22 Car Cleaning Hacks

The best thing to know here is that you do not have to pay somebody else to clean your car. You can get your car clean and look great all by yourself. Car detailing is not a simple task, yet you could get it done effortlessly without having to spend more dollars for it.
If it is your first time to detail your car, you may choose to purchase some pricey products that you see in the car departments in the stores so as to get the job done correctly. When you visit the nearest store for car detailing supplies, you will find that the store shelves are full of special wipes, solvents, and brushes that are made specifically for car detailing. All of these items will cost you more. Are you sure that you need these materials? Let us show you OUR Way of cleaning the car!

Hair Conditioner

An excellent alternative for waxing the car and obtaining a comparable shine is to use hair conditioner. Poor some amount on the towel and apply it using circular movements until the car looks shiny.Hair Conditioner car wash

Dryer Sheets

Nothing can be worse over attempting to clean your vehicle and remove those bugs that dried up after having a long and tiring trip. But, you can get it done by using some moist, dry sheets for removing pesky buggers.
Dryer Sheets

Clay Bar

There are clay bars made for cars that you can buy online to wipe your wet car and give that shine you will truly love.Clay Bar car wash

Small Cracks

You can use your screwdriver to reach the crannies and nooks on the armrests. Cover the screwdriver with a slim fabric and start cleaning.screwdriver


You can use your old toothbrush in cleaning the dashboard to get rid of dirt and to reach deeply for a thorough clean.Toothbrush


You can also use toothpaste for those dirty headlights. Spread it on the lamps and rinse.Toothpaste


Spray it on the bumpy stickers and let it on for some minutes and pull it off.WD-40 car wash

Rubbing Alcohol

You can get rid of oily windshield wipers by using some drops of rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry.Rubbing Alcohol car wash


You might have to replace the used vents of your car to get rid of that smell. You can at least have them cleaned for some time to avoid odor.Vents car wash


For the windshield, you can use some Castile soap drops mixed with vodka.Vodka car wash


You can mix kerosene and water to make your car shine without any wax.Kerosene car wash


Diapers are great for collecting spills on the upholstery. Try them today.Diapers car wash

Wet Newspaper

You can use wet newspaper to get rid of those sticky stickers on the windshield of your car.Newspaper car wash

Nail Polish

Use colorless nail polish to clean the windows and the windshield of your car. They can help you save money on replacing them.Nail Polish car wash

Magic Eraser

Magic eraser is effective enough when it comes to wipe tough stains and they work great as well on upholstery.Magic Eraser car wash


This particular gooey stuff can be used as well in cleaning the dashboard and prevent cracking.vaseline-car-wash


Essential Oils

There is no reason to use car fresheners which will smell horrible and appear even worse. So instead of using them, get some pieces of clothes pins made of wood and then sprinkle some drops of the best essential oils you have inside your cabinet. You can choose any of these: rosemary, lavender, frankincense, and so on. After choosing, fasten the clothespin to the vent so that your vehicle would smell incredible each time that you power on the warmth of your air conditioner.


Paint Brush

A paint brush is a very efficient way to get the dust, grime, and potential mold off of the air conditioning vents. You need a small brush about one inch wide or less to get to all of the vents. Keep the brush in a sealed plastic bag and never use it for anything but your car.

Paint Brush

Brush and Vac Together

This little hack saves you time and effort. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust and dirt from all of the interior surfaces while you brush them. The brush removes the dust and dirt and the vacuum gets rid of it.

Brush and Vac Together


A spray bottle of water and a squeegee are the best tools to get pet hair out of your car. Set the spray on a fine mist. The wet hair is easily and quickly removed by the squeegee. The hack is particularly effective for cloth seats.



Crayons are mostly wax. Crushed crayons get melted into the carpet and the seats. Heat your clothes iron to the highest temperature. Cut a piece of a paper bag that covers the wax. Put a towel to the left of the paper bag. Iron the wax until it gets soft. Pull the paper with the wax onto the towel.


Motor Oil

Grease and road tar can be removed from the exterior of the car with motor oil. The reason is that oil in part is a solvent that dissolves grease and road tar. Use a clean dry white cloth. Use just a little oil to start and increase the amount as needed. Wash as soon as possible.


Stain Remover

This works for dirty removable cloth or carpeted floor mats. Spray the dirty area of the mat with stain remover. Let the mats sit for a few minutes. Wash the mats in the clothes washer. Do not dry floor mats that have any rubber in the dryer because some rubber can melt.

dirty car chair

Lint Roller

Lint rollers are ideal for cleaning kid’s seats. The kid’s seats are the added seats for little children. The kids are little garbage droppers so the seat gets really nasty. The lint roller is ideal for picking up all of the bits from the nooks and crannies before you clean anything else in the kid’s seat.

Lint Roller

Steel Wool

Steel wool is a great glass cleaner. The steel wool will not scar or mark the glass. Use four ought steel wool. The glass is harder than the steel. Rub the glass with the steel wool until all visible material has been removed. Wipe down with a clean white cloth.

Steel Wool

Top Window Gunk

Roll down the windows before you clean them. The top of the window has an accumulation of all of the debris that the inside of the car and the exterior of the car have been exposed to since the last wash. The gunk gets spread back on your clean windows if you do not do this first.

car window reflections


This is a lubrication engineer’s trick. Windex will remove almost any grease or lubricant there is. The ammonia in the cleaner and the surfactant dissolve the grease and oil and keep it in solution. Windex does not harm paint and it works on engines too.



You can use a balloon to collect all of the tiny bits of dust and fluff from any interior surface. Rub an inflated balloon with a piece of wool cloth like a sweater. This charges the balloon with static electricity that will pick up microscopic bits the vacuum cannot get.


Olive Oil

It might be a surprise for some, yet this oil is an effective solution that can be used to clean leather seats. Bear in mind that using it too much would make the seats slippery to touch, so you have to use it very carefully. You may wash your car with soap for the meantime and then, clean the leatherette interior by using olive oil. Do not forget to wipe it dry afterward.



These are the indispensable tools that you can use to get deep to crevices of your car. They can sop up the detergent and leave no residue of any cleaning solution you used.Q-tips car wash

Foam Brush

A foam brush is great to use in putting on the finishing touch while painting. It can also be used for brushing out the Ac vents and all those difficult to reach areas. The foam would simply stick to dirt or some other particles that make it good for car detailing.

Foam Brush

Powder Cleaners

A bleach powder can be used excellently for car detailing. Just choose some of the famous brands available. Get a towel or cloth and sprinkle some bleach powder on it and add Lysol on the powder. Scrub a bit and then use some drops of vinegar to eliminate oil on wheels.

Powder Cleaners

Just One More Tip Left…

So as you can see, you can clean your car and do car detailing yourself. Use these common things that you have at home and save more by cleaning your car yourself.

Mushy Cleaning Gunk

Mix a half cup of the liquid starch with 4 ounces of Elmer’s glue and a ¼ cup of water to make a cleaning solution for your car.Mushy Cleaning Gunk car wash