It does not matter how young or aged you are. The powers to change your life in order to make you live longer and action is in the palm of your hands. You have the powers to live a longer life only if you do the right thing. You only need to make few changes in your life in order to achieve them. The most recent study shows that you are likely to die at a younger age or get old at 22 when you smoke, drink excessive alcohol, avoid taking fruits and vegetable every day and failing to exercise on a daily basis. Good news is you can keep your body fit and look young when the following habits are adopted:

    Do not overeat

It is a very bright idea if you leave some food on your plate in order to live 100 plus years. Longevity studies show that the oldest people on earth stop eating actually when they are 70 to 80% full. You are likely to age slower when you eat less because it is very important to eliminate calories from your body.

    Get busy

Getting busy will definitely burn calories from your body at the highest rate. Satisfying sex; twice or thrice a week is equally important. Regular sex will regulate your blood pressure, protect your heart, improve your sleep and boost your body immune system. You need to run or jog at most 30 minutes a day.

    Stay away from the TV

Spending 24 hours in front of your TV can be very fatal. According to the recent research, people who watch more than 4 hours a day are likely to suffer from many diseases than people who watch less. All the additional hours you spend watching gives you an 11% chances of dying and 18% chance of suffering from heart diseases.

    It is also important that you stay out of the sun

Skin cancer can be caused by long exposure to sunlight. Staying in the sun for long can also make your skin wrinkled and saggy. If you are forced to work long hours under the sun, then you are required to add sunscreen to your daily budget. Do not focus on your face alone, you can use it on your neck and chest as well.

    Try and reach out.

Failure to make friends and have your family around will increase your chances of suffering from heart diseases. It is proved that loneliness can cause inflammation making it worse than smoking tobacco or having high levels of cholesterol in the body. That’s why old people suffer a lot from more depression because of loneliness.

    Drink moderately

Taking two or more drinks a day for both genders leads to excessive weight gain and relationship problems. Excessive consumption of alcohol is very fatal and can lead to death.

    Intake of fruits and vegetables.

Your life is likely to be eaten up when you fail to take at least three fruits a day. Enough consumption of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and fibers is likely to lower your risk of contracting heart diseases by 76% and breast cancer by 80%. They also prevent the occurrence of wrinkles.

    Focus on fitness

Regular exercise is very important to an individual’s health. An individual who exercises daily is likely to live four years longer than individuals who do not exercise. It doesn’t have to be a serious exercise because even the moderate ones will lower your risk of contracting heart diseases.

    Avoid smoking

Smoking has been identified as the biggest killer. It is never too late to quit the habit.


Living a healthy life is very important for an individual to stay healthy and longer. When you remain active all the time, you are likely to stay free from heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes.