Hilarious Yet Accidental Cosplay Moments


It’s one thing to intentionally dress up as one of your favorite fictional characters, but when it happens by accident, it’s a completely different ballgame. Some of these unfortunate people spent the whole day being laughed at and pointed out by random passersby before the reason for all the attention finally hit home. Imagine you set off to work only to pop into the bathroom and find your chosen outfit for the day is the spitting image of the minions’ work uniform.

On the Up and Up

If you’re going to look like any cartoon character, style-wise, Carl Fredricksen probably wouldn’t be your first choice. Not only is he old and rather bad-tempered, he’s also filled with regret for a life lived with such monotony that its left too many dreams unfulfilled. Nevertheless, if, like Carl, you were faced with the choice of flying away to another world or consigning yourself to a home for the elderly, most of us would probably hope we’d be brave enough to opt for the first choice. Wait. There’s more.

The Force is With Her

While they don’t usually teach young children the art of mastering the energies of the force in karate class, it seems that this little one found the force was with her as soon as she stepped outside. Of course, it might just have been a combination of a cold wintery afternoon and a borrowed jacket, but we’d prefer to believe that she’s one of the chosen ones – a true, modern-day Jedi youngling. As Yoda once said, “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”

Going to Kill Bill

After that horrendous car accident, it seems that The Bride has resorted to taking the bus while on her way to Kill Bill. The much-publicized car accident that Uma Thurman experienced while filming Kill Bill 1 & 2 left the actress with injuries that affect her even now, some 15 years later. While Kill Bill 3 is unlikely to be made, having the titular character chasing down her enemies via subway and bus would have added a very different element to the movie – though possibly not a very exciting one!

Ratatouille Replica

While looking like the character Linguine from Ratatouille isn’t quite as cool as some of the other lookalikes we’ve seen in this article, you’ve got to admit the resemblance is striking. This guy looks so much like the character, you almost feel like frisking him to see where he’s hiding his talented rodent friend, Remy. Let’s just hope this young fellow grows up to cook like the rodent, rather than the elevated garbage boy whose culinary flair leaves much to be desired. Keep reading for more amusing matches.

Eye Contact

Sometimes it’s good to let your imagination run wild and the person who posted this accidental cosplay was obviously channeling some serious creativity at the time. It might take you a moment to work out why this pair of binoculars looks so familiar and the answer is, because they resemble the eyes of lovable robot WALL˙E from the animated movie of the same name.  It may only be a pair of binoculars, but they somehow manage to have the exact same sad expression the robot is remembered for.

Twilight Twins

Ok, so the Jacob Black lookalike doesn’t quite have us convinced, but Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are doing a great job. It makes you really hope that the couple are romantically involved and can say things like, “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night” and “You’re like my own personal brand of heroin” to one another. Then again, maybe there was just a fanatical Twilight enthusiast at the party who made a trio of strangers get together for a photo purely for their own satisfaction.

Scrat Sinking Feeling

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary sink faucet but, on closer inspection, the similarity between it and the prehistoric squirrel from Ice Age becomes evermore apparent. No one can forget the saber-toothed squirrel’s love of acorns, nor his inability to keep hold of his prize. At the end of the day, all Scrat wanted was to save one single acorn so he could plant a tree after the end of the Ice Age. Poor Scrat. Hopefully this faucet isn’t so hapless when it comes to delivering water.

Classic Cartman

This guy probably hasn’t noticed just how perfectly his ensemble looks like that worn by the rather unsavory South Park character, Eric Cartman. However, it’s unlikely you’d ever catch Cartman quietly reading a book. Let’s just hope his personality isn’t as similar to Cartman’s as his clothing, otherwise he’d also be labelled as a “fat, racist, self-centered, intolerant, manipulative sociopath”. He does look a little lonely, though, so hopefully he has a stuffed animal or two in his bag, just like Cartman relies on his toy, Clyde Frog, for company.

Breaking Bus

There’s nothing about this particular lookalike that came out of the closet. In fact, it seems, “it’s just basic chemistry” that made this bus driver look so much like the Breaking Bad character Walter White. Of course, he could opt for a different style of spectacles and possibly even grow his hair and get rid of the beard, but where would be the fun in that? It probably adds an element of humor to his day-to-day existence and brings a smile or two to the faces of his customers.

Take My Breath Away

The Tom Cruise lookalike has got a long way to go before he’s eligible for specialist pilot training at the Marine Corps Training Station in Miramar, but his friend has got the Kelly McGillis look down pat. We can almost see him strutting his stuff in front of a roomful of pilots in a knee-length black skirt and high heels. Speaking of which, rumor has it that the long-awaited sequel to Top Gun is due out next year. Isn’t Tom Cruise getting a little old for this kind of thing?

