5 Reasons Why Your Abs Aren’t Showing


Constant work at the gym is disappointing when the results aren’t showing. Spending a whole hour working out for 5 days a week only to find out that you are on the same level where you started, can be disheartening. This lead you to believe that you’re doing something wrong even after receiving all the tools you needed to achieve this goal. Here are reasons why your Abs aren’t showing.

1. Spot reduce fat.

When working on your core, you shouldn’t just work on that area alone but different parts of your body such has your back, shoulders arms and legs. Working out your whole body helps when you’re trying to lose fat in another area. Your stomach is the last place to lose weight and the first place to see the weight that was gained. Gradually working on the whole body helps to target everything.

2. Working on that one area everyday.

When the body receives no rest, you will not see results. If you constantly work on your core without rest the body will react badly. Would you eat ice dream everyday knowing that your teeth will decay? No! Rest is very instant when your performing hard core  exercises. Abs should be worked on at least 2-3 times a week since it is the foundation of balance and stability.

3. Only doing one exercise.

The most famous core exercise is a basic crunch. This exercise is always done first when working on your core. Doing this exercise alone will lead in no results but when you  start to add more exercises into the routine, then you start seeing the actual results. Exercises like sit ups, planks, lunges, scissor kicks and etc. These exercises along with crunches will show results. When a workout is boring and dull, a person has no reason to work hard for their 6 pack. Switching out the exercises for new ones each time you workout will help.

4. There is no intensity.

Low intensity exercises are great, but if you want to see your abs you should increase your intensity. If you’re doing the same amount of reps you did a month ago, your current results will be your only results. By increasing your intensity levels while working out your abs will have a better chance of showing. If an exercise becomes too easy then you should add some dumbbells or resistance bands to increase intensity and gain more muscles.

5. Slow metabolism.

Introducing new foods into your new lifestyle helps a lot. Increasing your metabolism the natural way can improve your results faster than you think. There is another way of increasing your metabolism by taking a pill but this can harm your body. Food items like chili pepper, spinach, almonds, avocado, green tea and etc provide a natural way to boost metabolism.