Famous stars of the 70s – Where are they now?


The 1970s was a decade filled with glittering disco balls, big hair, and even bigger smiles. So many famous faces were created in the ‘70s, but have you ever wondered what they’re all up to now?

Maureen McCormick – Then

Most TV fans will instantly recognize the face of Maureen McCormick, who is best known for playing Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch. However, before her big role catapulted her to stardom, Maureen had already dabbled in the celebrity world. Featuring in TV commercials for Barbie and Chatty Cathy dolls, along with roles in Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, it’s clear this starlet was always destined for fame. Her world came crashing down, however, when The Brady Bunch was canceled in 1974.

Maureen McCormick was known for playing Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch in the 70s

Maureen McCormick – Now

After the abrupt cancellation of The Brady Bunch, Maureen McCormick suffered from substance abuse; something many child stars seem to battle with. Many directors allegedly found that Maureen McCormick was a difficult person to work with, which meant that work dried up for the star. While she may have featured in several of The Brady Bunch spin-offs, her issues meant that she never reached the dizzying heights of fame she had dreamt of. After a stint in rehab, however, McCormick is back – stronger than ever.

Maureen McCormick suffered substance abuse as she got older but has since been to rehab

Sally Field – Then

Sally Field first hit our TV screens in shows like Gidget, The Flying Nun, and The Girl With Something Extra. However, her big break came in the TV movie Sybil, for which she won an Emmy Award in 1977. That same year, Field landed a role in the second highest grossing movie, Smokey and The Bandit alongside Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason. It wasn’t long before this young woman became a true star of the ‘70s and future decades!

Sally Field made a name for herself in Sybil and Smokey and The Bandit

Sally Field – Now

Thanks to some incredible, award-winning roles throughout the 1970s, it wasn’t hard for Sally Field to find work in Hollywood. Norma Rae, in 1979 was a real standout role for the star, and this secured her acting work for future decades – including Mrs. Doubtfire, Forrest Gump, The Amazing Spider-Man, and many more. In 2014, Sally Field received her much-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Most recently, Field has been treading the boards playing Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie on Broadway.

Sally Field continues to act, only on Broadway instead of in movies now

Bo Derek – Then

When Bo was just 16-years-old, she became romantically involved with a married man 30 years older than her – John Derek! She married John when she was 19, and he gave her a ‘Hollywood makeover’ in an effort to make her a star. Her first big movie was Orca – The Killer Whale, but it wasn’t until her role in 10, alongside Dudley Moore, that she really started to make a name for herself as an actress and sex symbol!

Bo Derek got her big break in the movie 10, acting with Dudley Moore

Bo Derek – Now

Bo Derek became a big star in the 80s, starring in movies such as Tarzan, the Ape Man, and Bolero, which were directed by her husband. Unfortunately, all of the movies she starred in that were directed by her husband received rather negative reviews. She has continued to act through the decades, winning the infamous Golden Raspberry Awards for her apparent poor performances. Her husband, John Derek, passed away in 1998, she is now in a relationship with John Corbett.

Bo Derek has been in some movie flops over the years, winning several Golden Raspberry Awards

Valerie Perrine – Then

The stunning Valerie Perrine was unsurprisingly destined for big things, starting her career off as a Las Vegas showgirl. After a small role in the soft-core adult film Slaughterhouse-Five, Perrine was picked up by Playboy magazine for a shoot. Nearly every man (and woman) in the 1970s will recognize Valerie Perrine for her sometimes controversial work in the ‘70s – especially when she became the first actress to deliberately appear nude on TV on the PBS showing of Steambath.

Valerie Perrine made a name for herself playing risky roles and posing in Playboy

Valerie Perrine – Now

After baring all during her breakthroughs, Valerie Perrine was cast as Lenny Bruce’s wife in Lenny in 1974. This role earned her Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations, which secured her place as a Hollywood ‘one to watch.’ Most people will recognize Perrine for her roles in Superman, both in 1978 and 1980. However, since the 1980s, things have been quiet for the up-and-coming starlet. She has been involved in some smaller projects, including a little role in What Women Want in 2000.

