10 Ways to Drink More Water

Water is part of our health, as 70% of our bodies are made out of water. Dehydration is quite common; even if it’s mild, we feel the effects of a lack of water inside us. Cutting sodas and alcohol and drinking more water can control our weight, improve our sleep, raise our energy, and cut down the chance of getting diabetes. While this is known, we still don’t drink enough of it, even though we think we are. Here are multiple ways to drink more water for our body.


  1. Add Some Flavor To It – Water is plain, so people may not find it as appealing like a beer or soda. So, buy a natural applicant or even a food (fruits or vegetables, mainly), place in a pitcher of water, and let it settle in for a bit.
  2. Eat Spicy Food – Anything spicy, a Mexican or Asian dish particularly, will force the hand to go for an ice-cold glass of water to cool off a hot mouth. Red peppers will do the trick.
  3. App Up – It is recommended to drink 8 glass of water per day. Some lose count when they drink, so people go to an app on their smartphone to log in the amount they take in every day. There are a few apps specialized for keeping track.
  4. Filters – Part of the plainness (or distaste) of water comes from water out of tap that isn’t completely cleaned out of various components in the drainage process. Fill a pitcher with a filter inserted to keep out those miniscule things and improve the taste of water.
  5. Have It Besides You – If it’s there in front of your eyesight while working, you will be drinking it every few minutes to stay replenished. There are bottles with mini-filters in the straw to drink out of. We do this with our coffee, so why not with water?
  6. The Water Cooler – You know that phrase, “water cooler talk?” Well, stand besides the water cooler and chat up with friends while drinking it. It’s a good psychological way to get into water a lot more.
  7. The Gym – You will be drinking water if exercising, especially if you’re not into Gatorade. Drink plenty to water to keep the body cool and functioning while doing high cardio workout.
  8. “Eat” It – Two things that qualifies water as a food: first, water can be infused inside different foods, just like how food can be infused inside water. Second, water can be considered as an appetizer because, studies have shown drinking a bottle of water before a meal can help people eat less. Water is 0 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 0 carbs, so it’s a perfect “food.”
  9. Keep Ordering It At Restaurants – Drink it with a soda or alcohol to clean the mouth out when consuming food. Sometimes, it will leave a bad taste in the mouth, so the glass of water helps – and it’s free!
  10. Drink One Last Glass After Brushing – When the day is done and the teeth are brushed clean, have cold glass because the minty feel inside will make the water taste more nicely and it can clear the throat before going to bed.

set of water pouring into glass on white background
set of water pouring into glass on white background

Bottom line: water is just that important and essential. We need water as much as we need air. Clean water matters and it will do wonders in the long term.