Festive Fleet

We all have the tendency to get a bit carried away when Christmas comes around and, while this lady looks rather demure in her festive outfit, the positioning of the Christmas tree broach transforms it from a simple dress into a Starfleet uniform. Still, if the United Federation of Planets were looking for possible candidates to join the service, she certainly looks like she’s got the potential to act as a peacekeeper while conducting a little exploration into outer space. Keep clicking for continued cosplay coincidences.

Bathroom Binks

You’ve got to admit, the resemblance between this bathrobe and the Star Wars character, Jar Jar Binks is uncanny. The only real difference is that the toweling Binks clearly had a bad night is looking a little pale. While the character wasn’t particularly popular amongst fans, he did have an important role to play, to the extent that some believe he should be the star of the next spin-off movie, rather than Han Solo, who is the lead character in the latest space adventure, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Clever Cab-Driver

It would be wonderful to be able to pick the brains of one of the greatest scientists to ever live but, sadly, while this taxi driver looks a lot like Albert Einstein, it’s unlikely he shares his IQ. Nevertheless, it does take something of a virtuoso to safely navigate the streets of New York so at least with a taxi driver like this, you feel you’re in safe hands. Then again, that slightly deranged look may indicate a tendency to take elaborate detours and unnecessary risks at the lights.

Sucking up to R2-D2

While R2-D2 was far too sophisticated to do such menial tasks as sweeping the floor, this vacuum cleaner is happy to provide a service. It may not actually be robotic, so you would have to manually push it around and plug it in to get the desired result, but you could pretend to be C3PO while doing the housework which would make it more entertaining. Of course, you can get a real R2-D2 robotic vacuum cleaner but it’s only 13.5cm high and only suitable for tidying up your desk.

Dressed Inside Out

Like us humans, not all the characters in the animation film, Inside Out, truly appreciate the importance of Sadness. This lady managed to embrace her inner emotions, however, and captured the look of Sadness to perfection. According to the movie’s director, Pete Docter, in modern-day society, “We all want happiness in our life… yet there is real value to all the other emotions that is part of the richness of life…”. Hopefully this young lady didn’t spend her entire day in character and managed to crack a smile or two.

I am Sam

While Game of Thrones character Samwell Tarly, seems to have managed to ditch his cloak, he’s clearly preparing for a long winter and stocking up on the essentials – like chocolate! According to actor John Bradley, who played the part of Sam, every time he donned his unmistakable cloak, he felt as though he was shrugging on an “Ikea rug”. Wonder how many people took this convenience store worker’s photo before he realized just how much he resembled the scholarly Sam. Read on for more uncanny likenesses.

Don’t be Septical

It may take a little imagination to see how this septic tank resembles the Lion King character of Rafiki but apply yourself and you’ll soon see the similarities. As Rafiki himself would have said, “Look harder!”. Of course, not everyone would want a sewage system quite as smart as Rafiki, it’s certainly better than having one that’s incapable of doing its job, after all, what would happen to all those digested squash bananas? It’s not always a good idea to put a baboon in charge!

Obi-Wan’s Obituary

Clearly, something terrible has happened to Obi-Wan Kenobi! Rarely seen without his cloak, this was spotted on the subway indicating that the wearer had vanished into thin air. Either that, or the Jedi master decided it was time to upgrade into something a little more modern. Apparently, after the original 1977 film, the robe worn by Alec Guinness was sold to a fancy-dress shop in London, who subsequently valued it at around $33,500! Now, if this was the original, whoever photographer it must have wished they’d picked it up!

Nothing is Impossible

Given that the producers of the live-action movie based on the animated television series, Kim Possible, have recently been searching for their stars, you might expect that this lady was in the running for the title role. Unfortunately for her, unless her name happens to be Sadie Stanley, we won’t be seeing her on the big screen. She certainly manages to pull off the look, though, making us wonder what crime-fighting adventures she gets up to in her spare time. Keep clicking for more accidental copycats


Surely this can’t be an accident? With the hair, the sunglasses, the body-hugging clothes, and bulging muscles, it really looks like this guy has styled himself on the animated character, Johnny Bravo. It’s hard to believe that this gentleman just got out of bed one morning to find an uncanny likeness staring back at him from the bathroom mirror, isn’t it? Let’s just hope his character is a little less senseless and vain than his fictional fashion inspiration, otherwise he must be a walking, talking repellent to the opposite sex.

