The Very Best Examples of Accidental Art


Something Scraped Against A Wall At Work And Created This

Wow, we reckon whoever’s responsible for this piece of accidental art has seriously enhanced their workplace decor! We’re not sure how they did it, but they appear to have made a painting of a beautiful snowy town that’s reminiscent of a John Lewis Christmas advert. Bosses will probably paint over it but we think that would be a sin. They should put a frame around it instead and keep it for prosperity.

Bike Seat Has A Colony Of Moss Growing Inside It

How amazing is this bike seat to look at? It looks like a tiny world with mountains and even a river running through the middle! We’d half expect to see animals swinging through the trees if we zoomed in. However, we probably wouldn’t want to sit on it, and we can’t help but wonder how long it is since this bike’s been ridden! Maybe time the owner bought a new one?!

A Rock Created Bird Shaped Art On My Car Window

Normally, there’s nothing more annoying than when a rock chips your car window. It usually means a trip to the auto repair shop and a costly bill. However, when the resultant damage is this beautiful, it’s hard not to smile. The rock has created an image of a bird, and we reckon it’s pretty awesome. However, someone needs to tell whoever took this photo that the lights are on green and he needs to hit the gas!

Mud Splatters Created An Accidental Monet

Monet sought to depict life in a style unlike anything before, using color in unexpected ways to create vibrant, flat landscapes. People would pay big bucks for a Monet painting, but this guy has got one right there on his car window! Unfortunately, when it rains or he finally washes his car, the amazing accidental Monet will disappear. Still, at least he took a photo to make sure this work of art lives on forever!

Christmas Lights Under The Snow

There are few things more magical than Christmas lights. They emit soft, pretty illumination that makes everyone feel warm and happy inside and ready for the festive season. In fact, some people love them so much they hang them in their homes all year round! But when you pair them with crisp white snow, they’re even more beautiful, as you can see in this photo. The glints of colored light are shining through the snow, softening their intensity.

The Frost Looks Like Birds Flying Off A Pine Tree

Now, this is definitely a thought-provoking image! The frost on the window has arranged itself in such a way that it looks like birds flying off a pine tree. It’s pretty beautiful but we reckon it’s also a little chilling. Ever seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”? This is amazing to look at, but it’s also bound to give anyone with a fear of winged creatures the creeps!

Photo Of A Garden Looks Like A Surrealist Painting

Surrealist art has a dreamy feel, featuring situations and scenery that defy logic. It most often presents subject matter and themes involving nature that twist our perception and capture our imagination. This image is the perfect example of a surrealist painting, even though it’s an accident! It’s actually an aerial photo taken of a very beautiful garden. We’d definitely frame this photo as it’s vibrant, lively and completely breathtaking to look at.

This Coffee Stain Inside My Cup Resembles A Map

This coffee stain on the inside of a mug is as bizarre as it is intriguing. Somehow, the foam has dispersed so that it resembles a map of the world. We reckon that whoever was drinking this coffee was being given a sign to go and travel the world. We’re also wondering when Australia got so big and why North America is completely missing from the map? Okay, we’ll stop being pedantic now!

Fine Art Or Dirty Oven Door?

Alfred Pinkham Ryder was an American painter who was best known for his poetic and moody artwork, so we can certainly see where Ann was going with this. At first glance, it definitely looks like one of his paintings, but it’s actually a close up of a very dirty oven door! We reckon the staff at Bobo’s Restaurant need to invest some time in cleaning their oven, especially now this photo is in the public domain.

Smeared Paint Looks Like A Painting of a Horse

Normally, the front of vacant stores aren’t worth looking at, but this one is the exception! In the smeared paint that’s been slapped on the window, you can clearly make out a classical Chinese watercolor painting of a horse. And how beautiful it is! It will almost be a shame when a business takes over the store and gets rid of it.

My Dog’s Face Looks Like A Van Gogh Painting

This really does look like one of Van Gogh’s works, and in particular his iconic Starry Night painting. See the swirls? The artist was renowned for his dramatic and bold brush strokes which expressed a sense of emotion and added a feeling of movement to his paintings. Although, once you realize that it’s actually a photo of a dog’s face, you can’t really see anything else apart from, well, a dog’s face.

My Colleague Spilled Wine On The Office Carpet

Whilst we can’t help but marvel at this guy’s artistic ability (if this isn’t actually a real cartoon character, it should be!), we can’t help but think they’ll be in trouble if their boss gets to see this photo! Not only do they drink wine at work, but they also draw cartoons on the carpet. Sounds like the dream place to work for us. Are they hiring?!

I Cracked My Screen Protector

Wow, this person cracked their screen protector and it created a stunning piece of landscape art. Can you see the beautiful rolling mountains? Alternatively, if you look at it another way, you can also make out a ship battling the crashing waves of a stormy ocean. Either way, it looks spectacular. On another note, this photo is an excellent advertisement for screen protectors as it certainly did its job!