Valerie Perrine has been in smaller roles since the 1980s, including in What Women Want

Cybill Shepherd – Then

Cybill Shepherd first experienced fame as a model, which is allegedly how she managed to secure her first acting role. It was her feature on the cover of Glamour Magazine in 1970 that caught Peter Bogdanovich’s eye, and he instantly picked her for the role of Jacy in The Last Picture Show which he was directing. Her first movie earned her a Golden Globe nomination, and she carved herself an impressive film career on the back of it.

Cybill Shepherd was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in The Last Picture Show

Cybill Shepherd – Now

With some huge movies under her belt in the 1970s, including the renowned Taxi Driver, things slowed down a little for the star. However, in the mid-80s, Cybill Shepherd wowed audiences once again with the standout performance of her career, in ABC’s Moonlighting. Since then, Cybill has appeared in various movies, TV shows, Broadway shows, and published a bestselling autobiography. Oh, and she has won three Golden Globe Awards! It seems as though nothing can stop Cybill Shepherd.

Cybill Shepherd has three Golden Globe Awards and has been successful since the 70s

Kate Jackson – Then

This actress had big dreams of becoming a star, which led to her dropping out of University and joining the American Academy of Dramatic Art instead. Kate Jackson’s risky move paid off, however, as she landed her first role in 1971 on Dark Shadows the TV show. She quickly followed this with four seasons in The Rookies, before landing one of the biggest parts of her career – Sabrina Duncan in Charlie’s Angels. This role is what Kate Jackson was most recognized for in the ‘70s.

Kate Jackson is most known for her role as Sabrina Duncan in Charlie’s Angels

Kate Jackson – Now

Since her role in Charlie’s Angels, Kate Jackson has continued to wow audiences in both TV shows and movies. The star has three Emmy Award nominations and four Golden Globe nominations to her name and has been writing her memoir entitled The Smart One. While her acting career may have been a success, the same can’t be said of her love life, unfortunately. With three marriages, three divorces, and numerous alleged relationships, it seems Kate Jackson never found true love.

Kate Jackson has had plenty of award nominations over the decades

Alison Arngrim – Then

Alison’s acting career started at a very early age, after a brief stint as a child model. Her first roles were in TV commercials before she landed the part of Nellie Oleson in the TV series Little House on the Prairie. She was just 12-years-old when she got her big break, and her role as the ‘spoiled bad girl’ of the show became a cultural reference of the 1970s. Alison Arngrim played Nellie for seven seasons of the show.

Alison Arngrim is best known for playing Nellie Oleson in Little House on the Prairie

Alison Arngrim – Now

Alison Arngrim later described playing Nellie as “like having PMS for seven years” during a standup routine years later. Along with her Little House on the Prairie role and some standup comedy, the star also recorded a comedy album entitled Heeere’s Amy. In 2002, Alison Arngrim won the prestigious Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award for her work on Little House on the Prairie – so that seven-year PMS was definitely worth it! Arngrim is married to musician Robert Paul Schoonover.

Alison Arngrim won a Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002

Liv Ullmann – Then

Things were a little different for Liv Ullmann, who was born in Tokyo to Norwegian parents. She moved to Toronto and New York, before settling back in Norway where she started working as a stage actress. However, she became most notable as becoming a ‘muse’ for Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman, who cast her in ten of his movies. Her face was all over the big screen in the ‘70s, in movies such as Autumn Sonata, A Bridge Too Far, and the award-winning The Emigrants.

