6 Tips For A Healthy Liver


The human body is a machine which works on the support of many organs; the liver is the organ that is acknowledged for its ability to preserve the digestive system in a good condition and keep infections at a distance. The busy lifestyle of people today often makes them careless about their eating habits. The choice of processed foods, meats, and fried savories makes the liver overburdened and stressed. This hinders the liver’s ability to treat toxins along with fat in a competent manner. The improper functioning of the liver might lead to poor maintenance of blood glucose levels which can cause disease like diabetes. So, considering the need to have a healthy liver, here are few tips that can be followed:

1) Monitor Your Weight – People who are overweight stand a high chance of fat deposition in the liver, which can result in fatty liver disease, liver failure, and even liver cancer. The secret to maintaining a healthy weight lies in regular exercise and avoidance of food that have high-fat content.

2) Include foods that help in detoxification– There are certain foods like garlic, carrots, grapefruit, leafy green vegetables, avocados, apples, beetroots that help your body to cleanse. The foods when taken on a regular basis aids in mobilizing enzymes that are known to eliminate toxins from the body. Even green tea works wonder for the liver, as it is enriched with antioxidants known as catechins, which boost the functioning of the liver.

3) Excess alcohol is bad– It is rightly said that “Anything in excess is bad for health”, similarly there is also a ceiling as per alcohol intake that the body can accept. The liver has the capacity to break down alcohol based content in very little portions. This is the reason high intake leads to liver cirrhosis or inflammation in the liver causing damage to the cells. Therefore, it is vital to lower your consumption to one or maximum two standard drinks a day.

4) Don’t be lazy– Sitting on the couch, munching wafers and watching television the whole day might seem like the best thing to do, but the consequence of it can be dangerous. A healthy liver needs undertaking an active lifestyle that involves walking, running and exercising. Maintaining a healthy body needs at least 150 minutes of weekly exercise to remain fit.

5) Go for fibrous diets– Foods that have high-fiber content aids in cleansing the system well which in turn keeps the liver healthy. Therefore, include fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains as part of your daily diet and avoid intake of fatty foods like red meat.

6) Immunize yourself – There are two types of vaccines available which can help you protect your liver, they are Hepatitis A and B vaccines. The hepatitis A infection is caused due to the intake of adulterated food or water. The hepatitis B liver infection happens due to unsafe sexual practices, infected blood, and contaminated needles. It is important to consult your family doctor and get yourself vaccinated and follow safe sex methods.