3 Steps to Remedy Rounded Shoulders and Computer Posture


A lot of us spend a great deal of our time on a computer, whether it is for work or for enjoyment (or a little of both, really). This can lead to a variety of different issues that will nag us, including chronic neck pain. You may also suffer from such issues as stiff hips, poor posture, and rounded shoulders. If this is a problem for you, you are probably trying to find the best solution for this issue. Luckily for you, these are 3 tips that are highly effective in remedying these problems.


1. Wall Angels

Walls angels, also known as scapular wall-slides, are such an incredible exercise for strengthening your back as well as fixing your rounded shoulders. While this exercise looks overly simplistic, once you try it you will realize just how effective it is. If you do this drill properly, it will get harder. If it is too difficult against the wall, you can try it on the floor to start. When doing this, remember these things:
• Your tailbone, head, upper back, and lower back must stay against the wall.
• You should move your feet out a little bit.
• Keep your chin tucked in.
• Your elbows and hands should also be against the wall.
• Your elbows must have a 90-degree angle when against the wall.


2. Strengthen Back Muscles

Your parents and even grandparents may keep harassing you about just standing up straight. This can be difficult to do, especially with your already poor posture. However, by strengthening your back muscles you will be able to stand up straighter for a longer period of time. Doing chin ups and inverted rows can be simple enough to help really strengthen these muscles. If you are unable to do chin ups, you can work your way up through doing lat pull-downs. You could also do inverted rows with bent knees as an alternative.


3. Banded Stretch

Banded stretching exercises can be very helpful when strengthening your back muscles. This is very simple. You just need to get an elastic band and anchoring it against the wall. There are numerous videos online that you can find to help you learn effective banded stretch drills. It is very important that you keep your shoulders down when you do these drills.
Bonus Step
When you get a more ergonomic workstation, you are going to notice a better posture. The fact is if you are able to keep a good posture while working, you will have an easier time avoiding rounded shoulders. Your chair should be high enough where your calves are at a 90-degree angle from your hamstrings. Your desk needs to be tall enough where your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. You should also consider padding underneath your wrists to avoid wrist pain.
These are really only a few of the things that you can do in order to remedy your rounded shoulder problems and your computer posture. Prevention is really key here so be sure that you follow these tips about working at a computer.