Public Transportation Commuters You Have To See To Believe


Pizza Party!

She has our sympathy! Who hasn’t been on a night out, only for the munchies to strike? But, it looks like this woman is in for a disappointment when she wakes up and realizes that her pizza is on the floor. Thankfully, she doesn’t need to worry about the five-second rule about dropping food on the floor. Thanks to the clever use of parchment paper, she could probably still pick it up and eat it.

Swamp Thing?

We’ve found out what happened to the Swamp Thing in Wes Craven’s 80s B-movie. He’s given up life as a hideously mutated creature in the swamps of Louisiana and is now working in the city, taking the tube to his job in a bank. It actually seems to be someone wearing an army Ghillie camouflage suit. Someone needs to tell him – or her (we don’t know who’s under there!) – that they’re not blending very well into the background.

Teeth Time

Okay, we’ve all been there. We’ve left the house without putting our make-up on and added a touch of lipstick on the tube, or we haven’t had time to do up our tie and have put it on during the tube journey. But, really, could you not make time to brush your teeth? This lady was caught on camera while looking after her oral hygiene routine. She even spat into her leather bag when she was finished!

Want a Sandwich with that Mayo?

Some countries have weird rules about eating on public transport. Did you know that in Singapore, for example, you can’t eat durian fruit on buses because it smells so bad? But, clearly where this woman lives, there are no such rules. She seems to be eating mayonnaise straight from the jar! She’s not the only one with such a craving. A video of a woman eating mayonnaise from the jar at a basketball game also went viral.

A Head of Cabbage

Did you know that cabbage has been used for centuries to relieve swelling and sprains? In one hospital in Switzerland, patients with arthritis have their joints wrapped in cabbage overnight. Meanwhile, cabbage is also said to reduce pain while breastfeeding. So, maybe this traveler has a headache and they are trying a home remedy. Or maybe, they just really like wearing a cabbage leaf as a hat. Each to their own. Think that’s odd? There’s more to come!

Horse Play

If you think your daily commute is stressful, just imagine how much more difficult it would be if you were a centaur. Not only does this mythical creature have to cope with the discrimination of being half zebra rather than half horse like all of the other centaurs, but he can’t fit through the turnstile at the subway. Not only that, but he doesn’t seem to have realized that the red X above the gate means you can’t go through that way!

Never a Truer Word!

Maybe this is Batman squeezing in a bit of shut-eye while heading to his next crime-fighting opportunity. After all, surely even the Batmobile must have to go in for a service occasionally! Or, maybe it’s just another example of those “subway maniac incidents” this chap is reading about. Whatever the case, it’s not enough to get the attention of fellow commuters. While they say you can’t always believe what you read in the newspapers, in this case, it’s 100% true!

Scooter Squeeze

There are mobility scooters, and there are mobility scooters! This is the later. Complete with roof, steering wheel and cup holder, it looks more like a Smart Car than a scooter. We’re not sure how he managed to get it on there. And, we’re definitely not sure how anyone is going to get off. Oh well, at least he can read his newspaper and listen to music in peace, without being squashed against other passengers. We might just get ourselves one!

Game Addict

It’s not unusual to see people gaming on their smartphones on the commute, but this guy is taking things to extremes. Maybe he just can’t bear to play his games on a small screen. Or perhaps he has a girlfriend or mom at home who has already taken him to task for his video game addiction and this is the only place he can play. Problem is, what happens if he gets to his stop before he reaches his highest score?

Hitching a Ride

We’ve all done it! Ran for the bus only for it to pull away from the stop just before we get there. But this guy isn’t giving up. He’s going to get on it, no matter what! Or maybe he’s forgotten his bus fare, and this is the only way he can get a ride around the city. He seems to have forgotten everything else, given that he hasn’t remembered to put on his shirt and his shoes.

Paper dreams

Well, that’s one way to make sure no one else sits next to you on the train. This chap has made his very own traveling companion out of paper. Not only that, but it looks as if he’s having a conversation with his do-it-yourself friend too. We wonder where they’re going. Is he taking his full-size paper mache creation to work, or to the shops? Or, does he just have fantasies of becoming Dr Frankenstein and making a real person? Awww, we feel a bit sorry for him. Go on, someone talk to him.

What’s New Pussycat?

