5 Ways To Build Muscles For Skinny Guys


Skinny guys have a great chance of gaining chest muscles as regular men. People believe they won’t be able to gain that muscles because of the way their bodies are built. It is a known fact they skinnier men can grow chest muscles quick and easy like the regular size male. Listed below are a few steps to start this process of building chest muscles.

1. Eating for ectomorphs

Men with ectomorphs are very skinny with long legs and arms. They have flat chest and thin bones. You might think people that have this body style are unable to build muscle, but this isn’t true. Men with ectomorphs have a lot more fat than we can see. Lighting weight can trigger muscle building. It helps to break down the proteins in your muscles. When trying to build your muscle, you must increase your protein intake.

2. Chest building exercises

After taking in all of that fuel, it’s time to turn it into muscles. Exercise is very important for chest growth. Other exercises are important as well as the chest. Building your muscles in your arms and shoulders are crucial to the chest. What is one without the other? Defining the shoulder  will help with definition in the chest. Another important area that needs focus are the lats. The muscle below the shoulder helps to make your chest look wider.

3. Reps and Sets

Muscle fiber grows quicker when it responds to muscle injury. Fibers in the muscle fuses when it is being repair and rebuilt. When the body goes into hypertrophic mode, you maximize your muscle growth. Doing more sets and higher reps during a workout can help to improve muscle growth in your chest. When your goal is to gain muscles you should complete at least 6 to 10 reps with rest intervals of three to five minutes in between.

4. Recovery

Muscles deserve recovery time. Intense muscle workout  should be done every other rest. A full day of rest is need after a two hour full work out on your muscles. Splitting your workout help to maximize your growth as well. Working on your upper body one day and then lower body the next can help when you’re building your chest. Putting all the work on one section can hurt better than it helps. Muscles repair diving rest.

5. Knowledge of your chest

Knowing your body helps when you’re trying to build muscle. If your trying to work on an area of your body and you have no knowledge about it, then you’ve already failed . The chest is made up of four separate muscles. The pectorals major  muscle are the largest, more viable and most visible muscle of the chest. The two fan shaped muscles cover the majority of the chest region from the collar bone to the rib. The pectoral minor muscles are the smaller muscles in the chest this sits below the pectoral major muscle.