5 Foods To Always Avoid

There are many foods out there that are simply not good for you for a variety of reasons. Below is but a short list of some of those items.

Now before we get to this list, this isn’t a list where you should feel ashamed of if you are guilty for eating these foods. This is merely a list to help you stay informed about these foods so you can make better decisions in the future.

Conventional Dairy Products

Cows are mammals like people, meaning they can only produce milk if they have someone to feed it to. In the case of a cow, if they have a calf to feed the cow’s body will produce milk. As a result, cows are artificially impregnated for years at a time through hormones, antibiotics and various medications all to keep the milk supply going.

Not only can that have an effect on the milk, the milk is then gone through a heavy process system. The end result is that the milk is highly acidic and erodes the calcium and various alkaline minerals that are in your body. This means milk actually weakens your bones rather than strengthens them.

White Flour

White flour is made when the germ and the bran are completely removed. You may not know much about wheat but the germ and the bran are essential to flour. The bran has all the nutrient-rich oils in it while the vitamins and minerals you get from wheat are located in the germ. When you remove those, you’re eliminated most of the benefits of wheat and you’re left with a highly acidic substance that does nothing for your body.

Even in the cases of enriched white flour, your body doesn’t break down the vitamins as well as taking the natural vitamins. It goes to show that even that isn’t healthy for you.


Aspartame is also known as a neurotoxin. It’s quite literally a poison for your brain when consumed. You find this a lot in items that are labeled as ‘sugar-free’ but it’s also hidden in a variety of other foods as well. Furthermore, aspartame is also bio-accumulate within your body, causing damage to your body over time.

Processed Deli/Hot Dogs

Processed meats of any kind aren’t meat at all. You can say it’s meat, as meat is certainly an ingredient in it, but then it’s filled with a variety of things that wouldn’t constitute it as meat. For one, they contain a massive amount of sodium which isn’t good for your heart. They are also just as crammed as the animals with chemicals, drugs, and hormones.

If you want meat in your life, a smart purchase is going for organic, grass/natural diet fed, or GMO-free fed animals. In those situations, the animals are treated quite well.

Soda Pop

Soda is worse than fruit juice and is probably the worst out of this list. For one soda is notorious for spiking blood sugar levels. That is due to the high fructose within it which forces your body to work double time to move the sugars around your body. Furthermore, after a while you’ll experience a blood sugar dip which can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea, or worse, craving another hit of sugar.

All in all, soda is highly acidic and can cause a lot of damage to our insides as our body tries to deal with the soda in our bloodstream. Furthermore, sugar-free soda is even worse as artificial sugars are caked onto them which makes matters worse for you.


It can be difficult to move away from these foods, but take the time to get over them. Find some alternatives as there are certainly some out there that are better for you. In the end, you are responsible for your health and if you can move away from these products, you’ll find yourself in a better position health-wise.