There’s a rule in Moscow that you’re not allowed to take pets on to the underground trains. But, it seems this woman is determined to take her cute kitten with her wherever she goes. She’s even gone so far as to hide the kitty under her 007-style trench coat. By the look on her face, she’s clearly not happy to have been caught with a contraband cat. If you think that’s odd, read on!

A Dinner Date?

She looks like she’s all dressed up in her little black dress and heading home to prepare dinner for a date. But, maybe her boss made her work late and she’s run out of time to prepare her veggies. Then again, that would mean she had already thought about bringing a chopping board with her! Not only is she wielding a chopping knife about, but she’s also cutting onions, which is sure to make her fellow passengers cry!

She’s Beside You

There are self-help books out there for everything, whether you want to make friends and influence people, gain confidence or persuade your boss to give you a pay rise. This is one we’ve never seen before. But, as the author points out, with 468 subway stations and more than 600 miles of track, there are a million possibilities. Then again, if only this guy would look to his left, he’d realize there’s a woman right there beside him!

Living in a Bubble

Did you ever watch Dirty Dancing where Johnny tells Baby: “This is my dance space. This is your dance space?” Well, this commuter is just as keen on making sure no one enters her personal space. Maybe she doesn’t want anyone to see what’s on her phone. But that poor child in the window seat doesn’t look happy. For anyone looking to create their own personal bubble, it’s a Hoberman sphere and you can fold it up into your pocket.

Time Traveling

Apparently, smartphones are slowly killing the watch industry as we rely on our screens to tell us the time rather than a wristwatch. But, it seems this lady definitely wants to be sure she knows what time it is at any given moment. Or maybe she’s just a huge fan of Public Enemy rapper Flava Flav and his wearing her own version of his medallion clock. At least she’ll know when it’s time to get off the train!

Time for Bed?

We all feel tired sometimes when we’re traveling to work. But, this lady is more prepared than most. While some people take their own pillow onto the bus or subway, she has decided to make sure she will be comfortable if she needs a snooze and has brought her own mattress. We’re not sure where she’s going to lie it down though. Only thing is, she seems to have forgotten a duvet.

Table for One!

It’s not unusual to spot people eating on public transport. After all, sometimes we just don’t have time for breakfast, or we need to grab a sandwich between meetings. But, it is unusual for someone to have brought their own table. We like his style though. He’s dressed up in a blazer, has combed his hair neatly and brought chopsticks to eat his sushi with. Not only that, he’s set up his very own table for one.

Belly Nice

It’s a well-known fact that commuting can interfere with your sleep. With the average commute to and from work standing at around 50 minutes, that’s precious time lost when you could have been getting some shuteye. But, this guy seems to have come up with a way to catch up on some extra sleep, without any danger of falling off the bus, even when the door opens! Just one question: How is he ever going to get off?

Hello Crow!

Jet black hair – check! Gothic makeup – check! Leather pants – check! Biker boots – check! What else could you possibly need to complete the look? Oh, your own pet crow, of course. The crow is a symbol of all things mysterious and magic, and it’s a mystery why you would take one on the train! While this lady might look like a rebel, she is sticking to public transport rules by making sure that her pet is on a leash!

Taking the Plunge

Now, why didn’t we think of this! Who needs to secure a spot next to the handles when you can bring your own? This lady has brought her own toilet plunger which she’s stuck onto the ceiling to make sure that she doesn’t fall over when the train stops suddenly. Let’s just hope she hasn’t used this in her toilet! The only thing is, why doesn’t she just hold onto one of the two handles which are right next to her?


When you haven’t got what you need to hand, you have to improvise! This woman ran out of time to get ready at home, so packed her make-up kit into her bag. The only problem is, she was in such a rush she forgot to bring everything she needed. Oh well, who needs a brush when you can use that collection of plastic cutlery from the bottom of your handbag? It’s just like the Little Mermaid who brushes her hair with a fork!

Hello Dolly

Sometimes we all need a friend to talk to. But with everyone he knows already busy and his Tinder account not working, this guy decided to take matters into his own hands. He’s even dressed her up especially for the occasion in a frock fringed with feathers and finished off with pretty purple and gold sleeves. He appears to be whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Well, if that doesn’t impress her, we don’t know what will!

