5 Myths You Must Stay Away From When Building 6 Pack Abs


Many speak about the impossible things you must do when trying to achieve a six pack. There are so many myths people have created around this topic that will drive you crazy. Listed below are the most common myths about building a six pack.

1. Exercise can compensate for a poor diet

The most important thing is your diet and lifestyle. The choice you make during the day will affect the end result of your 6 pack. People think doing a full blast Ab workout in the gym will create the 6 pack they have been dreaming for. But with a poor diet, that six pack is only a perfect dream. Spending 30 minutes working out your core and then eating a donut will only lead to failure.

2. Crunches are all you need!

This is the worse myth of them all. Sitting in the gym for an hour doing only one exercise will not help you when trying to achieve your six pack. Over time trainers created new ways to work on your core and achieve your results much faster. If you believe that crunches are all you need, then you are wrong! Spending 45 minutes at home or in the gym doing different Ab exercises result in that six pack.

3. Popping fat burners will do the trick

Fat burner were made to eliminate the fat in your body. This was not made to help burn fat in the abdominal area. If this was possible then everyone that bought a fat burner would have six packs with a whole month by just popping a simple pill once a day. The key to a real six pack is not through a pill, it’s not through a miracle in a capsule. It’s through working hard and eating properly.

4. Train your core everyday

Training your core is the most obvious way to achieve your six pack. A commonly known myth is training everyday but only training your core. This can result in a weak body, low energy levels and torn muscles. The body needs rest. Without rest, your muscles have no time to repair themselves. Alternating between your lower abs and upper abs give the core resting time. Making sure you train them equally like you would train any other muscle on your body.

5. Do hours of cardio
Spending hours in the gym is the best way to get your six pack. Wrong! If an individual spends more than an hour in the gym, they can severely damaged their muscles. When choosing a workout for your core, one should choose a high intensity interval workout. This exercise last about 20 minutes and give you the same results. This is a great way to boost your metabolism and decrease body fat. Spending countless hours in the gym with little rest only out a strain on your body.