Benefits of Cycling


Cycling is one of the most popular activities around and is enjoyed by people of all ages. As a right of passage, it is one of the first activities we learn as children. As an exercise, cycling is one of the best you can do. As a group activity it is a great way of making friends or bonding with current ones. Bicycles come in many shapes and forms and go from basic models to high end specs. In this article I’ll be going over just four of the many benefits cycling can bring to your life and why it continues to be extremely popular with millions of people.


1: Health:

Cycling is an extremely effective exercise and is an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle. Going for regular bike rides will help you in weight loss, as it is a key part of all cardio work outs and is an effective calorie burner. It will also help build muscle strength, most notably around the hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads. Regular cycling will also give you increased stamina and will decrease the chances of heart disease, lung issues and cancer. If you are thinking of ways you can lose a bit of weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, and you don’t fancy joining a gym, cycling is one of the best options for you.

2: Out and about:

One of the great benefits of cycling is it gives you a chance to see your local area. There are many paths designed specifically for cycling and many of these go through very scenic areas. Cycling gives you the opportunity to get out of your house and see places you may not have seen otherwise. With cycling, you can also travel a lot further than you can on foot, meaning you have the chance to truly explore your area in a day.


3: A better way of getting to work:

With the need to cut carbon emissions, cycling has become the go-to alternative mode of transport for many people to get to work. Many companies are beginning cycle to work schemes that will benefit their employees and it makes a lot of sense. Exercising before work can be a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. This means when you get to work, you’ll be ready and pumped for the day. The endorphins from the exercise will also help to raise your mood, which will also help in your productivity. More people cycling also means less congested roads and quicker commute times for all.

4: A great way of bonding:

Going on bike rides has always been a traditional way of bonding with people. From cycle clubs where you can meet like minded enthusiasts, to parents teaching their children to ride their first bike, to romantic trips with your significant other in the country, or even a day out with friends visiting local pubs together; cycling brings people together, wherever you are.