Yogurt Lid Looks Like A Haunted Graveyard

We don’t know whether to be amazed or scared of this photo! The yogurt on the lid has dispersed in such a way that it looks exactly like a haunted graveyard. Can you make out the dark, spindly trees and ghosts rising up from beneath the ground? It’s creepy beyond words. However, we’re also wondering if this guy checked the expiration date on his yogurt, as we’re pretty sure it’s not meant to look like that!

Van Covered In Dirty Snow Looks Like A Bob Ross

Artist Bob Ross was famous for his paintings of “fluffy clouds” and “almighty mountains”, much like what you can see here on the side of this dirty, snowy van! You can clearly make out the clouds with the mountains towering above them. It’s a sight to behold, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, as soon as the snow melts, this fabulous work of accidental art will cease to exist. Still, at least someone took a photo of it!

Photo Taken From The Engine Room At Dusk

This is beauty that only the power of nature can create. The way the colors blend together is incredible, and it makes for one amazing sight. Imagine gazing out at that view at the end of the day – surely there’s nothing more tranquil and relaxing? It’s almost enough to make us want to work at sea. On another note, we’re not entirely sure the engine room door is meant to be open during transit!

Drone Photo Looks Like A Surrealist Painting

Now, this a fascinating photo. You may be wondering what’s causing the shadows and why everyone is black? Well, if you look closely at the base of the shadows, you’ll see a circular white object with a black dot. Those are the people, as the photo is taken directly overhead, and the sun is casting the long, black shadows. It’s a really cool and very surreal photo.

World Of Oil

Wow, this is neat. The oil has seeped through the paper bag and formed a perfect replica of the world. In fact, this looks so realistic that we’re not 100% sure it’s for real! Even all the islands are in the right place. We didn’t know how this happened but it’s definitely impressive. However, we can’t help but wonder what’s in this bag that could possibly produce so much oil. Whatever it is, we’re not sure we’d want to eat it!

I Took This Photo Through My Windshield

Anyone who’s afraid of birds, look away now. This guy caught what looks like hundreds of them perching on the telephone wires whilst he stopped at a light. It’s not just the number of birds that make this a great photo, it’s the contrast in color between the black birds and the moody pink clouds above them. Although, we can’t help but think this guy’s car roof will need a wash after he drives away!

The Rust Was Painted To Look Like Mountains

Rust really is one of the biggest car maintenance bugbears of drivers. It not only damages bodywork but if left untreated, it can cause a wide range of problems. Fortunately, the owner of this vehicle had a creative streak and some spare time, as he decided to paint over the unsightly rust to make mountains! And how very beautiful they are too. We reckon he’s been taking tips from everyone’s favorite landscape artist, Bob Ross!

Dropped My Phone 20 Feet Down Down A Hill

Usually, dropping your phone 20 foot down a hill whilst strolling along a trail would cause you to be very annoyed indeed. However, when it catches a shot this good, how could you be anything but thrilled? This is one amazing accidental work of art. Although, we can’t help but wonder how exactly they managed to get their phone back. Not very easily we bet!

My Fence After A Snowy Night in Terschelling, The Netherlands

This truly is an exquisite treat for the eyes. Snow has formed on this fence in magnificent style, proving that nature and humans can work together to create immense beauty. Terschelling is a small island where it can be quite windy, so it’s possible that the wind is responsible for this amazing snow formation. Is it just us or do they look like arctic organ pipes?!

This Morning Frost Looks Like It’s Been Painted

Morning frost can be a beautiful thing, and never more so than in this photo. It’s so pretty that we’re finding it hard to believe it wasn’t painted by some highly skilled artist. Sadly, this frost will have disappeared just as quickly as it came. Just like spectacular sunsets, frost patterns are meant to be enjoyed, but only for a brief moment in time. Fortunately, someone took a photo to make sure this mesmerizing image will last forever!

The View From This Window Looks Like A Painting

We all know that Florence is a beautiful city. The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, it’s home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art. However, it actually looks even more beautiful in this photo. Thanks to what we imagine is a mosquito net, the view from the window looks more like a painting. The colors are soft and blended, creating a stunning work of art. We definitely wouldn’t mind hanging this on our wall!

My Mom Put Up An Easter Decal On The Door

Ah, this is nearly too much cuteness for our hearts to handle! At first glance, we thought that someone had actually gone and painted their cat (wouldn’t be the first time, would it?!), but no, it’s just the reflection of an Easter decal on the door. We’d love to see what this person’s mom does for Christmas. Maybe the cat will end up adorned with Christmas puddings!

Oranges Photographed Through A Glass Greenhouse

Now isn’t this just Cézanne-esque? This beautiful photo of oranges taken through the glass of a greenhouse looks so much like one of Paul Cézanne’s paintings, and we reckon it wouldn’t be out of place hanging in an art gallery somewhere! This French artist and Post-Impressionist painter famously used planes of color as well as small, gentle brushstrokes that build to create complex fields. His paintings convey his very intense study of his subjects.

