How to Build Muscle Like The Rock Does


If you’re looking to pack on some muscle, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a pretty good example to follow. The WWE superstar-turned-movie star has some of the most iconic biceps this side of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here’s one tip that has helped him build muscle.

Why The Rock Uses Chains During Workouts

The Rock at a workout

Chains have a couple of attributes that make them perfect for weight training workouts. One, of course, is that they’re heavy. The other attributes are that they’re easy to find and extremely durable.

How Chains Help Your Lifts

Weight rack with chains

Why use chains while you lift? As The Rock would tell you, chains are great because as your barbell gets closer to the ground, part of the weight lays on the ground and your load gets lighter. Then, the lift gets harder near the top of the rep, where you need it the most.

Blast Through Your Bench Presses

Bench press with chains

By putting chains on each end of the bar when you bench press, you can keep the bottom of your bench lighter while adding difficulty to the top of the press, building lockout strength.

Build Up Your Pullup Strength

Pull up using chains

Pullups are very difficult in part because you’re lifting your body, which is less stable than a barbell. Chains add to this, as they will sway when your body does, teaching you to stay more still as you do the exercise.

Other Exercises Where You Can Use Chains

Woman weight lifting with chains

Bench presses and pullups are far from the only exercises that benefit from the use of chains. You’ll also be able to use chains during such weight training staples as deadlifts and squats.

Chain-Added Deadlifts

Deadlift with chains

Deadlifts are a very difficult exercise that helps you build muscle in your quads, hamstrings, back, and shoulders. Many times, it’s relatively easy to get the bar off of the ground, but hard to keep up your momentum as it rises past your knees and toward the lockout position. To work on your lockout strength, use a lighter weight and add chains so that your lift gets heavier on the way up.

Bulk Up Your Squats

Squat with chains

Squats are also a very dynamic lift that many weight lifters consider to be the pinnacle of all strength movements. Adding chains is convenient because they can fit even when you already have a lot of plates loaded. Furthermore, you can build strength at the top of the movement without adding to what’s already a difficult lift at the bottom of the rep.