincidence? We think not.

Black and white photo of General Douglas MacArthur wearing his military hat, and Bruce Willis with hair

Mahir Cayan and Jimmy Fallon

If you imagine Mahir without the ‘tash (or perhaps Jimmy Fallon with some extra facial hair), then you can see the real similarities between these two men. Unfortunately, their appearance is where the similarities end. Mahir was a Turkish communist who ended up being shot down by soldiers after refusing to surrender, while Jimmy Fallon is famous for entertaining the nation with his own late night talk show. Perhaps in a past life, things were different for Jimmy?

Black and white photo of Mahir Cayan, and Jimmy Fallon with long hair wearing a white suit on the red carpet

Henry Ward Beecher and Jon Stewart

The mystery of reincarnation is strong when looking at photos of Henry Ward Beecher and Jon Stewart next to each other. The eerie part is when you look into both of their eyes – it’s like looking at the same person! They both have a caring nature as well. Henry was one of the leaders in getting rid of slavery, while Jon is known for rescuing animals from dangerous situations and slaughterhouses which he then homes on his farms.

Henry Ward Beecher wearing a black suit and tie, and Jon Stewart wearing a black suit and bow tie

Matthew McConaughey and this Unknown Guy

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most well known actors in Hollywood, including for movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, with Kate Hudson. He’s even picked up some awards for his craft. But who is this guy, who scarily shares so many of the same facial features with him, and looks like he could be a distant ancestor? We will never know the truth, but they both should try losing the moustaches, in our humble opinion.

Matthew McConaughey

Rudolf Steiner and Hank Azaria

If the way these two hold themselves didn’t look similar enough, Both Hank Azaria and Rudolf Steiner have many other eerie similarities. Both of the men apparently use the same barber (even though Rudolph passed away nearly four decades before Hank was born, but shh) as the pair are sporting matching ‘dos. The two also appear to have the same squared chin and stare. Imagine who would win between these two in a staring competition?

Hank Azaria wearing a brown shirt, and Rudolf Steiner wearing a black suit with an oversized bowtie

John Travolta and mystery 1860s man

Whichever way you look at it, these two have some somewhat scary similarities. No one could mistake John Travolta’s face, which is why this photo is so creepy. Is there a reason this picture has no name? Is the person in the photo really John Travolta after all? Maybe these celebrities have some time-traveling powers we didn’t know about. This could also explain why John looks so different recently if he is trying to hide from his past…

John Travolta in 1983 wearing a purple jumper with a white shirt, and an unknown man from the 1860s wearing a black suit and bow tie

Mystery man and Eddie Murphy

This mystery man cropped up on the internet when someone discovered Eddie Murphy’s doppelganger. Every detail on this pair’s faces looks as though it has been copied; you can’t make up pictures like this! The shape of their noses, teamed with the same style facial hair, and even down to the arch of their eyebrows makes it look as though Eddie Murphy has donned his boater hat to board the time-traveling train with his fellow celeb friends.

Black and white photo of an unknown man wearing a boater hat and a suit, and Eddie Murphy wearing a blue suit and tie

Matthew McConaughey and Dr. Andrew Sanders

Matthew McConaughey is the kind of guy you look at and wonder what skin cream he uses – because we’re pretty sure this dude is immortal. Up until now, this idea was just a rumor, but this photograph gives us even more reason to believe that Matthew is either drinking some kind of immortality elixir (fancy sharing some?) or can travel in time because he looks weirdly like this wild west local, Dr. Andrew Sanders.

Matthew McConaughey looks exactly the same as a man from the wild west called Dr. Sanders

John Brown and Charlie Sheen

Hang on, aren’t these just two photos of Charlie Sheen together? Everything about this pair looks the same. The awkward smile, the pointy ears, the slight wonk in the nose, what is happening here?! Sadly, the two then begin to differ. John Brown was famous for his work to destroy the slave trading business, while Charlie Sheen is famous for, well, just about everything else from his stint in rehab to his many (MANY) love scandals.

Charlie Sheen with a microphone wearing a dark suit and tinted glasses, and John Brown wearing a dark suit with a necktie

Zubaida Tharwat and Jennifer Lawrence

Once again, in an uncanny coincidence, both these women worked as actresses throughout their entire lives. However, while Jennifer Lawrence continues to act, Zubaida Tharwat sadly passed away in 2016. While it wouldn’t be impossible that one of these was a time traveler (mind you, is any time travel possible?), the fact that both these women were alive at once puts rumors of foul play to bed. Still, the resemblances between the pair are hard to miss.

Black and white photo of Zubaida Tharwat wearing a black sequin dress, and Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet

Jay-Z and mystery man in Harlem in 1939

When flicking through a library book, one person stumbled across a photo that surely can be none other than the legendary rapper, Jay-Z. The man in the picture not only looks like a mirror image of Jay-Z, but he is also dressed to the nines. If that wasn’t enough, the rapper has released a number of time-related titled singles over the years, such as In My Lifetime. We’re getting a strong whiff of sorcery here.

Jay-Z wearing a black top and black jacket on the red carpet, and a man sat in the street in Harlem during 1939

Christina Aguilera and Ginger Rogers

Both singers, both blonde bombshells, and both a fan of red lipstick. These two may have lived 70 years apart, but their style was enough to beat the force of time. While Christina Aguilera has modernized her clothing style, it appears as though Ginger Rogers was rocking her look before it was even fashionable. Finish off the looks with a small button nose and, according to history, you have the perfect recipe for a successful female singer – boom.

Ginger Rogers wearing a star bandana around her neck, and Christina Aguilera wearing red lipstick on the red carpet

Chuck Norris and Vincent Van Gogh

A love of cowboy hats, trimmed facial hair, AND similar faces – are you sure Vincent Van Gogh and Chuck Norris aren’t the same people?! Plus both of these men liked to live life on the edge. The actor’s many tough-guy movie roles have seen him become known as one of the hardest people in Hollywood, while Van Gogh cut off part of his own left ear with a razor – could you get any tougher than that?

Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait of him wearing a gray cowboy hat in 1987, and Chuck Norris wearing a black cowboy hat