Liv Ullmann made a name for herself as one of Ingmar Bergman’s muses

Liv Ullmann – Now

Things never really slowed down for the world-renowned actress, who has continued acting through the decades; both in Hollywood blockbusters and on TV. Liv Ullmann has also dabbled in directing, winning a Palme d’Or for her second feature film, Faithless. The star has been nominated over 40 times for awards, including nominations for Best Actress Academy Award for The Emigrants and Face to Face. Liv Ullmann is married to real estate developer Donald Saunders and is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Liv Ullmann has had an incredible acting and directing career over the years

Goldie Hawn – Then

Goldie Hawn is easily one of the most recognizable faces of the 1970s – and for good reason, too! The wannabe star took tap dance lessons from an early age, before pursuing her love of acting. After winning an Academy Award for her role in Cactus Flower, it was clear to everyone that Goldie Hawn was destined for big things. Notable roles in the ‘70s included Butterflies Are Free, Shampoo, and Foul Play. Her star continued to shine bright for over three decades!

Goldie Hawn is one of the most recognizable stars of the 1970s

Goldie Hawn – Now

By 2002, Goldie Hawn decided that it was time to take a break from the world of acting – embarking on a 15-year hiatus, before returning in the 2017 movie Snatched. However, it’s now her children who are stealing the limelight, it seems. Oliver and Kate Hudson, children from Goldie’s second marriage, are established actors in their own right. Wyatt Russell, her child with Kurt Russell (who she has been in a relationship with since 1983), is also an actor and ice hockey player.

Goldie Hawn took a 15-year hiatus before returning in 2017 for the movie Snatched

Jane Seymour – Then

One of the earliest breakout roles for Jane Seymour was in the 1973 James Bond movie, Live and Let Die, where the starlet got to play alongside Roger Moore. Playing a Bond girl is bound to get you noticed, and it certainly worked! Her next role was in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, before truly making a name for herself in the movie and TV show, Battlestar Galactica. By the end of the 1970s, everyone had heard of Jane Seymour.

Jane Seymour made a name for herself in the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die

Jane Seymour – Now

Luckily for Seymour, things have stayed on a pretty even keel when it came to her acting career over the decades. Through the ‘80s the actress had several roles in TV movies and series such as The Richest Man in the World. More recently, you may recognize her face for small parts in modern shows such as Smallville and How I Met Your Mother. Not forgetting her role in Wedding Crashers – call me Kitty Cat… Meow, she’s still got it!

Jane Seymour played a small role in the comedy movie Wedding Crashers most recently

Jodie Foster – Then

It may seem surprising that Jodie Foster started making a name for herself in the 1970s, considering she is still so young today! However, this world-famous actress has been on our screens since she was 3-years-old. After a few successful TV commercials, Jodie Foster went to a casting alongside her brother Buddy. While he wasn’t picked for the role, the directors saw something special in the young starlet and chose her to star alongside Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver!

Jodie Foster started acting at three and is known for her role in Taxi Driver

Jodie Foster – Now

Jodie Foster’s acting career has gone from strength to strength over the decades, with plenty of award-nominated and award-winning roles to her name – including playing the incredible Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. While she may have experienced a few setbacks in the early noughties, things really took off for Foster when she turned her hand to directing. She has since gone on to direct episodes of Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Black Mirror, along with several movies.

Jodie Foster is now known for her directing work, including directing episodes of Black Mirror and House of Cards

Cher – Then

Who can forget Cher in the ‘70s?! Not only had her and her husband (Sonny Bono) dominated the charts with their smash hit, I Got You Babe, but they were also given their own TV show in the ‘70s. The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour was an incredible hit, with around 30 million people tuning in every week. Their TV show catapulted the pair to the dizzying heights of fame, but it was Cher who was getting most of the attention!

Cher made a name for herself singing and in The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour

Cher – Now

There is no denying that Cher is as famous (if not more so) as she was in the 1970s. Not only has she sold millions of records, but she has also bagged herself roles in award-winning movies (such as Moonstruck), been a shining star on Broadway, and put on one of the highest-grossing concert tours of all time. Determined not to rest, Cher is currently putting on a series of shows in Las Vegas and Maryland, dubbed ‘Classic Cher.’

Cher is now one of the best-selling artists of all time and continues to perform to this day