An Un-Kenny Resemblance

This child certainly isn’t going to get cold regardless of how wintery the weather is. Crossing the road might be a little tricky, however, as their peripheral vision is obscured by that furry hood. At least they’ll get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be Kenny from South Park. He spent most of his life with half his face obscured by his hood but, in retrospect, it didn’t work out that well for him, and he was killed off repeatedly. Hopefully, this kid’s future is a little rosier.

Oh Captain, My Captain

We just really hope that this guy didn’t have any important meetings or presentations on the day he accidentally turned up at work looking like Captain Kirk. It’s not a bad look, by any means, but we can’t help feeling it would be rather difficult to take him seriously, especially if he accidentally fell into character and opened the staff meeting with the Star Trek character’s famous words, “A captain of a ship, no matter his rank, must follow the book”. Read on for more epic imitators.

Despicable Dress Code

Anyone who saw this guy travelling around the city must have been dying to ask him where his Minions were. Even if he hadn’t donned the stripy scarf, this guy’s big nose and bald head make him look surprisingly like the ex-supervillain, Cru. It’s certainly not hard to imagine this guy wearing underwear covered in smiley faces nor dreaming of stealing the moon. Clearly, he isn’t lucky enough to own a rocket-powered vehicle built of titanium otherwise he wouldn’t have been spotted using public transport.

Who Ate All the Cookies?

The Sesame Street character, the Cookie Monster, was never a small creature, but it seems he’s now grown to giant proportions! IT’s intriguing how just a few large rolls, some blue, some white, happened to be packed onto the back of this truck in a combination that completely brings to mind the fuzzy blue puppet. Given his love of food, it would hardly come as a surprise to discover that the lovable monster had consumed so much that he needed an entire flatbed truck to transport him.

Making Lemonade

30 Rock’s female protagonist, Liz Lemon, is an inspirational character so it’s no wonder some people choose her as a fashion icon. It seems this woman didn’t plan the costume, but she certainly pulls it off. Hopefully, this real-life version of Liz Lemon doesn’t have to put up with the same level of ineptitude and immaturity among her colleagues as the 30 Rock character does. With any luck, her advice on life is just as poignant, however, and we can easily picture her giving the double thumbs up.

Monster Minion

There’s no disputing that this guy has perfected the minion look – he’s just a little on the large side to find himself cast in any real-life movie they may decide of Despicable Me. Undoubtedly, his children were blushing and shaking their heads with embarrassment when they saw him at breakfast time, but probably didn’t feel their fashion advice would go very far, so simply left him to it. There’s no chance he can be a real minion, though, after all, how often do you ever see a lone minion?

Dressed to Dictate

While most accidental cosplays are amusing, there are occasions when the person concerned should have looked in the mirror more carefully before heading out for the day. Although this person looks rather pleased with their fashion statement, pulling off a Kim Jong II lookalike currently isn’t necessarily the most sensible move, but it’s better than styling your wardrobe according to his son’s style choices. Nevertheless, dressing up to look like a dictator is never going to win you friends or influence people – at least, not in a good way!

A Real Family Man

If you surf around for a while, you’ll soon discover that impersonating the ultimate Family Guy is surprisingly popular. So, although this gentleman claims it was an accidental cosplay, we beg to differ. Hopefully, he’s not quite as mentally challenged or suffers from as short a concentration span as the animated character, Peter Griffin, who’s renowned for his unpredictable and often inappropriate behavior. Nonetheless, hopefully he enjoys the character’s good health but preferably without the enormous intake of alcohol. Keep reading for more amusing doppelgangers.

Hair Today, Zorg Tomorrow

We’ve all experienced those moments when we’ve gone into a hairdresser’s hoping for an awesome new style and walked out looking like, well, in this instance, like Zorg from The Fifth Element. Thankfully, if this guy isn’t up to going out in public looking like a servant of the Great Evil, at least he can put on a hat and achieve some semblance of normality. Having said that, Zorg does have some redeeming features – like his superior intellect – but, at the end of the day, he’s a monster.

Where’s Waldo? Watering!

Maybe it was the first week of April that inspired this grandfather slip into his Waldo outfit, after all, it was then that Google maps launched their Where’s Waldo app. Now, avid Googlers can virtually explore the globe, seeking out the stripy-jerseyed time-traveler. And now for another piece of Waldo trivia: did you know that, in 2011, 3,872 people, all dressed as the character, gathered in Dublin, Ireland to break the Guinness World Record? Clearly, this guy should have been invited to take the total up to 3,873!