Ship Ahoy

It looks like Admiral Nelson has been forced to travel like the rest of us after losing his ship. No wonder he has his eyes closed. He just can’t cope with the humiliation of having to travel on the subway rather than his boat the HMS Victory. Or maybe he is an American Revolutionary taking the train to the battleground. His is definitely not the weirdest costume we’ve ever seen on the underground though! Read on for more.

Good vs Evil

The fight between good versus evil must go on, even on the transport system. The question is: Who would win? Batman or Darth Vader? While Darth Vader has lightning-fast reactions and the ability to use the force, he doesn’t seem to have his lightsaber with him, unless it’s under his tunic. Batman simply relies on his superior intellect and his martial arts abilities. Perhaps he should have stuck to taking the Batmobile. May the force be with you, Batman!

Eyes Wide Open

It looks like this chap has made like Jim Carrey in The Mask and picked up the Mask of Loki somewhere! Or maybe he’s been cursed by a medicine man after traveling deep into the jungles of the Amazon. Perhaps he’s just struggling to keep his eyes open like lots of us do on the daily commute and is actually asleep under there. Whatever the reason, his face wear doesn’t seem to be bothering the passenger beside him! Somebody stop him!

Knit One, Purl One

When you get the urge to pick up those knitting needles, you’ve got to go with it. This guy has already crocheted himself an entire yellow and white jumpsuit, complete with matching hat. We wonder what he’s making next. Perhaps a blanket to keep himself warm during those subway journeys, or a cape to transform himself into some sort of knitting superhero. Whatever the case, we’d love to see what the rest of his wardrobe looks like.

Men and Mice

We heard that rats were getting bigger in our cities. After all, they’ve got all those leftover takeaways to feast on. But, this is ridiculous! Thankfully, they seem to be minding their own business. Plus, these rodents appear to be in love, as they’re holding hands, or should that be paws. Maybe they’ve just been out on a date and are heading back to their mouse hole. We don’t think there’s any need to call the exterminator!

Like the Plague

We’re not sure we’d be smiling if we were the guy in the middle! This chap seems to have dropped into a horror movie or an episode of Dr Who! Plus, has anyone told him that there seems to be a plague outbreak? The doctors treating plague victims during the 17th century used to wear these masks, with a little pouch of lavender in the beak to keep away unpleasant smells. Probably not a bad idea on the underground!


We feel for this woman, we really do. It’s all too easy to feel your head nodding forward as you struggle to stay awake during a long journey. But surely, she would have woken up when her nose hit the seat in front of her! Or perhaps this is some sort of revolutionary way to stop snoring by opening up your airways! Either way, someone needs to give her a nudge before she gets to her stop.

Have Aliens Landed?

President Barack Obama famously refused to answer questions about aliens on the Jimmy Kimmel show, simply saying that he couldn’t reveal anything. But it seems all of those rumors about Area 51 could be real and extraterrestrials are already among us. This poor visitor clearly needs to wear this blue triangle in a bid to protect their delicate skin from the sun. Perhaps they’ve lost their spaceship and are trying to get home via the subway.

Luck of the Irish

And, we always thought leprechauns were small creatures! According to Irish folklore, these little guys are usually only around three feet tall. Maybe this one has bought himself some sort of growth potion after finding gold at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns are said to spend their time making shoes and hiding their gold where the rainbow ends. Maybe we should follow him when he gets off at his stop!

Wings of Time

We thought angels would have their own personal cloud to travel on. Or, they would just fly where they wanted to go. But, it turns out they are just like us mere mortals and have to hop on the subway to get from a to b. Plus, they even listen to music to fill in the time. Maybe he’s listening to the song Calling All Angels by Train! Sometimes, we could all do with a guardian angel when traveling the subway.

In the Neck

There’s only one thing to say about this: “Ouch!”. While we’ve all had the fear, the doors are going to close on us as we dart onto the tube just before the warning noise sounds, for this woman the fear has become a reality. She only stuck her head out of the bus for a moment to check if she was nearly at her stop, and now she’s trapped! Perhaps someone should tell the bus driver rather than taking her photo!

Pillow Talk

Okay, there’s making yourself comfortable, and then there’s making yourself comfortable! This guy has definitely gone for the latter option, even bringing his own pillow and removing his pants so he doesn’t get too hot while he snoozes. We’re just glad he doesn’t sleep in the nude! But not as glad as the chap sitting beside him is! Surely, he can ask to move! Or, maybe he should just join him and share his pillow!