20 Brilliant Ideas For DIY Dorm Room Decor

No dorm room is complete without a little bit of personalization and creativity. With these easy DIY tips, you can turn your room into a place that you’ll love spending time in.

Charge Your Devices in Style

Tired of huge power cord tangles and unsightly charging messes? Cut holes in a shoebox for your power strip and charge cords and label them for a convenient, organized charging box. Customize your box for the perfect look!

DIY charging station

Organize Your Pens

Organize pens, pencils, and other supplies with the help of a few old cans. Simply clean them out well, cover them in scrapbook paper and adhere them in a stacked formation for a great organizer!

Storage containers

Clear Some Sink Space

If your sink is looking cluttered, how about using removable stick-ons to adhere your toothbrush holder to the wall?

Toothbrush holders

Great Uses for Mason Jars

Most people wouldn’t think of mason jars for dorm room decor projects, but they can be great for storing odds and ends, such as writing utensils.

Mason jar storage

Stylish and Functional

Use a wooden picture frame to dangle some jars with twine for a really cool storage center for odds and ends!

Jar suspended with twine

Keep Your Books Together

Bookends don’t always keep your books in place, but a brick has more than enough weight to do the job. Paint your bricks in the color of your choice and even add fabric trims for a little DIY touch!

Custom brick bookends

Keep Dirty Laundry Off the Floor

Need a dirty laundry solution? All you will need is an embroidery hoop and a pillowcase to keep your clothes off the floor in between laundry days.

DIY pillowcase laundry bag

Custom Laundry Bag

Use the embroidery hoop and pillowcase to create a laundry bag that is always open. You can hang your new bag on the back of a door for extra convenience.

DIY laundry bag

Floor Cushions with Personality

Comfortable floor cushions can go a long way toward making your dorm room more welcoming. Sew some cut fabric strips onto large fabric circles, filling them before stitching them together for this fun DIY project.

Floor cushions

Fluffy T-Shirt Rug

Everyone has old t-shirts. Put them to use by cutting them into strips and hot gluing them into rows on a doormat.

T-shirt rug

Custom Corkboard Shapes

Buy a large corkboard and cut it into smaller shapes of your choice, then stick them to your wall! For extra fun, add colorful borders that will bring out the personality of your dorm room.

Corkboard circles

Unleash Your Creativity

Everyone likes drawing on tables, whether we admit it or not. Use some chalkboard paint on an old wooden table so that you can use the surface for all the doodling your heart desires.

Chalkboard table

Organize Your Earrings

Every dorm room can benefit from a little organization. Keep your earrings together by painting a cheese grater in a fun color and hanging them in pairs in the holes.

Cheese grater earring holder

Add a Little Style

You can even take your new earring holder to the next level by fastening large beads to the bottom corners using hot glue!

DIY earring holder

Affordable Magnetic Boards

Want to save a few bucks on a magnetic board? Stick a colored cookie tray to the wall with poster stickers, and you’ll be all set!

Cookie sheet magnet board

Washi Tape Style

Washi tape is a fun, colorful decorative tool that’s easy to remove and can let you complete some fun projects. Check out this adorable striped wall design!

Washi tape on a wall

Add Pizzazz to Your Door

As you can see, the possibilities with washi tape are endless! Check out this door! Best of all, the tape removes easily.

Washi tape door project

Make Your Own Flower Lights

Make some beautiful flower lights with Christmas tree lights, colored cupcake liners and scissors!

DIY flower lights

How to Make Flower Lights

To make them, simply cut the cupcake liners into flower and leaf shapes, poking a hole in the middle of all of them. Then simply fasten them with glue or tape to the back of your lights, and you’re all set!

Flower lights

Display Pics With Style

Add an artistic touch to your favorite photos by hanging them up with lines and clothespins! Super artsy and fun!

Clothespin photo holders