6 “Healthy” Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat

For many people, they think eating healthy mean eating “organic,” “all-natural,” or even “gluten-free” foods. The reality is that a lot of those are mere buzzwords used by the media and they can get pretty confusing as well. Below, we try to clear up a few of those items and show why you shouldn’t be eating them at all.

Fruit Juice

You see this a lot on a lot of lists and here is no different. When it comes to fruit juice, although there is fruit in it, fruit juice compacts a lot of fruit into it. Think about it this way: drinking an 8-ounce glass of OJ is the equivalent of eating four oranges in that time span.

Another thing to consider as well is the amount of fructose in it. Per litre, the average fruit juice’s fructose is 45.5 grams per litre. Soda has theirs at 50 grams per litre. Our bodies can’t physically handle that much fructose, not to mention fructose is primarly process in the liver which turns to fat.

Soy Protein

Even though a lot of people say soy protein is good for you, not all of it actually is. Unfermented soy that is. The issue is that a lot of soy that’s offered in the US is nonorganic which is dangerous. The reason that is is that it’s standard practice for soy to be genetically modified to withstand glyphosate, an active agent of weedkiller. In short, most people who turn to any type of soy are taking in high amounts of glyphosate which is linked to asthma, breast cancer, kidney disease and more.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn already has some pretty questionable ingredients in it but there’s also the bag itself to be concerned about as well. They are coated with nonstick perfluarochemicals such as perfluoroocane sulfonate (PFOS) and acid (PFOA) which both of those are connected to cancer.

Factory Farmed Meat

In this scenario you are what you eat. If you are grilling up any kind of meat, whatever the animal was eating before gets passed on to you. Whether it’s hormones, drugs or unnatural diets, a portion of that will be in your food.

Vegetable Oils

When it comes to vegetable oils, a lot of them pose the risk of high inflammation which isn’t healthy at all. Not to mention vegetable oils are commonly modified and hydrogenated. Furthermore these oils are linked to a variety of problems in our body from bone problems to heart problems, vegetable oils aren’t good.

Fat-Free & Low-Fat Milk

A study in 2016 was published in The American Journal of Nutrition making a strong case to go for full-fat dairy as opposed to low-fat or fat-free. In a study where 18,000 women participated in, the ones who consumed full-fat dairy were 8 percent less likely to be overweight or obese. One theory is that full-fat fills you up for longer. That aside there is also the fact that fat-free and low-fat often means it’s high in something else, like sugar.


At the end of the day it is your responsibility to check the labels and do the research as well. There are a lot of health foods out there that aren’t that good for you.