35 Celebrities Who Are Aging Remarkably

If you find yourself fearing the idea of getting older and want a little inspiration, look no further than the following celebrities. These celebrities are showing each day that age is just a number.

Robert Downey Jr., 51 years old

It seems like playing Tony Stark has kept Downey looking young. It’s hard to believe he’s 51!

Robert Downey Jr.

Salma Hayek, 50 years old

It’s hard to believe that this beauty is now in her fifties. She still looks as gorgeous as she did twenty years ago.

Salma Hayek poses

Johnny Depp, 53 years old

It seems like Depp can play any role believably, except for the role of a 53-year old. We’re not buying it!

Johnny Depp wearing sunglasses

Halle Berry, 50 years old

When you look up “ageless” in the dictionary, a picture of Halle should be there. Just look at her!

Halle Berry standing

Brad Pitt, 52 years old

Despite the rough year he’s had personally, Pitt continues to look as handsome as ever at age 52.

Brad Pitt smiling

Angelina Jolie, 41 years old

Angelina has started to move behind the camera more often as a director, but she still has the looks to star on the silver screen.

Angelina Jolie smiling

Jason Statham, 49 years old

Statham still has the athleticism, physique, and looks to be an action star and should be kicking well into his fifties.

Jason Statham

Raquel Welch, 76 years old

If this is what 76 looks like, aging isn’t so scary after all! Raquel looks amazing at 76!

Raquel Welch

Dylan McDermott, 55 years old

McDermott has really seen his star rise in recent years and doesn’t look a day over 35.

Dylan McDermott

Gabrielle Union, 44 years old

Gabrielle Union looks better than most women 20 years younger than her.

Gabrielle Union smiling

Tom Cruise, 54 years old

Cruise has aged very well and still has that boyish handsomeness he’s always had.

Tom Cruise laughing

Heather Graham, 46 years old

It’s hard to believe that Heather was in Twins 28 years ago! She looks remarkable at 46.

Heather Graham smiling

Jared Leto, 44 years old

Leto, pictured here sporting some crazy hair as he prepared for his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad, doesn’t seem to have a single wrinkle.

Jared Leto

Michelle Pfeiffer, 58 years old

Michelle looks like she could still slide into her Catwoman outfit and stop the Batman dead in his tracks.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Chuck Norris, 76 years old

At a time when most men are slowing down, Norris is still in great shape and looks 25 years younger than he is.

Chuck Norris smiles

Jennifer Aniston, 47 years old

Aniston is one of the few women on earth that truly seems to get better with age.

Jennifer Aniston

Pharrell Williams, 43 years old

Pharrell’s career hasn’t slowed down a bit, and the youthful looking star looks very “Happy” to be in his forties.

Pharrell Williams

Julianne Moore, 56 years old

This versatile actress still has a youthful, vibrant look to her well into her fifties.

Julianne Moore

Gwen Stefani, 47 years old

Stefani only looks a couple of years older than she did when she burst on the scene with No Doubt 20 years ago!

Gwen Stefani

Keanu Reeves, 52 years old

Reeves may have starred in Speed, but when it comes to aging, he doesn’t appear to be in any hurry at all.

Keanu Reeves posing

Eva Mendes, 42 years old

Eva is part of a long list of Latin actresses who have aged incredibly gracefully.

Eva Mendes

Samuel L. Jackson, 67 years old

Jackson is truly ageless and continues to play a wide variety of roles even as he approaches 70 years old.

Samuel L. Jackson

Shakira, 39 years old

She may be the youngest star on this list, but Shakira doesn’t look a day over 25. How is she almost 40?


Sylvester Stallone, 70 years old

Stallone looks like no other 70-year-old on the planet. He’s still got the muscles and everything!

Sylvester Stallone

Elle Macpherson, 52 years old

Can you believe that this former Sports Illustrated cover model is 52? We couldn’t, either.

Elle Macpherson

Sofia Vergara, 44 years old

Sofia, Sofia! This sexy Latina catapulted to stardom in Modern Family and looks amazing at 44.

Sofia Vergara posing

Jennifer Lopez, 47 years old

J.Lo made yet another big comeback in 2016 and remains one of the most beautiful celebrities around.

Jennifer Lopez posing

Matthew McConaughey, 47 years old

McConaughey has really had a resurgence in the last few years, and he looks as youthful as ever at age 47.

Matthew McConaughey

Sarah Jessica Parker, 51 years old

The former Sex and the City star could definitely share some anti-aging tips with other celebrities over a martini or two.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Penelope Cruz, 42 years old

Cruz is gorgeous in her forties. Not only is she an amazing actress, but she looks as beautiful as ever!

Penelope Cruz

Adam Sandler, 50 years old

Maybe it’s his sophomoric sense of humor, but we would never have guessed that Sandler was 50 years old.

Adam Sandler smiling

Drew Barrymore, 41 years old

She’s always had a babyface, and she’s celebrating four decades in Hollywood while looking as pretty as ever.

drew barrymore

Lori Loughlin, 52 years old

The former Full House star has aged just as well as other celebrities, including her former on-screen beau, John Stamos!

Lori Loughlin looking amused

Lucy Liu, 48 years old

Lucy looks like she could still throw some Charlie’s Angels-style kicks at 48 years old.

Lucy Liu attends a premiere

Elizabeth Hurley, 51 years old

This stunning British actress continues to turn heads in her fifties.

Elizabeth Hurley