Why You Should Add Black Pepper to Your Diet


Some foods are calorie sparse and are dense in nutrient value. As far as the goodness goes these kinds of foods add a lot of punch. They are an excellent source of essential nutrients and anti-oxidants. These can be classified into a special group and can be named as superfoods.

There is a long list of such foods that are beneficial for the human body. Just by their intake the health of human beings gets improved and also they can help prevent some kinds of diseases if they are regularly included in the recipes.

There are certain kinds of nutrients that the human body cannot make but they are essential for the healthy growth of the body. Usually these are found in the superfoods so it is really vital that we include most of these in our diet.

One such food that has a prominent place in the list of superfoods is black pepper. It is called a condiment or spice and is used as such in many of the recipes all over the world. Including it in these is extremely advantageous for the human body. Using pepper powder not only adds flavor to the dish but also gives many health benefits for the body.

How does it help in improving the overall wellbeing of the human body then? It helps reduce the intestinal gas, helps in nasal congestion, promotes urination, increases HCL in the stomach, stimulates fat cell breakdown and adds antioxidants to the recipes.

You need to just add a pinch of black pepper powder to your dish to avail its multifold benefits for the human body. It is a source of several minerals like copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorus. It also contains different kinds of vitamins like C, K and B6. It is high on dietary fiber too.

Here is a list of the advantages of including black pepper in your diet.

➔ It aids in weight loss with helping in breaking down of the fat cells which helps in their easy processing.
➔ Improves digestion by secretion of the HCL and thereby facilitates better digestion. With promoting urination and sweating it helps in the overall wellbeing of the body.
➔ Helpful in skin care by way of it rendering help in producing melanocytes which in turn helps reduce the chance of contacting skin cancer.
➔ Has antibacterial quality which helps fight different kinds of infections.
➔ Has antioxidant property and this helps repair damage caused by free radicals thus preventing the body from contacting cancer.
➔ Can provide respiratory relief to the body as it has expectorant property. It can also provide relief for nasal congestion and also helps prevent asthma. Its use can help improve cognitive function by helping reduce memory impairment and cognitive malfunction.
➔ Used in the treatment of peptic ulcers due to its anti-inflammatory property.
➔ It will enhance bioavailability by helping to transport the benefits of the herbs to all the parts of the body. This maximizes the efficiency of the food taken. It makes the nutrients available to all the parts of the body.

Usually the pepper corns are ground into powder and added to the dishes. Whole peppercorns are used in a few of the dishes as well. Do add a pinch possibly to all the dishes on a daily basis and get the maximum benefit of this superfood.