2017’s Top 8 Spas in the World


The coveted Conde Nast Traveller have recognized and awarded the world’s top eight spas torejuvenate, uplift, and relax at. Whether you are looking to heal your soul, rejuvenate your body, or find peace, you can no do no better than these 8 spas located in some of the most breathtaking locations in the world.
BorgoEgnaziain Italy has ancient healing rituals, sensory therapeutic messages, and even an Italian shaman. The beautiful backdrop of the spa, cast in the ancient olive groves amongst the Italian coastline provides the quintessentialaesthetic to relax your mind and body. The spa also offers an exquisite Puglian cuisine, no spa menu here.


Villa Stephanie at Brenners Park-Hotel in Germany is pampering with purpose. The spa offers a five-star quality stay while unplugging from the bustle of daily life allwhile being evaluated from head to toe by top doctors in their fields. These include gynecologists, physiotherapists, cardiologists,ophthalmologists, and aesthetic dentists.Stays here are not just clinical but riddled with activities such as yoga and messages that rejuvenate your spirits leaving you energized and revitalized.


RaasDevigarh in India set in the Aravalli hills and provides a three, five, or nine day Devi Blessing retreat aimed at awakening your inner spirit through opening your chakras and instilling ancient healing techniques to soothe and reconnect you to other worldly dimensions. Workouts, messages, hot tubs, pool, and restaurants also add to the experience at RaasDevigarh.
Mandarin Oriental Bangkok in Thailand blends the old with the new you. The 140 year old hotel has been revamped to offer guests a pristine atmosphere. The Oriental spa provides classic messages and therapies, while the new Bastien Gonzales Mani:Pedi: Cure Studio provides visitors with lifestyle advice while being treated with synchronized manicures and pedicures.


Yaan Wellness in Tulum, Mexico brings together the experience of modern spa techniques with traditional tribal spiritualism. With a unique décor set on the white sandy beaches of Mexico this spa delivers a relaxation that connects you with a higher state of awareness through Thaimessage, traditional Mayan rituals, and local herbal medicines.

Rancho La Puertain Baja California, Mexico was founded in 1940 and is the oldest spa in North America. It is nestled deep in the foothills of Mount Kuchumaa, and imparts on its guests the very essence of healing and rejuvenation from which it wasoriginally founded on; fresh air, natural diet, human connection, outdoor exercise, and personal reflection. This spa fills your days with workout classes and speaker talks, followed by wholesome meals in the mix of its other guests to encourage socialization.

Amanpuri in Thailand is a stunning new addition to the world of destination spa retreats but one not to miss. Only 8 guests are allowed at a time to focus on individual well being, where practitioners will guide your day to your specific needs. You can choose from four themes, mental, cleanse, awareness, and fitness. No detox regimen is available. The goal is long-term balance. With catered daily routines and an awe-inspiring setting on the Andaman sea, this new retreat offers personalized relaxation.
Anassa in Cyprusis a place well loved by families as the location offers a warm retreat as early as March through October and has a staff devoted to brilliant child care. When time to reflect I necessary there is plenty of space to find privacy even in the bustle of summer. The spa features Ila therapies, physiotherapies, and even five-day fitness or anti-ageing programs.

So no matter what style of relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing your are seeking, the Conde Nast top 8 spas of the world will surely satisfy your needs. From deep spiritual awakenings by local shamans to busy fitnessbootcamps to awaken the body, Conde Nast truly provides the worlds top performers.