Seriously Streetwise

There probably aren’t many people around whose personal style preferences mean they accidentally end up looking like a character from the Street Fighter series. That alone makes this woman special, and once combined with those shapely thighs, she’s really not your average girl next door. Clearly dressed up for a special occasion, let’s just hope it wasn’t a wedding, as, looking like she does, she probably stole the show from the bride and ruined her special day. Makes you wonder what secret weapon she’s hiding behind that beautiful bouquet.

Raiders of the Lost Tweed

There’s certainly few celebrities who can pull off a tweed suit with quite as much aplomb as Harrison Ford and this lookalike looks equally stylish in his. While we’d love to see a little more genuine tweediness going on there, he’s doing an inspiring job, especially with the red bow tie. If this guy stood up in front of a classroom dressed like that, we’re sure he’d convince them all to knuckle down and start studying. Apparently, Ford’s original suit went up for auction in 2015, fetching around $16,000.

Oh Pooh!

While accidentally cosplaying a human character is acceptable, mistakenly ending up looking like a chubby bear with a weakness for honey is quite another. Clearly, this person realized how much they looked like Winnie the Pooh before they left for work, making us wonder if they decided to go back and change or just go with it. If you work with children, it’s probably not a bad look to choose, although you may be offered a few too many honey sandwiches during the day. Don’t go yet – there’s more!

Draco’s Double Take

With a little less lace and her hair parted to the other side, this woman would look so much like Draco Malfoy, you’d either want to punch her in the face, or hand her a broomstick. The similarity is so striking, we’re certain she got a wand made of hawthorn and unicorn hair stashed in her desk drawer. At least her colleagues can rest assured that Malfoy never learnt the Patronus charm but it’s unlikely any of them would be prepared to take her on in a wizard’s duel.

The Other-Worldly Coraline

Ending up looking like a character who has their own doppelganger in a different world is beyond ironic. The inquisitive protagonist of the dark fantasy animation, Coraline, is a quick-witted child with distinctive blue hair who discovers another world in which there are other copies of all the characters she meets in real life. Perhaps this woman felt the same on the day she happened to step outside looking exactly like the animated character. Must’ve been quite a day! The movie, Coraline, was based on the novel by Neil Gaiman.

Scooby Don’t

Even if you’re not planning on spending the day acting like the brainy one from Scooby Doo, this isn’t a bad look to go for. Combining the smart with the casual, this lady doing Velma Dinkley better than Velma does. Hopefully, she’s also bestowed with the character’s incredible intellect and spends her day offering people Scooby Snacks, making sarcastic comments and exclaiming, “Jinkies!” at every possible opportunity. If you think you’ve seen the best, think again – there’s still some classic comparisons to keep you giggling!

The Bane of His Life

Either this guy has got his headphones on the wrong way or he’s using one of those Hushme muffler devices that mean you can speak in private. Whatever is going on here, he’s certainly managing to do a good impression of Bane from Batman. While he doesn’t quite have the supervillain’s physique, the mask is breathtakingly convincing, making us wonder if he really has a venom addiction or is just addicted to social media. Let’s just hope Batman’s not too far away otherwise the whole world could be in jeopardy.

Not a Plain Jane

If you bumped into this lady, surely the first thing you’d ask her would be, “Where’s Tarzan?” She’s definitely got the look and is unmistakably cosplaying Jane Porter. Goodness only knows what she’s got in store for herself, but she looks ready for the jungle, albeit a very clean jungle. Fair-skinned and stylish, she’s certainly got the look of the Queen of the Apes. Given her appearance, it surely can’t be long before she finds her ape king, especially if, like the character, she’s as feisty as she is beautiful.

A Thorn in His Side

Another person who looks all set for great adventures is this Nigel Thornberry lookalike. The wild mustache and scruffy safari shirt give the impression that he’s just returned from some exciting mission into some of the most far-flung places on the globe. Just like the star of the Wild Thornberries, this guy looks game for anything, be it zoological or botanical. Maybe, if he’s really lucky, he’ll get knighted by the Queen of England at some point in the not too distant future.

Better than Belchers?

While the character from Bob’s Burgers appears to have limited social skills, some fans of the show believe she’s really a great role model, so maybe that’s why this person didn’t mind spending the day dressed in a Tina-esque outfit. Although Tina admits she’s no hero, saying, “I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else”, her social awkwardness is something many of us can relate to and her ability to rely on her own sense of self-worth, rather than other people’s opinions, is inspiring.