Unstirred Paint: Blue With A Touch Of Yellow

It’s often said that the simplest things are often the most beautiful, and this is the perfect example. Imagine opening a simple tin of paint and seeing this incredible sight. The blues, whites, and yellows are combining in dramatic effect to create something very special indeed. We reckon it looks like one of those aerial photos of rivers and deltas. It definitely looks far too pretty to mix up, that’s for sure!

The Tapestry Above The Bed Made An Awesome Reflection

Go into any fancy coffee shop and you can expect the barista to become a designer who can create beautiful patterns on the surface of your latte. However, few of these designs are likely to rival this, which has been created by tapestry reflecting into the cup of coffee. This intricate design is stunning and way cooler than any fancy latte pattern. It’s definitely a treat for the eyes in the morning!

This Car Door Looks Like A UFO Above A Forest

We had to look at this twice to know what it was, as it really does look like a UFO hovering above a forest! You can even see the beam of light coming from it. Of course, it’s actually a car door that’s in need of a good clean, but it’s definitely not obvious at first glance. Fortunately, someone took a photo because as soon as the car owner heads to the car wash, it will be gone forever!

My Daughter Colored In A Dragon Egg

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll love this one. This little girl was innocently coloring eggs for Easter when she accidentally made a dragon egg! Now, we reckon it’s very cool, especially the way the colors have combined to create some unique purple-blue shade. We don’t know how she did it but we think she must be very gifted. We’re also kind of wondering if she will make us one too!

This Chinese Lake Looks Like A Painting

Is it just us or does this Chinese lake look very much like an impressionist painting? We think it’s the bright green algae that gives it that effect. If you look closely, it also looks as if the oar is a paint brush, which is pretty cool. This photo may look beautiful, but we can’t help but think of all the pollution and toxins that must be in that water. That algae must smell pretty bad!

This Dirty Car Looks So Much Like A Painting

We can’t decide whether he seriously needs to wash his car, or if he should never wash it because it looks so awesome. It really does look like a painting of a snowy mountain scene! The guy taking the photo also looks like an emerging giant, adding to the overall coolness of the snap. It’s amazing how mud can collect on a vehicle to create something that looks so much like a work of art.

My Coffee Came Out Looking Like A Bride

We don’t know about you, but this makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! We don’t know if this was intentional (skilled baristas in fancy coffee shops can do amazing things!) or accidental, but this coffee really does look ridiculously like a bride. Perhaps it’s a sign for whoever ordered this cup of joe that they’re going to be getting hitched soon? We hope so as that would be a pretty cool story to tell the grandkids!

A Face Was Scuffed Into My Car After A Minor Car Accident

Wow, this is crazy. It really does look a pencil portrait! Wouldn’t it be freaky if this looked just like the guy responsible for the accident?! His angry face forever imprinted onto the bumper. It also looks a little bit like Mark Twain! We reckon the driver should get this fixed as soon as possible as we wouldn’t want some random guy’s face staring back at us every day.

Someone Left This Pattern On The Driveway

We can’t decide if this cool pattern left by tire tracks in the snow looks more like love hearts or the famous McDonalds logo. All we know is that we love it! Perhaps it was someone’s attempt at telling the person who lives there that they really love them, but they also want a Big Mac meal. To be fair, we’ve all been there! We reckon whoever lives here definitely has a secret admirer…

I Took This Photo Of My Wife With An iPhone

Wow, here’s an example of just how far mobile phones have come in recent years. This was taken with an iPhone, but it looks as if it’s a painting. It’s really is beautiful, and we reckon it’s nice enough to be framed. This photo may have been an accident, but there are loads of apps you can use to create images that really do look hand-painted, complete with natural textures and spontaneous strokes.

This Office Clock Is Accidental Modern Art

Do you ever feel as though time is just slipping away from you? We certainly do whilst looking at this picture! It’s certainly the most bizarre clock we’ve ever seen. In fact, we can’t decide if we want this accidental piece of modern art in our office or it needs to go in the bin. It kind of reminds us of the clocks Will Graham draws for Hannibal. This one is certainly likely to divide the crowd.

I Created Accidental Surrealism By Not Getting Out The Way

Sometimes, surrealism is created by chance, and this is one of those occasions! This guy tried to see what this plant would look like before he went to the effort of hanging it, but accidentally created the perfect piece of surrealist art. It also kind of reminds us of the 1946 painting ‘The Son of Man’ by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

Made A Tree In The Snow On The Parking Lot

When we first glanced at this photo, all we could see was a tree! You can clearly make out its trunk, branches and leaves. It’s only when you take a second look that you realize it’s actually dirty, melted snow. The water has run off the street into the snow on the parking lot, creating a stunning image of a tree. The perfect example of the elements combining in dramatic effect.

Cracked Fire Glass Looks Like A Thunderstorm Painting

We totally love this one. There’s so much to see if you look hard enough, including a lake, a small hill, a forest on fire, the violent thunderstorm, and a nuclear reactor in the lake! It also looks like the setting for a Meatloaf song. OK, so it’s only a cracked fire glass so maybe we have overactive imaginations. But sometimes you have to in the world of art!