5 Delicious Foods That Are Shockingly Low In Calories

Generally, it is said that if you want to lose weight then you should eat less.  And when it comes to delicious foods, they are generally considered as unhealthy. That’s why people either quit that food completely or start eating it in very less quantity. But here are the 5 delicious foods that contain pretty fewer calories as ever imagined –

(1) Popcorn – Are you on your diet plan and miss to have your bucket of popcorn during the movies? Well, you don’t have to worry about it now because it is not having many calories in it. But, it does not mean that it includes caramel-coated or buttered popcorns. Only simple popcorns have fewer calories. 20-gram popcorn serving has just around 75 calories.

(2) Yogurt – Really delicious yet healthy to eat. It has high protein, fat-free, low carbs and healthy bacteria. Almost everyone likes to eat yogurt and it’s healthy too. Yogurt is available in different flavors like mango, strawberry, vanilla etc. so you can choose the one as per your taste.

(3) Soups – It is not important that only tasteless soups are healthy ones. There are many different kinds of soups like tomato soup, vegetable, corn etc. In fact, you can create a soup with anything. So you can make the soup as per the things you like and it will be healthy and delicious too. Many types of instant soups are also available in the market (even though they are not highly recommended) and you can have them in case you are getting late for work.

(4) Fruits – Not everyone likes all the fruits but every single person has one favorite fruit for sure. Fruits have a natural sweetness and the best part is that their sweetness is not harmful to the body. For example, apples are really good for people who have diabetes. Similarly, all the fruits have their different benefits for the body. You can eat fruits either raw or in the form of shake, juice or smoothie (better not to add artificial sugar to it). Moreover, the calories present in the fruits are not that much. For example, 1 apricot, 1 pineapple slice, 1 kiwi, 5 strawberries have around 17, 28, 47, 20 calories respectively.

(5) Vegetables – There are just so many varieties of vegetable available and the stuffing that makes the junk food delicious is because of vegetables only (yeah they have so many spices too) but you can make many tasty dishes with the vegetables. The easiest and the healthy dish is the vegetable salad. Salads have less number of calories and they can be prepared within 5-10 minutes. Vegetables like lattice, cucumber, tomato, baby spinach are rich in water and really beneficial for health. Moreover, all the green vegetables are also highly recommended by the dietitians.

As per the saying, anything in excess is bad. Therefore, if you over-indulge the above-mentioned things or anything else (even if it is healthiest) still it will put a bad effect on your body.