5 Best Types of Diets


A diet is defined as a way of eating to suit our body type and to keep it healthy, avoid diseases and live a good life. So, there could be diets for losing weight or vice versa. There are specific diets suited for people with certain medical conditions. If you are diabetic, you may be asked to avoid certain foods and eat a few other foods. The same is the case if you have any liver disorders, heart condition, hypertension, cancer etc. The food that we eat has a big bearing on our body and hence, it is good to know what the best diets to be followed are. Listed below are five diets that are rated highly by dieticians.

Vegetarian diet

The world over, there are many people turning to vegetarianism, as a way of living. The vegetarian diet is a good one, that helps maintain the body weight. Research has also shown that vegetarian diets cause lesser diseases, as meat, especially red meat can be harmful for the body. Few vegetarians even avoid dairy products as well and stick to fully plant based vegetables and fruits. It is just that one needs to balance it with the right amount of proteins, nutrients, vitamins etc. in good quantities.

Atkins diet

An Atkins diet is a nutritional approach to controlling the blood sugar levels. This is a low carbohydrate diet that helps control the body insulin levels. People following an Atkins diet eat carbohydrates and include more proteins and fat. It is, however, best advised to start this diet with the consultation of a doctor or a dietician, especially if you have any specific medical condition.

The Mediterranean diet

This diet comes from the Southern European, Mediterranean countries like the Greece, and Italy and more recently, France, Spain and Portugal as well. This diet includes lots of fresh plant based foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and seeds, and nuts and beans. Olive oil is another important factor of this diet. Dairy foods are limited to cheese and yogurt, while moderate amounts of seafood, and poultry are also consumed. They also consume wine in moderation. This diet is said to lower chances of diseases.

Vegan diet

Just like vegetarian diets, vegan is also a way of life for many people who follow it. In the vegan philosophy, you will avoid all animal based foods and products. This even includes eggs, milk and honey. Mostly, people who are highly environmentally conscious, adopt this diet in the hope of creating a better, compassionate world that does not harm animals.

Ketogenic diet

Vastly been in use for epilepsy patients, the ketogenic diet is also good for other purposes as suggested by recent studies. This diet suggests more fat intake and reducing the carbohydrate part. The fats suggested are healthy ones like avocado, nuts, oily fish, seeds, and olive oil. This diet is said to induce a process called ketosis and can be extremely harmful for diabetics, especially the type 1 variety. Hence, it is always better to consult a doctor before taking up this diet.